• Secure results in the Quick Search bar

    Hi everybody, I'm playing around with the authorization systems in Automic 11.2 and i'm looking for a way to secure the quick search bar. Is there a way to limit the access to the quick search bar or to limit the re...
    created by ThierryTarrason
  • Execute JOBP with PromptSet

    Hello,   I have a JOBP with PromptSet with 3 fields the default values are null. I need to run this script using ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT. When I tried to do that using PASS_VALUES to pass_values to the promptset, th...
  • AE Java APIs - eliminate requirement to run direct DB calls to obtain correct results

    Under review
    4 votes
    Some AE Java API operations do not reliably return correct and up-to-date results. For example, SearchObject may return incorrect or incomplete results if the DWP handling the SearchObject request has a stale object c...
    last modified by Michael_Lowry
  • error 34 while executing BAPI_XBP_JOB_START_ASAP

    SAPRFCException: Error: Type:null Number:34 Message:Internal problem (function BAPI_XBP_JOB_START_ASAP) can anyone guide me on this error? is it related to authority issue?   background - executing SAP jobs fro...
    created by jahar_sil
  • Filetransfer (JOBF): Allow usage of 2 Hostgroups

    Under review
    44 votes
    We are using Hostgroups to identify which Agent should be used for a job etc. when running in the Test-System or the Production-System, but the AE-Filetransfer (JOBF) allows only the usage of 1 Hostgroup. In our Test...
    last modified by BernhardFlegel605989
  • Define array with variable size

    Under review
    73 votes
    #FOKUS Arrays can only be created during the variable declaration by using :DEFINE. The third parameter defines the number of values (index area) and must be a number without inverted commas (allowed values: 1 to 9999...
    last modified by Tim_Quakulinsky
  • Fill array from VARA row or column using :FILL and GET_VAR

    Under review
    6 votes
    There is currently no way to use :FILL for anything truly practical. It seems like a good idea that was only partially implemented. It would be nice if one could do something like this::SET &MYVARA# = "UC0.PROFIL...
    last modified by Michael_Lowry
  • PREP_PROCESS_REPORT only working on DB reports by design?

    Hi.   Suppose I do this in a JOBS:   "Process" tab: echo "Flamingo" echo "Chicken" echo "Flamingo Chick"   "Post-Process" tab: :SET &HND# = PREP_PROCESS_REPORT("JOBS",, "REP", "*lamin*") :PROCE...
    last modified by Carsten_Schmitz
  • Reading JSON object ?

    Hi I have an external JSON object. For example; { "firstname":"John", "lastname":"Carter", "age":30 } Is there a possibilities to use this in a JOB or SCRIPT. :SET &JSON_OBJECT#={ "firstname"...
    last modified by PJansen630014
  • OpenJDK support for CA Automic products

    Currently Planned
    67 votes
    OpenJDK is a popular Java runtime environment and is the standard JRE used in many platform as a service (PaaS) cloud computing environments such as Cloud Foundry. In early 2018, Oracle announced that it will soon dis...
    last modified by Michael_Lowry
  • FOKUS: agent groups in src and dst

    6 votes
    (German summary below / Deutsche Zusammenfassung unten)   It would be seriously good if one could use agent groups in source and destination for a JOBF.   After all, agent groups are (also) touted as the a...
    last modified by Carsten_Schmitz
  • U04005691 Not all objects can be shown because of missing access right.

    I’m seeing the following error message in response to a SearchObject API call:  U04005691 Not all objects can be shown because of missing access right.  How can I find out what access right is missing?
    last modified by Michael_Lowry
  • Optimize handling of read-only access

    1 vote
    #FOKUS IDEA of minimum solution: when user is allowed to read (but only misses write access) an object then do not log anything - just simply open in R/O mode IDEA of optimal solution: In addition to "minimum": Allow ...
    last modified by AxelLambrecht
  • Use of Agent Groups for both source and target servers in FTP job solution

    5 votes
    This is a issue where you have multiple server at both source and destination for moving files. Just imagine you have lots of interface and in case of failure you need to maunual change all jobs for agent. Hi, We are...
    last modified by NEERAJMITHAL612382
  • Enhancement Request:  Compatibility with PeopleTools 8.57

    1 vote
    PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.57 is coming out soon and is not listed on the Compatibility Matrix for Automic Workload Automation.  ( https://downloads.automic.com/tools/compatibility_matrix?compatibility-mode=co...
    last modified by jonostenburg610274
  • Automic Stats and PowerBI

    Hello, We are currently  moving towards PowerBI for our standard reporting within IT.  One thing that has been requested was to gather information from Automic so we can provide high level reports on items ...
    last modified by TinaHart609265
  • Issue running a script

    Hello   I have the following script which I am running on a windows server. in a workflow   ! List the Weekly-GMR files in the D:\SAP_REPORT\Inbound folder : SET &LISTFILE# = PREP_PROCESS("OMP-BATCHQA"...
    last modified by CraigSweeney611038
  • Analytics: setup.psql for postgre database

    Hi there, where do I find the setup.psql for Analytics for the postgre database. Docs say <Automic>\Automation.Platform\Analytics\Datastore\setup.psql". Is it in the image? I didn't find it there.   Many ...
    last modified by HartwigEsch82415940
  • LdapSync

    We just started syncing our users with LDAP using the LDAP sync, but we have run into an issue where it works on some clients, but not others. Client 20 for instance works, but client 10 hosted by the same server does...
    last modified by FBIV_5556
  • AWI configuration settings

    Below is a list of AWI settings that can be used to fine-tune the way the AWI behaves. Some of these are undocumented. Settings in felix.propertiesSetting Description Default Documented felix.auto.deploy.dir Directory...
    last modified by Michael_Lowry