LISA September Community Member Spotlight - Monalisa Nayak

Blog Post created by MaryGreening on Sep 8, 2014

Getting to know Monalisa Nayak




Job Title: Automation Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services, India

Based out of: Bhubaneswar India
Former Job: Test Analyst, Polaris Finance Technology, Sydney
What do you enjoy about your work: I am very passionate to learn new things, nowadays there are so many new ideas around that you have so many sources to gain some or more knowledge.
About your family:  I had just got married with my long time boyfriend Abhijit Mohanty last December ;). I had shared one of our picture taken at Bangkok.
Favorite 3 movies of all time:  I have watched so many movies of different language like English, Odia, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu. There are so many movies I love... aemmm ok so the list starts with Dil Chahta hai, Ocean 11, If Only.

Favorite book:  I am more into Fiction. I love Dan Brown, Nicolas Spark, Chetan Bhagat's collection.

Favorite hobbies: playing, cooking, watching TV
Interesting fact about yourself: My daddy works for Odisha state government administrative service, so usually gets transfer every now and then and so I have spent my schooling in 8 different schools. This is the big reason why I love to travel. I love to spend time with my friends, family. Love to explore new places, different cuisine.