Ashley George

Introducing CA App Synthetic Monitor 10.0

Blog Post created by Ashley George Employee on Nov 13, 2017

We’re proud to announce the service availability of CA App Synthetic Monitor (ASM) 10.0 – the first step to a completely transformed synthetic monitoring solution. In this release, we have made several enhancements to improve user experience including updates to the look and feel of the product.  

The release updates include:  


Updated menu navigation  

In this release, we have taken the first step in our phased approach to update the product UI. The menu navigation has moved to the left side of the screen, with menu options re-arranged to better fit standard user flows.  


Revamped monitor configuration  

As a part of the UI updated, we have also updated the configuration of monitors to clearly display the type of monitors ASM supports.  


Once a monitor type is selected, configuration is now broken down into categories allowing for quick and simple monitor creation. Monitors will be automatically validated by default (if needed, you can override this step and activate a monitor directly).  




Support for JMeter 3.3   

We have now added support for JMeter version 3.3, while continuing to support older versions. Script version is automatically detected and the appropriate JMeter version is used. With this update, CA BlazeMeter scripts are now compatible in CA App Synthetic Monitor.  

We can now also provide partial results for monitor timeouts, proving you with insight into the exact step that failed, along with this there will also be an assertion at the end of your script indicating what went wrong and why.  

*To leverage JMeter 3.3 support, you’ll need to update your On-Premise monitoring stations (OPMS).  


More flexible ad-hoc maintenance windows  

Ad-hoc maintenance windows now have more flexibility. You can now select the folder in the list of monitors and set a single occurrence and duration of a planned maintenance window in the future. 


Report improvement 

You can now build report previews for custom periods as well. This feature allows you to see report for today’s data or past weeks. You are no longer restricted to pre-set time periods. 



SAML support (available in Beta mode)   

In Public Beta mode, we are introducing SAML support. If you are interested in a single sign-on through your own identity provider, please contact our support team.  


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