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Identifying your existing application architecture is not for the faint of heart.  Most applications have had multiple iterations and various owners over time causing a likely disconnect between what we think is happening behind the UI and what actually exists.  With the inevitable people turnover and various app updates, it is easy to lose sight of the truth of your application.


In its current iteration, CA Path Finder enables you to capture transactions from pre-production applications and turn that detail into virtual services and baseline tests.  That’s the end result; or is it?  In order to create these baselines, CA Path Finder discovers and maps existing business workflows helping to identify complex architecture and performance bottlenecks.  Here-in lies the key to the ability for Dev, Test and Ops to work more closely together – a single source of the truth perhaps.  The answer to what lies behind my UI or API, not in just the transactions and data but where those transactions start from and where they end.  Their path.


When asked, customers told us they are recording up to 50,000 transactions a day across 30 different application servers.  That’s a lot of data, so how do you make that data valuable? It’s not just generating a virtual service or a baseline test.  We believe the key is to turn the data into insight.  Make it an asset for users; something that can be documented, shared, annotated, navigated and filtered to enable clarity between teams on what is the real truth behind an application.


What I assert is the value in CA Path Finder is not the automation it offers but more the documentation and insight it delivers. Imagine being able to quickly search through a sea of 100,000 transactions to find the ones that are important to your API testing and then using them to generate tests and virtual services.  Now that’s both insight and automation making your job as an Automation Engineer a walk in the park!


This is exactly what we imagined while developing the next major release of CA Path Finder that we will show at CA World 2014.  We can’t wait to share with you the details.  If you’d like this insight today, join our DevTest Customer Validation program or join us for our CA World pre-conference sessions and floor demos showing what the new CA Path Finder has to offer.

Hope to see you all at CA World ‘14 - CA Technologies


Installation and Pre requisites was a popular topic in our poll, but we have not covered that content yet; so here in Week 4 we will jump into some of the documents and instructions to get you up and running as soon as possible.


Make sure that you are familiar with the following content prior to installation and understand the steps you will be taking.


For LISA Mobile Pre Requisites see attachment LISA+Mobile+Pre-Requisites document


You can also find detailed documentation on Mobile Testing capabilities within our support documentation located at 7.5.2 Release Support





If you've spent some time with CA Service Virtualization (LISA Virtualize), you've likely explored the power of virtual service execution modes.  The current 7.5 GA release includes 5 execution modes that will change the behavior and routing of requests that are sent from a system under test to virtual service or live system.  We recently announced to our Customer Validation testers that we will be expanding on these execution modes in the near future.  But for now, let's get a handle on what exists in the product today.


To start out, there are two modes that simply pass transactions through from the system under test to the virtual service.


  • Most Efficient mode is the default and fastest mode.  It passes the request to the virtual service which sends a response back.  It does not pass go, it does not collect $200... (a little Monopoly reference for you).
  • Transaction Tracking mode will track events and transaction flow through sessions. It’s best used for troubleshooting a virtual service – for example to find out a why a specific response was chosen for a specific request.  When using this mode, a user can access the Session viewing screen to see the requests and responses in real-time.  I guess you can say this mode is collecting it's $200 and then some!

These first two modes are obtaining responses only from a virtual service.  Now, when we move on to the next few, (not only do my Monopoly references fail completely but) we’re opening up the ability for a system under test to use the virtual service and/or the live service for a response.

  • Live System mode, otherwise known as “pass-through” mode, passes requests through to a live system.  This can be used when the virtual service is not available, or if a user wants to run the same test against the live system as they did the virtual service. They can do this simply by changing the execution mode and running the request again without taking steps in their application to re-route traffic.  For a bit of technical information, this mode uses the “Live Invocation” step of the service model to determine a response to the current request.

Live System mode is helpful, but how can a developer or tester easily figure out the difference in responses between a virtual service and a live system?  This is where Image Validation mode comes into play.

