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We have all read and enjoyed the “who moved my LISA” so we all know there is a new name for the collection of products formerly known as CA LISA,  DevTest Solutions!  We are about to hit the holiday season I’m sure everyone is thinking, “What amazing things will I do with technology next year?”, remember that part of the amazing things you will be doing is with the new versions of CA Service Virtualization, CA Application Test and CA Continuous Application Insight. 


As a reminder when budgeting your time, here is the timeframes for EOS for older versions.  So let’s get that upgrade planned and take advantage of the cool new features in the DevTest Portal and create some amazing technology together.



Last Updated: April 15, 2014

CA World was incredible this week.  The meetings with existing and new customers were spot on when we finally debuted the amazing new DevTest Portal with all its features to increase usability and user adoption of service virtualization in your DevTest teams. 

Just a few hours ago, we reached the required number of sign offs to call the "beta" complete on this release.  Thanks to Ulrich_Vogt and Koustubh Warty for completing the beta testing phase on time by supporting the 55+ customers and partners that participated in this round of Customer Validation.  While we have a large number of Customer Validation participants that have completed their testing and reviews, a few others will plan to review continuously over the next few months so that we can incrementally improve the user interface and new features.



The experience on this release has been exciting.  Regular sprint reviews with our Customer Validation team, ongoing feedback, iterating each sprint and moving the product forward in usability and in core features - we have seriously built something together, with our customers to help them succeed in removing constraints in their DevTest cycle.


As we ramp up to the general availability (GA) of CA Service Virtualization 8.0, I will share a bit of the content from the Customer Validation program and CA World to get you all acclimated with this monumental release.  Here's a short list to get started:



Additional content, documentation, demos and live webcasts will be posted shortly.  We look forward to your feedback and questions on our next Office Hours this coming Tuesday - DevTest Community Office Hours Nov 18 @ 11am ET


Thank you to the entire DevTest, CA Service Virtualization development and UX team for a job well done on this release so far.  We are looking forward to getting you the final release before the end of 2014.

Dewayne_McNair RalphParker denri02 robertwilliams goyme01


Magic at CA World 2014

Posted by ArpiJakab Employee Nov 14, 2014

Earvin “Magic” Johnson was the Monday night keynote speaker. About 4000 mobile devices in the audience tried to capture “the magic”. He graciously walked up and down each isle from the front to very back – he gave attendees plenty of opportunities for close-ups and dozens of selfies. I consider myself restrained when it comes to fawning celebrities, yet I couldn't resist snapping a few photos as he made the rounds.

Magic is more than a nickname. The name was bestowed upon Earvin by a sportswriter when Earvin was only 15 years old. Over the next 40 years, Earvin cultivated the name into his own personal brand. Behind Magic’s warm personality and jovial character there is a mind of a warrior. Like Alexander the Great, Magic consistently finds a way to win in sports and in business for himself, for his team and for his community.


In his junior year at Everett High School, at the age of 14, Magic took his last place in standing team to the championship and win! He is the only one to ever win MVP in the NBA Finals in his junior year. He turned his $18 million earnings from his sport career to business holdings worth $500 million today. His foundation has provided 10000 scholarships for urban college students.



Behind the seemingly magical ease of his success, there is a lot of hard work, discipline and a keen intellect. As John Maxwell said “champions are not made in the ring they are merely recognized there”. During the keynote Magic shared some of the key components of his recipe for winning. When he joined his high school team, he showed up every day at 7 am for practice, three hours before his teammates. When the coach found out, he forced the whole team to do the same. In the NBA, he learned that his competitor Larry Bird was shooting 1000 shots a day in practice, so he also practiced just as hard. He studied his teammates, knew their strengths and weaknesses, knew if they were on their game by studying them in the locker room before the game. Like a general, Magic knows how to train himself and to lead his team to overcome specific opponents and situations.


