Thank You to the DevTest Customer Validation Team

Blog Post created by Stefana_Muller on Feb 18, 2015

Our DevTest Customer Validation Team comprises of 40 companies and over 70 individuals that provide us with continuous feedback on the DevTest products (service virtualization, application test, & continuous application insight) prior to them being released in the wild.  It's a hybrid beta program where customers, partners and our internal CA users and developers collaborate every sprint to review the latest features, consider new designs, provide constructive feedback and help us develop and deliver the best technology to address your application delivery needs.


The last major release - 8.0 - went through almost 10 formal sprint reviews, 4 surveys, and many conversations and polls to make sure we were headed in the right direction.  I'd like to thank all of our participants in this program so far for their continued insight and assistance.  Those that had a chance to install and sign off on the 8.0 release will soon receive a cool gift in the mail to thank them for their time.


My 7 year-old daughter, Olivia was in the office today helping me write out the thank you notes and ship out the first few gifts - they're an 8GB Race Car USB Flash Drive - a fun desk ornament with a purpose.



If you are a recipient of one of these race cars, please join in on the social media fun!


Prizes will be awarded to those who have the most interesting, innovative and viral post or photo with their new Race Car flash drive.  Use the hashtag #SVRaceCar or #ServiceVirtualization on Twitter to share your picture or message.  You can also post it here as a response to this blog.


Now, for those of you who didn't get to participate in the fun from last release, we have even more fun prepared for the next phase of the DevTest Customer Validation program.  Join up today!


Follow these THREE steps to get signed up:

  1. FIRST, sign our online agreement
  2. SECOND, Request access to the private community here - DevTest Customer Validation Group (Private)
  3. THIRD but not least, you can get a #SVRaceCar too by requesting one on Twitter using both the #SVRaceCar AND #ServiceVirtualization hashtags in your tweet.  Supplies are limited and only those who follow these 3 steps in full will be eligible.  First come first serve! Note that due to trade regulations, I may not be able to ship to your country. etc. so all the typical laws and stuff apply.  CA Employees are NOT eligible... though you may join the program of course.


Additional details on the DevTest Customer Validation Program are here - Customer Validation Program for DevTest Solutions


I look forward to seeing your pictures and requests!  Follow me @StefanaMuller to see what others have posted.