• Job scheduling

    Dear Experts,   I have come across requirement where a  JobA (single task) has to run every 30 mins . The next job ( JobA) should trigger only after its first execution is completed and so forth for t...
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  • permanent agent license info in PWP log

    Hi all   Just a quick question: has anyone seen this behavior so far?   PWP Workload (and only PWP) of one of our Systems is >25% the most time all other (D)WPs are roundabout 2..5%   Agent licens...
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  • Kerberos support for Oracle database

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    Please add Kerberos authentication for Oracle database as well. We understand that, its is offered with Sybase at this point, but we are running on Oracle database and the firm is moving to Kerberos authentication.
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  • Make your own License Overview

    Instructions:   feed to SQL client of choice add "where HOST_ACTIVE=1" to list/count only active agents (e.g. for making counts against license pools) you can even automate this in Automic to log your...
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  • Restarting the engine after maintenance/downtime

    Is there a CA standard procedure for restarting task processing after the engine has been down for a period of time?   Ie - My engine servers get taken down for OS patching for 4 hours from 0800-1200. I then re...
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  • OpenJDK support for CA Automic products

    Under review
    58 votes
    OpenJDK is a popular Java runtime environment and is the standard JRE used in many platform as a service (PaaS) cloud computing environments such as Cloud Foundry. In early 2018, Oracle announced that it will soon dis...
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  • Java UI features that are missing from AWI v12.2

    AWI v12.1 added some capabilities that had been missing from v12.0. (See: Java UI features that are missing from AWI v12.0.) Version 12.2 did not introduce significant changes.   Here are the features of the Jav...
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  • How do I pass decrypted value from protected attribute on Promptset On Windows Agent to External Interpreter code block?

    Automic community,   This question is in particular related to Windows Agent (Server 2012 R2, if it matters). How do I pass decrypted value from protected attribute on Promptset On Windows Agent to External In...
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  • Workflow Blocked in recurring execution

    Dear Experts,   I have a recurring workflow everyday at a particular time. It has 3 Tasks. ( Task1/Task2/Task3) On any given day, Task 2 should be executed only when Task1 is successful. However, I notice that...
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  • UCYBCRYP.exe but for Linux

    11 votes
    Question asked by jeremyfinn    I'd like to be able to generate an encrypted password on a Linux system, like the UCYBCRYP.exe utility does on Windows. Does anyone know how the UCYBCRYP....
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  • Automic Application Interface - Transfer an object from one client to another

    Hello,   Currently I am trying to configure a script which moves an Object from one client to another with the Automic Application Interface - For example from DEV Client 2 to DEV Client 3.   For now I tried...
    Kaloyan Yanev
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  • Service Level Objective Maturity

    8 votes
    SLO behavior on tasks which span midnight is not possible in the current design.  SLO are great as they give a consistent single way to monitor executions, until it gets complicated.  Prior to SLO the design...
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  • Schedule refresh broken due to DST?

    Did anyone else not have their schedules refresh at the period turnaround point?  We are on Automic Web Interface 12.2.1.
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  • Each restart, no matter how it is triggered, should increase the counter &$RESTART_COUNT#

    Under review
    44 votes
    #FOKUS There are different ways to restart a task, but the predefined variable &$RESTART_COUNT# only count restarts which were done by RESTART TASK in Post-Conditions. There are different ways to restart a task, ...
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  • transfer variable byval instead if byref. in task

    1 vote
    A variable must be defined with PSET to be used in subtask. It is also the same when the variable is passed as parameter as below (&HostName# and &TriggerName#), but for me, it could not be needed in this cas...
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  • FOKUS: Full UTF-8 Support for AE and Ecosystem

    Under review
    34 votes
    Admittedly I am surprised this didn't yet exist as an "idea" here, but here it goes: The AE and the ecosystem (agents etc.) needs full UTF-8 support in order to work with all character sets in any foreign market. (...
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  • Not all blocks (Limit '120') of file '...' have been transferred

    Hello,   Today one of my colleagues suprised me with an unusual error. He had a script that does a simple PREP_PROCESS_FILE on a "big" xml file (> 1MB) :SET &HND# = PREP_PROCESS_FILE(<agent>,"<xm...
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  • Start a task with a delayed time in a workflow

    Dear Experts,   I have a workflow with 3 tasks. ( Task1/Task2/Task3 ) Task 2 should start 15 mins delayed after Task 1 is completed. Could you please guide me how to achieve this?   Thank you, Kiran
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  • Getting variables set at runtime using REST API

    Hi Guys, I followed this post to use the rest api Getting Started with the Rest API for Automic v12.1    I was able to start a job with parameters and got this from checking runid status I'm happy...
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  • What should I call my V12 servers?

    When we first acquired the product and were running V9 of the Automation Engine, we called our servers UC4PROD and UC4DEV.  Then we upgraded to V11, and we called our servers UC4PRODV11 and UC4DEVV11.   Now...
    Pete Wirfs
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