  • Image Validation mode, also referred to as ‘model healing’ or ‘live healing mode’ is a unique mode that uses both the virtual service and the live system to derive a response to the request.  The responses are compared and remembered allowing for both live comparison between responses from either source or future comparison and merging of the correct data.  This mode is very helpful when a live system has changed and the virtual service has not yet been updated or to check that the live system and virtual service are in sync when, for instance, another team provides the virtual service (or live system).  We like to call this example “enabling horizontal trust” between organizations that may have ownership for different end points.

The last and final mode in the current product enables you to do all of the above.

  • Dynamic mode allows the service model to define a different execution mode for each request. This is helpful when a user knows a set of requests will need to be healed or a set of requests are not available in the virtual service so they should pass through to the live system while others should be routed to the virtual service.  Although powerful, this mode can get confusing and cause unexpected results if not thoroughly understood.

To expand on this power, we we are planning to introduce up to 3 more execution modes in the next major release of CA Service Virtualization.  If you want to hear more about these new execution modes and how they can help your advanced use cases join in the Customer Validation program or meet up with us at CA World 2014 when we officially announce and demonstrate this great new release.


How have you used the power of execution modes?  Share with us some use cases and which modes have worked best for you by adding a comment below.

Yesterday we held an exciting webcast with users involved in our Customer Validation program to give a sneak peek into our next release code named Aquaria.  There are some significant features proposed in this upcoming release and of course more information will be shared as we lead up to the launch at CA World '14.  One thing we introduced is a new user interface called the "DevTest Portal".  The DevTest Portal provides significant value to our new users or anyone just learning about CA Service Virtualization, CA Application Test and CA Path Finder focusing on ease-of-use, streamlined workflows and


This web based UI is a complete jump forward from the traditional "LISA Workstation" fat client.  Our User Experience team (UX), Product Designers, Product Managers and UI Engineers went through a multitude of user feedback, usability testing, workflow analysis, interviews and sprint reviews to get to this current portal and we're not done yet.  The first rendition of the portal, covering some of the most used workflows in our products, will be revealed at CA World 2014.  Overtime, we intend to continue the work to move complete workflows over to the new interface and eventually sunset the other interfaces in the traditional "LISA" product line.




The DevTest Portal is not just a user interface; it is a re-architecture of our tool set enabling it to be used more frequently in a shared environment across App Development and Testing organizations pulling them together and enabling the 'shift-left' methodology. I'm excited about what this new interface and architecture means for our product line - a bit of reinvention focused on ease-of-use, a quicker cadence for delivering innovation in service virtualization and application testing technologies and of course, a closer involvement with you, our users.


The Aquaria release has so much more to offer but I can't spill the beans just yet!  Join our Customer Validation program to get insider information before the launch or plan on attending the pre-conference sessions at CA World to get complete training on this packed release.

(NOTE: Filter by Content Center "ca Devcenter".)

Many agile teams have started incorporating Behavior Driven Development into their practices. BDD has a systematic framework to stream-line the stories into Scenarios and forces teams to discuss and put in writing any of the acceptance criteria. Here is an example of the scenario and criteria


       Scenario: Money deposit activity for a given account

Given an account A with balance $100

When 50$ are deposited

New balance goes to $150

And When $50 is withdrawn

New balance goes back to $100



The formal acceptance criterion combined with Test Driven Development is helping bring emphasis on the importance of unit testing (remember the testing pyramid I discussed in my blog) as a key quality strategy. But there are many cases where unit testing at very focused code area alone is not enough specially where you want to test a full business workflow kind of scenario that spans across multiple application components and interfaces. That’s where CA Application Test Invoke and Verify framework become handy.


The question is can I take the Scenario and make it CA Application Test in such away that the test execution and results are easy to read and relate to the scenario test is validating. Yes you can, the trick is documenting your test case properly. Here is an example implementation of above scenario


Please note the names used for step as well as the assertions to improve the readability of the test and make it as close to the actual Scenario as possible.


Now if I run the test the trick is the results of this test should be presented in a fashion that you wont need to be CA Application Test expert to read the test results i.e. more something like following



That’s an interesting challenge. As part of CA Application Test 8.0 release our development team has been spending some time thinking about this. You could join us at CA world where we can show you some of that work.