In business he executes SWOT analysis on his businesses twice a year and before any new big change. A consistent winning streak is never an accident. He knows what is required to win and he prepares himself and his team to win. I particularly enjoyed his recipe for winning customers. In the early days of Starbucks, Magic opened more than a hundred Starbucks stores in urban communities. He replaced the usual elevator music with R&B and he added more sugary drink as is the preference of the African-American and Latino-American communities.


In his words, you have to know your customer and you have to over-deliver to them on your commitments. Sounds like a pretty good recipe for building good relationships.


Magic at 55 years old is still working on his game. Two years ago he made 28 three pointers in a row at a charity event against his arch rival Larry Bird. He still gets up at 4 am every day and hits the gym. He showed up two hours early for the keynote.


The last nugget that really impressed me was during the Q&A session of the keynote. Magic commented that when he first joined the Lakers, “it was Kareem’s team, although I ran it”. He was talking about the official team captain being Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, yet he made sure to lead the team even without the title of captain. The big takeaway for me was that regardless of our title, we should all look for opportunities to lead ourselves, our team and our company to victory.

CA World has been amazing and as we embark on our last day of the conference, I wanted to reach out both attendees and non-attendees alike to share with you a few of the announcements and materials that we presented at the conference so that you can take the information back to your teams.  We will continue to update this material within the blogs here on the DevTest Community over the coming days.  Here are a few things to get started:



Last but not least, here are a few people you probably met at CA World and were wondering how to get in touch wtih:

  • Arif Muhammad - CA Application Test (Sr. Principal Product Manager)
  • Arpi Jakab - CA Continuous Application Insight (Principal Product Manager)
  • Bharath Vantari - CA Data Finder and CA Cloud Test (Principal Product Manager)
  • Chris Kraus - CA Continuous Application Insight (Sr. Principal Product Manager)
  • Ian Kelly - VAPI, CA Application Test for Mobile (Sr Director, Product Management)
  • Stefana Muller - CA Service Virtualization (Sr. Principal Product Manager)

If there are other folks you'd like to get in touch with, please comment here and I'll tag them.


We will be posting our presentations, videos and other content from CA World '16 here on the DevTest Community over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!

Getting to Know Chris Kraus




Title:Senior Principal Product Manager


Based out of:   Plano, Texas


Former Job:  Product Manager - iTKO

Product Manager – Industry Solutions – webMethods

Product Manager – i2 Technologies

Solution Engineering – Software AG


What do you enjoy about your work: I love adding cool new features to CA Service Virtualization and CA Continuous Application Insight and watching customers delight and competitors (HP, IBM, Parasoft) scramble to catch up.


About your family: Born and raised in Texas, I have lived most of my life on I35, Austin, Waco, San Antonio, and Dallas.  I have a twin sister who is a accountant who is generally thought to be the smart one out of the two of us.


]Favorite 3 movies of all time: Zombie Land, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Sordid Lives


Favorite book:

Loved reading The Passage and Twelve can’t wait for the next one

One Second After

Racing in the Rain


Favorite hobbies:

I love medium format photography, I still use ilford film for black & white with completely manual Hasselblad (model 503 that uses springs to activate shutter). When working with color I use a digital Hasselblad which allows me to print 40x60 inch photographs.  Check it out



Interesting fact about yourself:

I am a certified yoga instructor but I don’t teach anymore to busy thinking of cool things to go into the product formerly known as LISA


Mobile Testing Monday #9

Posted by kelia01 Employee Nov 3, 2014

Well we made it - CA World '18 is NEXT WEEK.  We will have Mobile Demos, Presentations, and also opportunities for you to get your hands on our Mobile advancements in 8.0 and other products. 


A few highlights to put on your schedule for next week in Las Vegas:



3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Pre-Con Education: How Do I Test These New Mobile Applications and How Does CA Application Test For Mobile Save Me!


