• CVE-2000-0649 Jetty inclusion of Internal IP in Header

    Community,   Has anyone contended with the CVE-2000-0649 NIST finding, if so, how did you resolve this issue?     Part of our contractual requirements, we have to run NIST scans across all servers an...
    created by bwcole
  • Infrastructure Agent Scripts Changing Metrics Over Intervals

    Hi all,   I am writing PowerShell scripts that are being executed by the EPAgent and print metrics in XML format. These scripts are being run as stateful plugins, and run inside an infinite loop, to p...
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  • MQ Queue Get and Put Message in ATC

    7 votes
    Customer has developed a means to get and put messages from and to MQ Queues outside their application.  They would like this functionality added to Team Center and/or WebView to enable them to do the same from t...
    last modified by CFAndrews
  • calculator historical metrics

    I have created numerous calculators for my applications and noticed that the metric grouping where the calculators are generated have historical data based on the 365 days set in my IntroscopeEnterprisemanagent.proper...
    last modified by Danaddo
  • Metric missing

    hi, any idea why i can not see the given component in the investigator tree under Spring|MVC|Component|..., even/although if i can see a Path to it in the Component Details in the transaction view tab? i checked the c...
    last modified by pivst01
  • In-context link / transition between APM / UIM / Spectrum / CABI

    1 vote
    Hi,   The customer NOC would open multiple windows i.e. APM Team Center, UIM UMP, Spectrum OneClick and CABI Jaspersoft.   Customers require this enhancement request for in-context link / transition betwee...
    last modified by imran
  • Rails Application Server Support / CA APM

    Is there any CA APM support for platforms such as Rails application Server?
    last modified by rkotte
  • Showing Metrics/Alerts on Inferred Component's Vertex

    1 vote
    Currently, we can only see Inferred Component's metrics detail/alerts when we click on the link instead of the vertex. It causes confusion sometimes since we can show metrics when we click on other component's vertex....
    last modified by hsmaharani
  • where is DOI r1.3 documentation ?

    hello guys i am new on Digital operation Intelligence , the current version is r1.3 which released week ago , while it is downloadable but the documentation still at r1.2 .. any idea when the documentation will be r...
    Wael AbdelWahab
    last modified by Wael AbdelWahab

    Hi Team,   With the help of CA APM 10.7 can we monitor the following: 1. SAP HANA 2. SAP FIORI   Also can please someone provide some document link or article that can help on the steps involved in monit...
    last modified by Robert305
  • CA AXA  Application Data Collection

    Hi everyone,   Is there detailed documentation about CA AXA  Application Data Collection that explain each single option detailed? Example is a customer that wants to know the difference between  Mobil...
    last modified by RogerGut
  • Cloud Monitor Recorder (CMR) issues with variables

    Hi,   I am having trouble with getting CMR to work consistently between the desktop app and the ASM Cloud infrastructure.  I have attached a screenshot of a basic script and an associated JScript. ...
    last modified by RickBullard
  • Apache HTTP server (with openAM) monitoring

    hi, an apache http server is interconnected/protected by openAM for authentication. is there any way to monitor it with InfraAgent for webserver monitoring ( = if so, how to configure it?). thanks
    last modified by pivst01
  • Viewing count in CA APM

    3 votes
    Hi, Currently there is no place within Saas CA APM where we can view what's our current license count and what we are entitled for. Can we add this feature?
    last modified by kanwalpreet
  • Missing APM Status Console Icon on Workstation

    APM v10.5.2 SP2 on RHEL   In my Dev Env.........when I login to the wkst......I don't see APM Status Console Icon But in my Prod Env..........it's there:   Any idea why?
    last modified by mparikh72
  • Live Error Viewer error message processing

    Hello all folks, I try to implement a script to forward some events are shown in the Live Error Viewer to a central alarm console.   Today I use something like this to get the events. CLWorkstation.jar get histo...
    last modified by LutzM
  • How to configure spring boot application with CA APM 10.7

    Hi Team,   Dear all,anybody have any idea about how to monitor spring boot Application using embedded Tomcat with CA APM 10.3 Java Agent or any other.   Linux version: 7.5 64 bit Wily EM Version:
    last modified by venkat01
  • Map View improvement to show experience diagram on link's click

    1 vote
    Currently we can see which components experiencing issue on map view with red-mark on the component. We create this idea to improve the map view, so we can click or hover also to the link to show the link's experience...
    last modified by hsmaharani
  • [APM] WebSphere Portal CF15 support in APM 10.7

    13 votes
    We need support of WebSphere Portal FP CF15 or please include it as a part of the product again in APM 10.7.
    last modified by Luiza
  • AXA snippet not loading

    Hi Team, We are trying to deploy a web app on ca axa but after injection of the snippet between the <head> tags the Internet explorer is unable to load the script and throwing this error: HTTPS security is co...
    last modified by Robert305