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Welcome to the CA Communities

Blog Post created by Luu Le Employee on Apr 15, 2018

Dear Community Member,

We are very pleased to see you in the CA Communities. 

The combination of Automic and CA Communities creates the single largest community focused on Automation!  Not only is it the largest but it is truly global!

The knowledge of Automation experts, like yourself, from around the world is now at your finger tips (or a mouse click). 

The new platform offers many added features and functionalities Just to highlight a few:

  • Creating Custom Streams : choose what you want to follow (People/Place/Tag)
  • Personal Blog : create your personal blog to share your mind with other fellow users
  • Alias/Screen Name : choose the name that will be displayed in your public profile
  • How to change your screen name: to modify your screen name to something else
  • Display your badges in your Profile...

Below is an overview of what you can create in the Communities:


Last but not least, the ideation is now part of  the CA Communities. You can  browse existing ideas, vote up or down, and submit your own ideas  on the Communities.



Take a look to this getting started guide to help you set up in just a few clicks


Kind regards & Happy posting!

Octavie & Luu

Your CA Community Managers