• AWI: script editor improvements

    Under review
    22 votes
    The Script Editor in AWI v12.1 has almost all features from the JUI. These features are still missing: Highlighting of all instances of the selected word Command-Completion (Ctrl-blank) does not include the syntax d...
    last modified by Michael_Lowry
  • Log entry for Transfer Key Renewal

    Under review
    25 votes
    #FOKUS When an user requests a transfer key renewal for a host there is completely no dedicated log entry in any log file (WP, CP, UI). Since the renewal of a transfer key is security relevant topic this action needs ...
    last modified by MarcelFriedmann604907
  • #FOKUS: More prominent / useful warning when taking back the lock after object got edited by ninjas

    Under review
    10 votes
    (For a German language tl;dr, see at the end) Scenario: Alice is editing an object. Bob opens the same object for editing. Bob gets a dialog box, telling him that Alice is already editing the object *). Bob decides...
    last modified by Carsten_Schmitz
  • #FOKUS: Count of all active objects (without practical limit)

    Under review
    2 votes
    (german summary below)   Originated from INC00219625:   AE (these days more specificially: AWI) lacks a counter to see the total sum of all active objects.   While you can increase various limits (GE...
    last modified by Carsten_Schmitz
  • How to unblock/complete/set status to ENDED_OK on a job

    How do I unblock/complete/set status to ENDED_OK - on a job in a workflow - from a script/job - as in the one below - Run id : 968603771 :  
  • Why does a job gets stuck in "Generating" state? and What does it mean?

    Hello All,   Certain jobs are getting stuck in "Generating" state, due to which the successor job isn't running. The job which is in "generating" state has in fact completed normally. However, the job is not get...
    last modified by NARASIMHAGUDI607075
  • FOKUS: Verbesserung AWI - Highlighting von Objekten nach Objektsuche

    29 votes
    Sucht man nach Objekten, die beispielweise ind JOBP oder JSCH verwendet werden, bekommt man eben diese Objekte z.B. JOBP in einer Ergebnisliste. Öffnet man nun diesen JOBP aus der Ergenisliste heraus, dann sollte...
    last modified by NilsHesselink608217
  • deactivate tasks from script

    We have the requirement to dynamically decide which tasks should run in a JOBP. Usually everything runs but for testing purposes in some cases we only want one single task to run. Condition is to not touch the wo...
    last modified by Fortun
  • Workflow after previous

    Hello Community, can you help me next one: I have two workflow. First workflow (WF1) start at 10:00. After end WF1 + 10 min must start second workflow (WF2) and work every 10 min till 23:59. How can I do this in ...
    last modified by MikhailTarasov604547
  • CyberArk Integration Enhancement

    0 votes
    CyberArk works with V12.2.2, a password can be retrieved but a specific safe and username needs providing(in most cases). But I want to be able to provide a CyberArk safe name and login object name, the process should...
    last modified by TonyFerraro609475
  • "DB error: 'SQLExecDirect', 'ERROR ','22018' while installing Automic 12.2

    I'm installing Automic 12.2, while installing when I'm trying to load DB and uploading UC_UPD.txt file I'm getting the error "DB error: 'SQLExecDirect', 'ERROR ','22018','Operand type clash: text is incompatible with ...
    last modified by Moneeka
  • Problems with AutomationEngine ZDU-Upgrade 12.0.5 to 12.2.2 - Incompatible AWI-Version

    I'am upgrading a AE 12.0.5 system to AE 12.2.2 via ZDU. DB-Load was OK. I have two Automic-AE-Server and the second one is upgrades to an 12.2.2 und up and running as discribed in ZDU Step 2. The first one is remainin...
  • Monitor

    How can I monitor the health of my Automic Automation Engine ? For example, one of the WP's failed and I want to receive an alert by mail.
    last modified by Kobi_Avnon_1647
  • #FOKUS: Highlighting in Script Editor

    16 votes
    Improvement for AWI: Bring back the Highlighting Funktion of same Expressions to the Script Editor. For Examples see Screenshot.
    last modified by NilsHesselink608217
  • Define array with variable size

    Under review
    74 votes
    #FOKUS Arrays can only be created during the variable declaration by using :DEFINE. The third parameter defines the number of values (index area) and must be a number without inverted commas (allowed values: 1 to 9999...
    last modified by Tim_Quakulinsky
  • How to run the following utility: ucybdbrt in AE installed on Linux machine?

    Hello All,   Using the ucyrepg.jar utility, I was able to create an xml query: "stats-job.s.xml" file. However, I'm not sure how to run the following command: C:\Automic\V12\Utility\bin>ucybdbrt -XC:\Au...
  • Automic Stats and PowerBI

    Hello, We are currently  moving towards PowerBI for our standard reporting within IT.  One thing that has been requested was to gather information from Automic so we can provide high level reports on items ...
    last modified by TinaHart609265
  • Impossible to delete a JOBS, message that is active but in the header the case active is desactived

    Impossible to delete a JOBS, message that is active but in the header the case active is desactived
    last modified by MBASSU
  • Livraison DEV vers RECETTE

    Bonjour,   Nous venons d'acquérir la solution, comment peut-on passer d'un environnement de DEV vers RECETTE?   D'avance merci de votre aide.   Cordialement
    last modified by gillesremy
  • database schema for Prompt Sets

    where can I find the Prompt Sets in the database in order to create a report?
    last modified by RogerShirley603913