You are a DevOps athlete and CA is here to coach!

Blog Post created by ArpiJakab Employee on Feb 19, 2015

CA World 2014 is now a distant memory, although one keynote really stuck with me. Chris Satchell is the Consumer Technology Officer at Nike. Chris made the statement that “everyone is an athlete”. Anecdotally this statement did not ring true to my ears. My fitness goals mainly revolve around early heart attach prevention – less so around what is generally considered athleticism. So I mentally geared up to dismiss Chris’ comment under the general label of marketing mumbo-jumbo.

As Chris kept sharing his Nike philosophy and the technology they were creating; I was suddenly struck by the idea that Chris and other Nike employees really believe that I, the buyer of their shoe, will indeed “do it”. My inner athlete will emerge through Nike's partnership we me


Nike created a NIKE+ Running app to track distance, pace, time and calories. They have also created a NIKE+ Coach app to help customers “set and achieve your training and race day goals through customized programs designed for all experience levels”. My perception of Nike changed from a company that sells shoes to a company that is in the business of coaching athletes – that also happens to sell athletic apparel.

DevOps shoes1.png

Like Nike, CA technologies is also not in the business of selling products. CA’s customers want and need a true partnership with CA to achieve their DevOps goals. This partnership starts with meeting each individual customer at their unique stage of DevOps adoption.

The best athletes have the best coaches. At CA we are DevOps experts we coach each customer individually to set realistic DevOps goals and guide them in their product selections when executing their DevOps strategy.


In the application economy, every company is running a race against the competition. The companies with the fastest release cycles will come out ahead. Buying CA products will not instantly make you a top-performing DevOps athlete – just as buying a Nike shoe doesn't instantly make you lose 10 pounds or turn you into an NBA point-guard.

The successful DevOps athletes get off the couch of annual or semi-annual releases, set some achievable goals, deploy the right products and services, grunt through the initial pains of DevOps adoption, measure every aspect of their release cycle.

CA is the expert partner who coaches DevOps athletes to reach their potential.