Although above was a very simplistic example but you can easily extrapolate and apply it to implement a complete business workflow by using CA Application Test's Invoke/Verify framework across heterogeneous technologies. I will be interested in hearing your thoughts. Have you experimented BDD in your team? What are your experiences?

Had a late start for Mobile Testing Monday this week so we have our first "Evening Edition" of Mobile Testing Monday - this is also the first Blog only installment as my voice is off just coming off a cold.


We will continue these weekly discussions on Mobile Testing powered by CA Application Test capabilities from now until CA World '14 - We may even leak some MORE of our 8.0 functionality as there are some super exciting things happening in Mobile and throughout the entire product family, and I am not so good at keeping it to myself. 


I used the Poll Mobile Testing Monday again this week to source our topic for this week - Mobile DevOps. 


As some of you know we have been building out the Invoke API and we have had some great advances in our 7.5, 7.5.1, and 7.5.2 releases.  The scope of the 7.5X APIs was focused mainly on controls within the environment - starting and stopping virtual services, running test and test suites and the like.  Its with these APIs that we started the Mobile DevOps journey.


Invoke 7.5X

Screenshot 2014-09-22 16.43.11.png

Under the invoke 7.5X API sets you can leverage Continuous Integration (CI) processes and tools such as Jenkins, TravisCI, Bamboo, Team City, etc to not only build and deliver your Mobile App but you can add on Invoke calls to Create dependant Virtual Services, Run Tests, Test Suites - while ensuring the entire environment is returned to a known state ready for the next run of tests.  For a small catalog of Invoke examples see ianakelly/Invoke · GitHub This sample set creates a "LISA Bank Kiosk v6" Virtual Service and also is able to run a test suite.  We have used similar API calls to validate our internal applications and internal changes to our source code.  Currently within our development team we have 7 physical devices and many emulators/simulators where we validate the full application regression upon EVERY check in.


What you will see coming in 8.0 is a GREATLY expanded set of APIs which will enable not only controls but also details, data, and metrics related to the tests.  This will increase the ability to drive Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and make intelligent API derived decisions based upon the test results - for instance promoting a successful Emulator/Simulator test run to be run on physical devices locally and then promoting those successful tests to the cloud.  These validation cycles may continue to further ensure your test coverage on OS's/Devices/Networks/etc.  Using these APIs you may automate your validations to the point where human testing is the first manual operation not the last.


Sneak Peek 8.X Test APIs

Screenshot 2014-09-22 16.53.37.png

You have heard how excited I am about CA World - One big reason IS Mobile DevOps, we will be showcasing the ability to produce a test from production, right where your users are interacting with your application.  This showcase will provide an example of taking Production user experiences and bringing those to the support and development teams.  You will also gain additional insight as the issue is validated on multiple devices thus exploring the overall reproducibility and extent of the issue reported i.e. is it iOS only?  or Just experienced on a 3G network with a specific Android release and Device combination.  These powerful validations will help you build faster feedback to your users as well as quantify the extent of a specific application experience issue/crash/or failure.


As always I am keen to understand your specific desires and needs to support your Mobile DevOps needs, we think we have the right parts pulled together with our APIs but would love to hear about your challenges.


See you at CA World!

Any of you that have been dealing with Service Virtualization for some time may well know Voke and Theresa Lanowitz. She was instrumental as being the first analyst to recognize Service Virtualization as a stand alone segment and reported on Service Virtualization ROI in 2012.

Well, CA is now co-sponsoring the updated edition of this survey for 2014. We really need your help in completing as many responses for this important survey.


Do you remember when you were first looking into Service Virtualization...? And you wanted to know what value did this "seems-like-magic-thing" bring to other users? And what value it could bring your own organization...?


Yea! Remember those "non-believer" days!!!


Well it's your chance to help shed some light on your SV successes, and how we've all progressed in our use of Service Virtualization as a software segment.


