Welcome to the CA App Services Orchestrator (ASO) community.

Blog Post created by Simon_Cockayne Employee on Sep 24, 2015

Hey folks,


My name is Simon Cockayne. I am the Product Owner for CA App Services Orchestrator (ASO).


Crikey! I am really excited that the CA App Services Orchestrator (ASO) community is now live.


It's a wonderful way for people to find about ASO , to help be successful in using ASO …and most of all…to help shape the future of the ASO product.


What is the Vision of CA App Services Orchestrator (ASO)?

Addressing our customers’ demand to rapidly produce mobile and web-based applications that integrate back-end data and logic, CA App Services Orchestrator allows developers to orchestrate existing web services, developed with CA Gen or other leading IDE’s, into more valuable, contemporary, WEB APIs.


I am a huge fan of collaboration.


When we work alone, siloed, disconnected, it can be much harder, much slower, much more painful to solve the problems that business, and the world, throw in front of us.


But when we can collaborate, when we can connect to folks who work in a zillion different orgs around the world…


            • Folks with similar or entirely different experiences us

            • Folks with similar or entirely different perspectives on things, compared to us

            • Folks who have solved problems and alleviated pain, that we are experiencing

            • Folks who are experiencing pain and problems, that we can help alleviate and solve


…if we can connect with those folks, and start interacting with them and collaborating with them…with each other…we can change the way we think and work and perhaps change the way others think and work. We can be faster, more successful and happier.


Nurturing Happiness

My driving principle is Nurturing Happiness.


I think happy people, happy teams are more creative, more innovative and build better, more valuable software, more swiftly.


I hope that working on the ASO product and helping to build this ASO community…will help create more happiness for a lot of folks, all around the world.






Simon Cockayne

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