CA Service Virtualization 8.0 Preview

Blog Post created by Stefana_Muller on Nov 14, 2014

CA World was incredible this week.  The meetings with existing and new customers were spot on when we finally debuted the amazing new DevTest Portal with all its features to increase usability and user adoption of service virtualization in your DevTest teams. 

Just a few hours ago, we reached the required number of sign offs to call the "beta" complete on this release.  Thanks to Ulrich_Vogt and Koustubh Warty for completing the beta testing phase on time by supporting the 55+ customers and partners that participated in this round of Customer Validation.  While we have a large number of Customer Validation participants that have completed their testing and reviews, a few others will plan to review continuously over the next few months so that we can incrementally improve the user interface and new features.



The experience on this release has been exciting.  Regular sprint reviews with our Customer Validation team, ongoing feedback, iterating each sprint and moving the product forward in usability and in core features - we have seriously built something together, with our customers to help them succeed in removing constraints in their DevTest cycle.


As we ramp up to the general availability (GA) of CA Service Virtualization 8.0, I will share a bit of the content from the Customer Validation program and CA World to get you all acclimated with this monumental release.  Here's a short list to get started:



Additional content, documentation, demos and live webcasts will be posted shortly.  We look forward to your feedback and questions on our next Office Hours this coming Tuesday - DevTest Community Office Hours Nov 18 @ 11am ET


Thank you to the entire DevTest, CA Service Virtualization development and UX team for a job well done on this release so far.  We are looking forward to getting you the final release before the end of 2014.

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