A few points you may be wondering about the survey:

  • What's the survey like? It's a combination of multiple choice and optional short answer questions.
  • What's the survey cover? The survey focus areas of the survey include: Dev./Test challenges and constraints, Use of Service Virtualization, Benefits/Features, Productivity and ROI.
  • Will the survey share my information? No your information, like all data captured is confidential. Data will be tabulated, aggregated and analyzed, no names/company information will be used.  
  • When does the survey end? Survey closes on October 13. And preliminary results will be presented at CA World 2014.
  • What's in it for me? If contributing for the betterment of the industry isn't good enough for you, you will get a free copy of the report once it's done.
  • How do I start this survey? Just start right here, right now...


Time is running out! Please contribute to voke's Service Virtualization ROI survey.


Thank you very much in advance for your contribution to this very important industry wide survey.

Ok, this one is tough but I have faith in this community that someone will pull this out of their hat.


Today's Throwback Thursday contest is dedicated to the long time customers of ours who collect our business cards like trading cards (you know who you are!).


The question is "Which business card was Chris Kraus passing out when service virtualization was first launched?"  The answer should include the number in the picture below coninciding with the business card you believe to be the correct answer. Since there are only 6 options and likely many ties, the tie-breaker will be the person who responds with the version number of service virtualization at that same launch.


Here are the steps again:

1. Choose the business card that Chris Kraus was passing out when service virtualization was first launched. Indicate your answer by the number on the picture below (1 - 6).

2. State the version of service virtualization that was released at that time as well.


The first person to comment correctly below (or the first person to come close enough) will win a small prize*. The contest ends at 5:00 pm ET today (September 11, 2014)

Comment away!




*The prize is a small prize - i.e. whatever CA item(s) I can find at my desk in Islandia, NY and ship to you. I will do my best to ship internationally but will have to abide by customs regulations.


Mobile Testing Monday Week 2

Posted by kelia01 Employee Sep 15, 2014

This is the second week of Mobile Testing Monday and we jump in with both feet this week to examine how easy it is to build a Mobile Test within our Visual Recorder.

Finding the topic this week was a little tricky as we had a tie in our poll Mobile Testing Monday - Next week lets see if we can make a clear winner in the polling, so go over and vote (After you watch this weeks episode of course!).


Simple Test Creation -


As always we would love to hear from you!  What would you like to see in future episodes? - or - What Mobile Testing Challenges do you struggle with?

Of course we also like to hear how you are using the Mobile testing capabilities of CA Application Test to succeed everyday!

Over the past 11 months, since I've joined the Application Delivery team at CA Technologies, we've made quite an effort to engage with and listen more often to YOU, our customers.  It's no surprise; everyone in the industry knows that incorporating customer feedback into a strategy and product direction will make for a longer lasting partnership between our company and yours.  Our key goal is to help you maximize your investment in our technology and this is why we've invested time and effort into our community, meeting with you more often, surveys, discussions, polls, blogs, etc.

CA Technologies has recently launched an initiative to determine the overall quality and satisfaction with our products.  To that end, this next survey is crucial for us to understand the direction you need us to head in the future.

We want your opinion on what matters most; where we have room for improvement, which in turn will help the CA leadership team prioritize investments and innovation.


We invite all current customers of CA Service Virtualization (formerly known as LISA Virtualize) to take the survey and give their honest feedback about the product and the people who support the product.

So, please take 2 minutes today to give us your feedback:

**CA Employees - please do not click through the link and take this survey**

This survey is for CA Service Virtualization only; future surveys will cover CA Application Test, CA Path Finder and other products in the Application Delivery area.

Getting to Know Rajeev Gupta


Title: VP, Product Management - Application Delivery


Based out of: Santa Clara, CA


Former Job:  VP SV Strategy & Fellow


What do you enjoy about your work: Working with the customers and building software that solves really hard problems.


About your family: I am married to Parul for 13 years and have two kids – Suhani (means pleasant) who is 6 & Ronav (means grace) who just turned 3. It’s hard to say who is more crazier — and I include all 3 of them in that bucket.


Favorite 3 movies of all time:  Avatar, Matrix, Taken


Favorite book:  Service Virtualization: Reality is Overrated (of course), Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Peter Drucker.


