• error in log

    Hi,   I've installed an was agent and looking in logs I see those msgs:   Autoprobe.log   Processing class oracle/jdbc/driver/OracleStatementWrapper < n/a > Skipping class for Tracer group SQL...
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  • How do find old, dashboard lines that won't go away?

    I have updated a dashboard using workstation.  I have some old white lines that show up in the browser views of my dashboard but I can't see within the workstation dashboard editor.  Is there are way to make...
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  • CA APM - New Infrastructure Agent F5 extension Metric Gaps

    Hello guys. I recently set up the new Infrastructure Agent to monitor the F5. It worked very well but I noticed that the graphs in the investigator have a value and at the next datapoint the value is 0. Until the nex...
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  • CA AXA databse

    Hi team, I need to know what is the procedure to backup and restore the CA AXA databse(oracle databse) what configuration we need to do from tool end?   Thanks
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  • Why HTTP Header Decorator not work properly

    Hi,   Why the x-wily-info in header is empty when I enable CEM Integration on .NET Agent Meanwhile, backend web service call are agent also insert x-wily-info into the http header or insert other to c...
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    Hi All Please, I would like to know if anyone already received this error tries to access a SAS APM?   LOGIN.OVERRIDE.ERROR.CODE.2051124    
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  • Seeing APM version

    Hi everybody,   I'm wonder if is possible see installed APM Version from Investigator, Team Center?   Thanks in advance!
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  • [ROADMAP] CA APM - February 25, 2019 @ 12 p.m. ET

    2/25/19 5:00 PM
    We heard you when you asked for more information about where your CA product investment is going. Attending a Product Roadmap session is an opportunity for you to get a clear view of what’s coming down the road,...
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    [ROADMAP] CA APM - February 25, 2019 @ 12 p.m. ET
  • Nessus Scan Vulnerability Remediation - SSL Medium Strength Cipher Suites - Need Assistance

    My prod & dev MoM (EM) server has come under a Nessus scan vulnerability that needs immediate remediation. I've also opened up a case (01285297) with CA Support. I'd also like to put it out the Community in-parall...
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  • APMSQL Grafana limited to only a single agent?

    It appears the usage of Grafana APMSQL is limited to only pulling in a single agent and the metrics for that specific agent. Are there any future updates that may expand this to pull in multiple agents and metrics wit...
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  • OpenShift microservices monitoring With APM 10.7

    Hello community. First I admit I never used the OpenShift console. I understand that we have an Infrastructure agent for OpenShift rel >= 3.7 that gives us metrics about openShift internal perfomance (Dockers,Pod...
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  • APM TeamCenter Adminstration

    How can i make it easier to add groups to TeamCenter as far as giving people read rights access in APM TeamCenter?..Basically i would have to add the user id for every single request ..The group add option is limited....
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  • CA APM Summary alerts

    Hi - does anyone know how to list out alerts that are part of a summary alert, other than via right-click on the alert and select links?   I can use the command line workstation to list alerts in a Module but th...
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  • Transactions are missing in Traces

    Hello guys, im facing an issue regarding the traces. For tomcat agent client did some performance test and in the tomcat access log there is for example transaction which took 210000ms but in the webview the longest t...
    Lukas Zaplatilek
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  • Oracle DB backup and restore in CA APM

    Hi Team,   How we can back up and restore  the APM database(we are using Oracle database) CA APM release 10.7    Thanks
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  • Webemthods 10.3 support for CA Wily 10.7

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    Currently Wily 10.7 only supports Webemthods 8.2,,, and 9.12. Although Webemthods 10.3 is available in the market, its not yet been added to the support list for Wily 10.7. Could you let me know ...
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  • Mapping Frontend /Backend Metric to map to app names in EJB properties and spreadsheet.

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    A customer would rather not use a custom name formatter to map the application name in a metric. The mapping is in EJB properties and a spreadsheet. Example for NIO socket metrics . instead of host and port, map the p...
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  • How to Monitor server OS version details in APM

    Hi everyone,   We have around 2500 agents monitoring in APM, every month we need to install security patches in all those servers for that we are trying to generate a report from APM and send the patch stat...
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  • CA AXA web application monitoring

    Hi Team,   Has anyone done the integration of their webapp with ca axa can you guide me through the exact steps to be followed for monitoring our webpage I had followed the steps in docops but t...
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  • How to fix/renew expired TIM Certs

    We had a security audit which found all of my TIM's certs expired. Need to know how I can updated them. The new certs have to be my employer issued certs.   Here is what the Nessus scan showed:   The SSL c...
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