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How Can Service Virtualization Transform Your Software Delivery Lifecycle?


By now you’ve heard the claim ...  every business is in the software business.

But what does it really mean?


It means apps, digital services, and APIs are becoming the primary customer interface for your company, and a key channel for driving revenue and brand engagement.


And it means, to put it bluntly, you have to innovate to survive… delivering new, high-quality applications FAST!  As more businesses transform to interact with their customers through digital channels, you have to make sure you aren’t left behind.  That means your software delivery lifecycle better become an accelerator, not a hurdle, of bringing digital innovations to market.  This is why DevOps is becoming such a hot topic, hoping the methodology will put organizations in a place to succeed.


Agile Parallel Development is the new DevOps capability that unleashes development velocity.  Service Virtualization is the technology that makes it real.  CA Service Virtualization accelerates the time-to-market of higher-quality, more resilient applications that are easier to deploy and manage.  It simulates the behavior, performance, and data of dependent systems, allowing teams to develop in parallel.  By automatically creating virtual systems (NOT just virtualizing your server or network), you can mimic the nuances of production environments without waiting on others, 3rd party APIs, or trying to free up constrained resources at midnight to test for quality.


And more and more enterprises are seeing the amazing ROI of using CA Service Virtualization.  MFUG Union Bank has reduced the costs for testing cycles by 65-85 percent!  While Tech Mahindra cut bugs in production by over 1/3!


The Next Generation of Service Virtualization is Here!

At CA World 2014, we announced Service Virtualization 8.0.  Simply put, this the biggest, baddest Service Virtualization release ever!  DevTest 8.0 (the new UI and full integration of CA Service Virtualization 8.0 , CA Application Test 8.0, and CA Continuous Application Insight 8.0) has the largest number of new features in any one release, largest number of new Patents, brand new web-based UI, and the largest number of customers and partners who participated in the Beta program. Each are fully available as of December 12, 2014!  And all are designed to help your organizations develop and test in parallel. Highlights include:


  • DevOps Analytics:  CA Continuous Application Insight (previousl CA Path Finder) automates the process of creating and maintaining virtual services and simplifies the production and management of automated test suites through the use of live application traffic captured in pre-production and production. This allows business workflows to be quickly discovered and mapped to help expose complex application architectures and potential performance bottlenecks.  8.0 introduces advances mapping paths and overlays, agent calibration to see the right transactions, and Splunk Integration.
  • Easy to Use: Our new DevTest Portal/ Web UI makes virtualized service creation easy. More than just a slick, completely redesigned user interface, our team focused on optimizing the most used processes to make them faster and easier to use.
  • Automated Learning Mode: Keeping virtual services sync to real ones is very challenging. Learning Mode compares responses between the virtual service and live system to automate the creation and updating of virtual services.  Just set it to watch the live system and apply any differences to the virtual service automatically OR save the changes for later application.  That easy!
  • Artificial Intelligence:  A new feature called Opaque Data Processing adds true artificial intelligence to the creation of virtual services without requiring any knowledge or decoding of a service protocol.  It applies a genome sequence alignment algorithm and discovers byte-level patterns in message protocols.  You can now virtualize a much wider range of protocols than ever before. No other vendor offers this advanced technique for virtual service creation.
  • Mobile App Testing: Mobile apps now account for over 80% of all new software development, and 50% of all e-commerce.  It’s up to you to make sure these new apps work!  Now you can automate your functional testing and application flow to create tests and find defects of your mobile applications.  Learn more in this mobile testing demo series and mobile test explanation video
  • Virtual API Cloud:  A free, SaaS offering giving customers the ability to create virtualized RESTful APIs via an intuitive website.  In just minutes developers can create, provision, and share the tools they need to deliver solutions faster.  Check it out today at vapi.ca.com.


These new capabilities are all capture in an amazing 12-blog/demo summary on our DevTest Communities page. Trust me, it won’t disappoint!


If you music is your thing, see how we put all of the newness in a music video to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas


Leading the Market with Innovation


Here is something important to understand.  CA (via ITKO acquisition) invented Service Virtualization.  We created Service Virtualization market, even coining the term. We are the leaders, and know this space better than anyone else!


And with the DevTest 8.0 release, we are extending our leadership and innovation. We now have been awarded 22 total patents (with a total of 28 filed) in the Service Virtualization market!  These include patents around Opaque Data Processing (artificial intelligence), Swift for bank transaction processing, Mainframe & SAP virtualization, a virtual systems learning mode, and around composite, database, batch, and run-time performance virtualization.


Another great example of our continued innovation is our partnership with ATOS.  We recently announced our joint CA Service Virtualization and Agile Testing Centers of Excellence (COE) for an end-to-end “Agile Testing” approach that allows developers, testers and performance engineering teams to work in parallel for faster delivery, higher application quality and reliability.


Try for free with Virtual API Cloud (VAPI)

And finally, we have brought the first wave of SaaS-based API Virtualization to the web fully available right in your browser with our CA Virtual API Cloud (VAPI) product.  Now, you can easily create and manage "virtual APIs" to simulate the behavior of the components required to test your applications under test.


We have been working hard to make building virtual APIs as simple as possible, and making it available in the GitHub developer community.  This community is intended to provide a place to learn, engage, and teach others about APIs, Your Virtual APIs and ways to improve VAPI to help meet your needs.


Sign up with your GitHub account and start today!


The Momentum is Just Beginning

This is just the beginning of great innovation to come around Service Virtualization.  It’s whole purpose is to ignite innovation around DevOps, and to help organizations thrive in the App Economy.


Make sure you register for the “What’s New in 8.0” Community webcast on December 16 where can see and hear all this new functionality in one place!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!