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Dear CA Communities Members,   This is a reminder that as part of the transition to Broadcom, the CA Communities will be moving to a new platform on June 6, 2019. (See my previous post for more details: Community Platform Migration Scheduled for Early June)   We also have some new information and important dates that I want to share with you… (Show more)
As you all probably know by now, CA Technologies has been acquired by Broadcom. As part of this transition, the CA Communities will be merging with the existing Broadcom Communities and moving to a new platform on June 6, 2019.   The new platform is called Higher Logic and this is the platform that the CA Communities were likely going to be moving… (Show more)
hello there, i need to install CA Server 12.8 but it is giving error while connecting to CA EEM. EEM is on remote server, eem access is allowed even firewall is turned off. also same server hosted catalyst installation along with same EEM which am using in Server installation. any idea?
in CA Configuration Automation
Add ability to export CCA Attribute for OS Detail that appears in the Server Details Tab. Current Attribute that is available is for OS Name.
In earlier releases of CCA (pre-12.8 SP3) there was an option for the application to save the CMDB_export.xml file without performing the actual export of CIs into CMDB.  This enabled the user to perform manual tranformations to the the CI details in the xml before importing the data into CMDB using Grloader.
CCA currently limits the length of a Service to 90 Characters, CA CMDB limits this field to 110 Characters, we would like to have the ability to increase the length of the Service name to 130 characters so we can use larger names and provide the same size as other CA products allow.   Allow length to be increased without giving up support for the…
Currently the discovery for Linux servers Debian 7 and 9 fail and do not allow to be discovered either from the management of servers or from the network management.   Is it planned to include these versions in future updates?   Regards
Enhancement Request for updated CCA blueprints to manage other CA Applications. Specifically other CA products that can integrate with CCA.   i.e.   CA Service Desk 14.x CA IT Process Automation Manager
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