Introducing the DevTest Portal

Blog Post created by Stefana_Muller on Sep 25, 2014

Yesterday we held an exciting webcast with users involved in our Customer Validation program to give a sneak peek into our next release code named Aquaria.  There are some significant features proposed in this upcoming release and of course more information will be shared as we lead up to the launch at CA World '14.  One thing we introduced is a new user interface called the "DevTest Portal".  The DevTest Portal provides significant value to our new users or anyone just learning about CA Service Virtualization, CA Application Test and CA Path Finder focusing on ease-of-use, streamlined workflows and


This web based UI is a complete jump forward from the traditional "LISA Workstation" fat client.  Our User Experience team (UX), Product Designers, Product Managers and UI Engineers went through a multitude of user feedback, usability testing, workflow analysis, interviews and sprint reviews to get to this current portal and we're not done yet.  The first rendition of the portal, covering some of the most used workflows in our products, will be revealed at CA World 2014.  Overtime, we intend to continue the work to move complete workflows over to the new interface and eventually sunset the other interfaces in the traditional "LISA" product line.




The DevTest Portal is not just a user interface; it is a re-architecture of our tool set enabling it to be used more frequently in a shared environment across App Development and Testing organizations pulling them together and enabling the 'shift-left' methodology. I'm excited about what this new interface and architecture means for our product line - a bit of reinvention focused on ease-of-use, a quicker cadence for delivering innovation in service virtualization and application testing technologies and of course, a closer involvement with you, our users.


The Aquaria release has so much more to offer but I can't spill the beans just yet!  Join our Customer Validation program to get insider information before the launch or plan on attending the pre-conference sessions at CA World to get complete training on this packed release.

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