2014 Service Virtualization ROI Survey

Blog Post created by Alan_Baptista_DevOps-SV Employee on Sep 18, 2014

Any of you that have been dealing with Service Virtualization for some time may well know Voke and Theresa Lanowitz. She was instrumental as being the first analyst to recognize Service Virtualization as a stand alone segment and reported on Service Virtualization ROI in 2012.

Well, CA is now co-sponsoring the updated edition of this survey for 2014. We really need your help in completing as many responses for this important survey.


Do you remember when you were first looking into Service Virtualization...? And you wanted to know what value did this "seems-like-magic-thing" bring to other users? And what value it could bring your own organization...?


Yea! Remember those "non-believer" days!!!


Well it's your chance to help shed some light on your SV successes, and how we've all progressed in our use of Service Virtualization as a software segment.


A few points you may be wondering about the survey:

  • What's the survey like? It's a combination of multiple choice and optional short answer questions.
  • What's the survey cover? The survey focus areas of the survey include: Dev./Test challenges and constraints, Use of Service Virtualization, Benefits/Features, Productivity and ROI.
  • Will the survey share my information? No your information, like all data captured is confidential. Data will be tabulated, aggregated and analyzed, no names/company information will be used.  
  • When does the survey end? Survey closes on October 13. And preliminary results will be presented at CA World 2014.
  • What's in it for me? If contributing for the betterment of the industry isn't good enough for you, you will get a free copy of the report once it's done.
  • How do I start this survey? Just start right here, right now...


Time is running out! Please contribute to voke's Service Virtualization ROI survey.


Thank you very much in advance for your contribution to this very important industry wide survey.