• CA CAPMAN vs CA DOI - capacity analytics

    Hi, What is the different between CA CAPMAN vs CA DOI - capacity analytics module functionality? Regards
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  • Tech Tip: Partitioning Pre_Staging_Entity_Metrics table

    The use of Oracle Partitioning and Compression capabilities (available in Oracle Enterprise Edition only) is recommended for environments where the total size of the Data Manager / CCC database exceeds 100-200GB in si...
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  • CapMan on Windows server 2016

    Hi all, A client of mine has currently CapMan application running on a W2K8R2 host and wants to migrate the host to W2K16. The most recent version I found is 2.9.4 which supports up to W2K12R2. 1. Is 2.9.4 the latest...
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  • How to fetch previous month's data in capacity manager

    Hi,   Can anyone help me with knowing how can we fetch the previous month's data in capacity manager.   We are using capacity manager version Capacity Command Center 2.9.4.   I already have the ...
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  • CA Communities Migration Update: Important Dates and a Reminder

    Dear CA Communities Members,   This is a reminder that as part of the transition to Broadcom, the CA Communities will be moving to a new platform on June 6, 2019. (See my previous post for more details: Comm...
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  • Tech Tip: Data Load / Staging poor performance / failure

    Let me share with you one effective performance tuning tip (or bug resolution - up to your opinion) which I haven't seen here neither docs. Since performance of any SQL query at Oracle is only as high as actual optimi...
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  • To increase the server capacity

    How to increase the server capacity in CA API gateway? Meaning the Disc capacity of var/lib/mysql so that there shouldn't be an issue with respect to disc space.My query is related to CA API Administration.
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  • Tech Tip: HOTFIX for ‘CCC spreadsheet download is very slow’ (DE161353)

    Problem: Downloading a large ServerConfiguration.xlsx file (containing >3K physical hosts from an environment with >1K preferred groups, for example) can take over 10 minutes to complete.   Solution: The a...
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  • Not able to login on CCR console

    I am facing an issue after NPC/CCR upgrade in which I ma not able to login with my admin or any other users credentials. After logging I ma getting below error :   "The security domain changed. You need to sign ...
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  • Tech Tip: HOTFIX for ‘Data Migration takes too long due to the large data volume in the ’SERVER_FACT’ table

    Problem: The database migration takes a long time to complete due to a huge amount of data stored in the SERVER_FACT table. The queries that are currently used for migration take up a lot of resources and are not effi...
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  • Tech Tip: HOTFIX for ‘Data Migration takes too long due to the large data volume in the ’ENTITY_CONFIG’ table (DE245810)

    Problem: The database migration takes a long time to complete due to a huge amount of data stored in the ENTITY_CONFIG table.   Solution: Deactivate unused entities and delete them from the ENTITY_CONFIG table. ...
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  • CA PM 3.5 Data adapter not available in CA-DM/CCC 2.9.4

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    Using ehealth as a data source for performance and configuration data collection . Since ehealth is no longer supported, they had to implement performance management 3.5 . There is no data adapter for performance...
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  • New to CA Capacity Management Community? Start Here!

    Hi. Are you new to the CA Capacity Management Community?  If you are, we are happy you found us!   My name is Octavie and I am the CA Community Manager supporting this Community.  You can reach out to ...
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  • Can Capman predict the required capacity?

    I am looking for a tool that will let me run performance tests in a lower environment using lower volumes of data and then predict the capacity that I will need for the production volumes. It should typically use the ...
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  • Is it possible to reroute Data Manager from Physical DB server to OVM?

    Physical DB server is already full 1TB. We are planning to change the DB to OVM and not planning to migrate old data. Is it possible? If yes, can you please share the guide to do so.   Thanks   Zahar
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  • Group to be preffered by default

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    DM Groups Data Adapter support grouping: virtual infrastructure group - VMByCluster  physical infrastructure group - HostByCluster  all servers and VMs - AllServers Storage Types - Storag...
    Tomas Vrbka
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  • Full Capacity in Capman TABLESPACE

    Hi, I noticed on customer database that TABLESPACE are with 99% capacity. Are there some way to data downsize? I've already truncated STAGING tables and i put 213 day in NUMBER_DAYS_DATA_RETAINED parameter but nothin...
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  • Connectors in CAPMAN

    Does anyone know if there are connectors in CA CAPMAN for loading metrics related to Storage and Oracle Enterprise Manager ??
  • Simulation instalation patch Meltdown + Spectre

    How to best set simulation impact instalation patch Meltdown + Spectre on VMWare 6.0 production cluster with 100 VM windows + linux? Is correct this process:   VPM -> New PDS -> select all VM on productio...
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  • CA World '18: Call for Speakers Now Open

    What’s Your Story?CA World is an unforgettable experience that we want you to be a part of.  Call for speakers is now open! Come tell your best story. Share your experiences. Show your business transformat...
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