Favorite hobbies: Sketching, Photography, Spend time with friends and family.


Interesting fact about yourself: I have to accept that I have OCD and also an incessant quest for finding answers. As an example, I don’t remember any toy that I didn’t open apart -- even opening up sophisticated watches and putting them back together. I pay very close attention to details which frustrates me because I expect the same from others. However, as my hairs are turning gray, I seem to be gaining more patience.

There is a lot going on lately in our community that I wanted to bring to your attention.


  • Who moved my LISA?!  The CA LISA name is going away and CA Technologies has a fun way for you to participate in the changeover to CA Service Virtualization, CA Application Test and CA Path Finder - Join in here!


  • Customer Validation Our next release code named Aquaria is almost ready for onsite testing.  If you haven’t already signed up for the Customer Validation program, please do so today!


  • CA World 2014 will be here in less than 2 months!  We hope to see you there for pre-conference education on our latest release and awesome demos, presentations and a chance to meet our experts on the conference floor.  Visit for details and make sure you Follow the CA World 2014 Community to get a $200 discount on your ticket. Early bird has been extended to September 19. The Session Catalog is now available, click here to make sure you know what filters to use to find LISA content. Note, with the name change you will be looking for Service Virtualization, not LISA.  Have any community members registered yet?


  • Throwback Thursday Every so often (on a Thursday) the team at CA Technologies finds a fun picture to share from “back-in-the-day”.  Mostly from before CA Technologies acquired iTKO.  Participate in this fun activity and you could win a small prize!


  • Polls are one of the ways we get your feedback quickly on a feature, function or decision we need to make on the product direction.  If you have just a few minutes today, please respond to one or more of the polls on our community here and let your voice be heard!



There’s of course a lot more happening as well including Blogs, Ideas, Questions from users and more.

Thank you Stefana_Muller for compiling this information for the community.

Another Throwback Thursday (TBT) post for you!


Chris Kraus (Chris_Kraus) has searched through the archives for this one.  I think it's quite funny and he even tells me that the name used was an actual user of LISA at that time!


The first person to comment correctly below on what release or when this ad came out with will win a small prize*.  The contest ends at 5:00 pm ET today (September 11, 2014) and the person closest to the correct answer will win.  You can state a year, date, LISA release or anything that can can tie back to the timeline.


Comment away!


*The prize is a small prize - i.e. whatever CA item(s) I can find at my desk in Islandia, NY and ship to you. I will do my best to ship internationally but will have to abide by customs regulations.


Who moved my LISA?!

Posted by Stefana_Muller Sep 9, 2014

A series on the LISA name changes and what to expect at the launch of our next release.


She's had a long run, but it's time to go; the LISA name is being sunset in order to re-brand our portfolio to use more descriptive names.  The challenge we've had for years is explaining what this product is, does, etc. can now go away since we'll be using names that clearly articulate the technology.  However, I do know that many of us have become fairly fond of our LISA, so much so, that is has become a household name in testing and service virtualization technologies.  Alas, we must bid farewell to our friend LISA and rename her to fit our new goals.  So here we go, the start of the re-branding effort is underway with a few big changes leading up to CA World '16!


New NameFormerly Known As...
CA Service VirtualizationBasically, this is the service virtualization technology plus application test (see next line) forming a complete DevTest solution that you are used to today.  CA Service Virtualization was formerly known as CA LISA, VSE, ITKO, LISA Virtualize
CA Application TestThis is the product that enables you to automate testing.  This functionality is included in CA Service Virtualization as well but can be sold separately as CA Application Test.  This was formerly known as CA LISA, LISA Test, Test Automation.
CA Continuous Application Insight

This product is part of our CA Data Mining solutions. Previously called CA Pathfinder (without a space) and then renamed to CA Path Finder (with a space), this product is now called CA Continuous Application Insight.  Why all the changes, well the future of this product recently expanded significantly from a solution to search the paths between applications to a solution that does much more.  You will see all of these new and exciting features at CA World '16.

