TBT: What business card was handed out with the first version of service virtualization?

Blog Post created by Stefana_Muller on Sep 18, 2014

Ok, this one is tough but I have faith in this community that someone will pull this out of their hat.


Today's Throwback Thursday contest is dedicated to the long time customers of ours who collect our business cards like trading cards (you know who you are!).


The question is "Which business card was Chris Kraus passing out when service virtualization was first launched?"  The answer should include the number in the picture below coninciding with the business card you believe to be the correct answer. Since there are only 6 options and likely many ties, the tie-breaker will be the person who responds with the version number of service virtualization at that same launch.


Here are the steps again:

1. Choose the business card that Chris Kraus was passing out when service virtualization was first launched. Indicate your answer by the number on the picture below (1 - 6).

2. State the version of service virtualization that was released at that time as well.


The first person to comment correctly below (or the first person to come close enough) will win a small prize*. The contest ends at 5:00 pm ET today (September 11, 2014)

Comment away!




*The prize is a small prize - i.e. whatever CA item(s) I can find at my desk in Islandia, NY and ship to you. I will do my best to ship internationally but will have to abide by customs regulations.