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You may have seen it in the documentation for CA DevTest 8.x.  The ODATA Dynamic Virtual Service extension was developed in house and is provided on our github site.


What is the ODATA DVS?

OData Dynamic Virtual Services (DVS) is an extension to CA Service Virtualization and CA Application Test. DVS allows users to create OData service virtualizations that are hosted in a virtual service environment (VSE) that behave as real OData services.

You use POST, PUT, and DELETE to create, modify, or delete OData Entity Instances (records). Subsequent data retrieval through GET reflects these updates. With limited exceptions imposed by DevTest full OData v4, OData Minimal Conformance Level for an update service is provided with many intermediate and advanced features. 

You manage the data that you create through a REST API to save and load useful data sets. Development and QA use DVS in creating repeatable tests for applications using OData services without requiring an instance of a real service.

DVS consists of the following two components:

  • Eclipse plug-in that allows designers to create the MAR file.
    The MAR file instantiates the OData service from either a RAML or a configuration file (AEDM). This file is similar to an Entity Data Model file.
  • WAR file that can be deployed into a web server instance such as Tomcat, that supports a REST API.
    This file allows direct creation and deployment of an OData virtual service from a RAML.

DVS uses an extension to  CA Service Virtualization named the OData Virtual Services Extension which provides the OData emulation.

Where can I get it?


The ODATA extension is available on our community github site at DevTestSolutions/dvs_ce · GitHub and is documented in detail on the wiki


Necessary Disclaimer:  This is a community developed extension and therefore is provided as-is with no support.  If you would like to see it added to our product please vote on the idea.

As you may have seen over in The Water Cooler (a community you should be following if you're not already), the CA Communities platform will be moving to the cloud in early November. The upgrade to the cloud version of the same platform we're on today offers myriad new features and functionality that I want you to be aware of before the move happens.


To get an overview, I'd recommend that you first read Tech Specs: Cloud is Coming -- a blog post by Melanie_Giuliani that steps through the differences.


Then, see the new version of the site in action by watching the replay of a demo Melanie hosted earlier this week: CA Communities Cloud Platform Demo (October 2015)


If you have any questions, please let us know.

Next on our Meet the Staff series, here's a group you cannot miss! A lead from our partner enablement team, some amazing folks from our technical pre-sales organization and the one-and-only Chris Kraus! Last but not least, our Marketing team makes their first appearance with Scott Edwards representing the team and sharing our customers stories.


Let's begin with our lead enabler and former consultant...


Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.06.45 AM.png

Audrey Doucet - I'm a Partner Enablement Advisor for CA's Application Delivery product line and this is my first CA World.  I'll be spending most of my time at the Smart Bar floating between Theaters 3 & 4 during the conference.

My Session Recommendation: Pre-Con Education: CA Service Virtualization 9.0—What's the Latest and Greatest Jumpstart your learning by attending this special advanced showing of the latest and greatest features in our new major release of CA SV.

Other Tips:  "Proven Professional exams" are the first stage of Implementation enablement and puts you closer towards certification as an Expert. These exams are free of charge for partners, take care of this onsite at CA World '15.  Exams will be hosted at Mandalay Bay Ballroom L.  Space is limited, register today.



Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.18.19 AM.png

Regan Walker - I am the Director of Presales, Application Delivery for the Northeast. I am looking forward to assisting organizations at CA World achieve Continuous Delivery on their path to DevOps. During CA World I will be located in Demo Theater 4 showcasing the latest in Quality Acceleration capabilities of our DevTest platform.

My Session Recommendation: Pre-Con Education: Managing Complexity in Your Continuous Delivery Tool Chain-Get the Tips and Tricks You'll Need for Success.

Other Tips: Make sure to engage with our Meet the Experts staff as their combined experiences can help provide valuable insight for organizations own DevOps journey.




Cassiano Bein - I am a Senior Principal Consultant for our DevOps Presales team. I am really excited about CA World! It is the perfect time to get together with customers, partners and colleagues to share the newest topics in the IT industry. You can catch me at the Service Virtualization on Demand booth in Theater 3 talking about DevTest and a very exciting new offering!!!!

My Session Recommendation: The DevOps Simulation Experience. I've been delivering these sessions across North America and it is always so much fun. You really learn a lot about DevOps and how you can transform your teams, process and technology to adopt this best practice. 

Other Tips: I'm a native Brazilian and am happy to chat with any of our customers or partners from Brazil. Don't forget to find me in the booth!





Chris Kraus – I’m one of the Product Managers in DevTest solutions and get to work on CA Continuous Application Insight daily.  The best part of CA World is talking to customers and partners and hearing about the Cool Things(!) they are doing with virtualization and testing.  During CA World 2015, I will be running around the CA Continuous Application Insight demo area and meeting with customers in the briefing center. 

My Session Recommendation: I am exited to present pre conference sessions "It's the 2010's. Why are you Still Manually Writing Tests?" and then in Theater 4 "Technology Primer: Building Applications the New Fashioned Way" and "Vision and Roadmap and The CA Roadmap for Service Virtualization and the Dev and Test Portfolio". 