CA Data FinderAnother name that we just added a space to - this used to be called CA Datafinder. It's also under the formerly known as CA LISA Data Mining bucket (now CA Data Mining) though I'm not yet sure we plan on changing the name any further as it's pretty descriptive as it is.
CA Cloud TestNo name change here.  CA Cloud Test is a performance testing tool for web and mobile applications enabling companies to test their apps in the cloud and not have to incur large hardware and infrastructure costs.
CA Mobile CloudNo name change here.  CA Mobile Cloud enables you to test your mobile applications in real-world environments.  This is another cloud based platform that can give you access to real mobile smartphones and tables connected to live mobile networks around the world.
CA Release AutomationThis product, although not covered in this community is part of our DevOps and ca Devcenter portfolio at CA Technologies. It's formerly known as CA LISA Release Automation or Nolio.  The community for CA Release Automation is here - CA Release Automation
ca DevcenterThis is not a product, but a grouping or portfolio of tools. ca Devcenter is the portfolio where the products formerly known as LISA reside.
DevTest Solution(s)As the caDevcenter area includes many other products outside of the distributed formerly known as LISA area, we'll be using the term "DevTest" and "DevTest Solutions" to describe the grouping of products listed above (minus CA Release Automation).  For example, in the 8.0 release of the products formerly known as LISA, we will have a dashboard that will be called the "DevTest Dashboard" and you'll see the name "DevTest" used to when more than one product is used in the user interface and/or documentation.  I guess you can say the term "DevTest" will replace the use of "LISA" outside of the product names (example "DevTest Registry", "DevTest Workstation", etc.)


Well that's the naming in a nutshell - bookmark this page now before you have to explain this to others!


There are sure to be other changes prior to our big event in November (CA World 2014).  In the meantime, let's have a little fun with saying 'goodbye' to the LISA name!


It's called "Selfie with LISA"... here's how you can participate:

  1. Find your favorite item that says LISA - it could be the application on your computer, an old CD (if they existed!), an old t-shirt, really, anything.
  2. Take a picture of YOURSELF and the item you chose above. (i.e. a selfie)
  3. Post the picture as a response to this blog in the comments with your "goodbye" message.
  4. If you have a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+), post your picture and goodbye message there as well.  So that we see it, tag it with #SelfieWithLISA


Here's a pic of Ruston Vickers below as an example.  Thanks for participating and let's have a little fun with this!




NOTE: I updated this post on October 16, 2014 to change the Path Finder name to CA Continuous Application Insight.

Have you visited the CA World website and had trouble finding the CA LISA content?  Chris Kraus (Chris_Kraus) and I (Stefana_Muller) had a little fun today recording how you can find pre-conference sessions, demos and published conference sessions for the product formerly known as CA LISA.




HINT: ca Devcenter

Getting to know Monalisa Nayak




Job Title: Automation Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services, India

Based out of: Bhubaneswar India
Former Job: Test Analyst, Polaris Finance Technology, Sydney
What do you enjoy about your work: I am very passionate to learn new things, nowadays there are so many new ideas around that you have so many sources to gain some or more knowledge.
About your family:  I had just got married with my long time boyfriend Abhijit Mohanty last December ;). I had shared one of our picture taken at Bangkok.
Favorite 3 movies of all time:  I have watched so many movies of different language like English, Odia, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu. There are so many movies I love... aemmm ok so the list starts with Dil Chahta hai, Ocean 11, If Only.

Favorite book:  I am more into Fiction. I love Dan Brown, Nicolas Spark, Chetan Bhagat's collection.

Favorite hobbies: playing, cooking, watching TV
Interesting fact about yourself: My daddy works for Odisha state government administrative service, so usually gets transfer every now and then and so I have spent my schooling in 8 different schools. This is the big reason why I love to travel. I love to spend time with my friends, family. Love to explore new places, different cuisine.

Mobile Testing Mondays is a short video segment that will run each Monday between now and CA World ‘14 - CA Technologies.

This is the first installment of the series.


I would love to have your feedback on the series as a whole as well as your desires for future episodes Mobile Testing Monday