Ian Kelly (Sr Director, Product Management, CA Technologies)

Content Center:ca Devcenter

Session ID:DCX17E

Location:Lagoon I


Got tired thumbs and can't swipe anymore? Learn about challenges in testing mobile applications and how combining automated testing of devices, simulators, and your API's will save your hand strength and dexterity for more important things like late night gaming.


2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Vision & Roadmap: The Evolution of Mobile DevOps Solutions from CA


Sesh Venkataraman (Director of Product Mangement, CA Technologies)

Content Center:DevOps

Session ID:MBX02S

Location:Breakers L


Mobile apps now account for over 80% of all new software development. The growth of enterprise mobility and mobile consumers is driving the Mobile Devops revolution for enterprise IT. Close collaboration, data-driven decisions and quick rollouts remain the keys to a successful mobile app strategy. To win in the market, developers, QA, production operations and support teams need to be agile, and in constant collaboration with each other and with customers. Mobile DevOps is helping our customers achieve this.
This session will outline CA’s Mobile DevOps vision. Learn how this new solution provides deep app and infrastructure visibility, fosters collaboration, equips you with powerful analytics to make data driven decisions powered by customer usage and feedback. See how CA’s comprehensive and disruptive Mobile DevOps solution can help you achieve continuous delivery and provide winning experiences to your customers!

Deliver Winning Mobile Apps - A Practical Guide


Jonathan Lindo (VP, Enterprise Mobility, CA Technologies)
Thomas Wilson (Director/VP-Technical, Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.)
Dan Newburg (Technical Staff, Frost Bank)

Content Center:Management Cloud

Session ID:MBT04S

Location:Management Cloud Theater -Exhibit Floor


1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

New "State of the Art" for Mobile


Ian Kelly (Sr Director, Product Management, CA Technologies)
Jeffrey Daudel (Staff Software Engineer, CA Technologies)

Content Center:ca Devcenter

Session ID:DCX03S

Location:Lagoon I


2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

DevOps for Mobile: Delivering a “5-Star” App Experience To Your Mobile Users


Jonathan Lindo (VP, Enterprise Mobility, CA Technologies)

Content Center:DevOps,DevOps

Session ID:MBT03S

Location:DevOps Theater - Exhibit Floor



9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

The Age of Mobile Adoption


Roi Carmel (Executive, Perfecto Mobile)

Content Center:ca Devcenter

Session ID:DCX27S

Location:Lagoon I


9:45 AM - 10:15 AM

Case Study: Deliver Winning Mobile Apps - A Practical Guide


Jonathan Lindo (VP, Enterprise Mobility, CA Technologies)
Dan Newburg (Technical Staff, Frost Bank)

Content Center:ca Opscenter

Session ID:OCT75S

Location:ca Opscenter Theater -Exhibit Floor


Also do not miss the Demos happening at many of the DevCenter and DevOps booths - Drop by and say Hi to the team!  Can't wait to see you all! (or being a recent Texan I should say Y'all!)


Getting to know Surya Anil Kumar Suravarapu





Job Title: IT Analyst / Technical Lead


Based out of: Plantation, Florida


What do you enjoy about your work? I enjoy the fact that I get to work on new features and play around with LISA tool. I also enjoy the fact that I get to interact with different teams, demo the features and help with implementing the tool for them.


About your family: Me and my wife Keerthi Its been an year since we got married. My parents live in India.


Favorite 3 movies of all time: The Pursuit of Happyness, Swades, 3 Idiots, Jab We Met.


Favorite book: I like non-fiction / biographies and I like reading Indian authors like R.K.Narayanan, Sudha Murthy.


Favorite hobbies: Public speaking (Active member of Toastmasters), Music (I play Tabla (Indian drums)  and a little of guitar), Travelling, Reading about and driving different cars, Trying out different cuisines (May be cook a bit too).


Interesting fact about yourself:  I can tell from a distance, looking at a car in any angle, which model and make it is, any time of the day. I take part in humorous speech contests, I guess I can make people laugh.