Other Tips: We have some fun Tech Talks right near our booth this year including Building regression tests to increase velocity and prevent things from “Going BOOM” and Extreme Automation - Creating Headless tests “Automagically”. Don't miss them!



Scott 2015 Pic5.jpeg


Scott Edwards - I’m the Director of Product Marketing for the CA DevTest portfolio, and what I’m looking forward to the most at CA World is seeing how our customers use our products. Case in point, I’m totally excited to see both Nordstrom (D03T21S) and T-Mobile (D04T17S) discuss their use of multiple application delivery products. These, and many others, will talk about how they rely on CA solutions to deliver exceptional application quality and drive their continuous delivery strategy.  I’ll be hanging out in both the DevOps 3 and DevOps 4 theaters talking our Service Virtualization and Quality Acceleration value props.  If you have your own success story to tell about the CA DevTest portfolio, reach out to me.  I’d love to hear it, and introduce you to IT Central Station who will be onsite interviewing customers about their use of our products.


It’s gonna be a fun time!  Can’t wait for the food, fun, friends, and new product launches coming in November.




That's all for this week. Expect some more intros, suggestions and interesting photos on our "Meet the Staff" entry for next week. In the meantime, if you missed our last blog, here's a quick link Countdown to CA World 2015 - Meet the Staff! (DevOps Theater 3)

It's almost 1 month until we all hit the ground running at CA World 2015 and we all recently got the final word on our staff assignments. I'm excited to attend the conference once again this year and will be hosting a few awesome sessions as usual. However, let's start this "Meet the Staff" blog series with a few new folks you may not have met in the past. Below is a fun group that will be demoing in our DevOps Theater 3 area. They each give you insight on where to find them at the conference and what session they recommend trying out.



Anand Kameswaran - You can call me AK for short. I'm the Product Owner for CA Service Virtualization and am looking forward to meeting our customers as well as colleagues from around the globe at CA World 2015. I'll be spending most of my time at the DevTest Demo booths during the conference. They're in DevOps Theater 3 and look for me especially at the SV innovations booth.

My Session Recommendation: CA DevOps Simulation Experience on Tuesday.  Learning new ways to develop and deploy software is not usually fun.  This is!

Other Tips: Make sure you get plenty of REST at CA World.  It helps maintain your Swagger (2.0) at the tables.  Yes, I went there. Oh, and I don't mind if you ask me about the Testing Goat.




Daniel Bingham - I'm the Architect for CA Service Virtualization (LISA) and this is my first ever CA World. I'm looking forward to showing everyone the latest on CA Service Virtualization 9.0 and I'll be helping out at the pre-conference training as well as demoing in the DevTest Demo booths in Theater 3.

My Session Recommendation: Pre-Con Education: Introduction to CA Service Virtualization

Other Tips: I'm researching different options to integration CA SV with source control tools. Would love to hear your thoughts on that as well as what your plans are for Docker and PaaS deployment.


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 7.09.01 PM.png

Thomas Stolt - I'm a Partner Technology Architect out of CA Germany. I'm looking forward to learning together with Partners and Customers the newest things about CA Technologies and its solutions! I will spend most of my time in the DevOps area at CA World, but am determined to give all other areas at least a visit. Speaking to colleagues, product managers, executives and engineers is what I am looking forward to!

My Session Recommendation: Of course our CA DevOps Simulation Experience on Tuesday, that I will be leading!! It brings DevOps to life, like nothing else that we know, we have run almost a hundred of them World Wide, bringing this to almost 1,000 people; suffice to say that this is probably the most advanced, intensive, open, honest and fun(!) learning program around DevOps that exists worldwide.

Other Tips/Insights: My strategy is to “land and learn” – to land at CA World and learn what I can from the best in the industry.



Adi Pandit – I am a Sr. Principal Software Engineer for CA Service Virtualization. I work on virtualization and virtualization accessories. I am very excited to demo the Service Image Editor and Data Driven Signature features developed by my team. I am always inspired by the smart ways our field engineers and customers adopt our product and keep pushing the envelope of application testing and virtualization. Looking forward to meeting some of you at the conference. You can find me at the DevTest demo booths at DevOps Theater 3.

My Session Recommendation : Come see where we are headed and help us get there :-) DO3T06S: Vision and Roadmap: The CA Roadmap for Service Virtualization and the Dev and Test Portfolio

Other Tips: My favorite part of the DevTest stack are the extensions. I am eager to hear about what your teams have done or would like to do in that area.



Dewayne McNair - I lead Engineering for Service Virtualization and Application Test, and I’m excited about meeting our customers, partners, and other team members at CA World 2015.  I will be assisting at several of the pre-conference sessions, and you can catch me during the show at the Executive Center and at the DevTest demo booths in Theater 3.  We have an exiting array of new features to show and discuss - you don’t want to miss it!

My Session Recommendation:  Don’t miss Pre-Con Education: Build Your Own Virtual API, and for those looking at containers, be sure to attend Tech Talk: Service Virtualization "Dockerized". Check out the program guide attached below for details.

Other Tips:  Service and API Virtualization are still relatively new approaches of removing constraints in your development process.  Coupled with Test Automation, you can get solid improvements in your throughput and reduce your cycle time for delivering value to *your* customers.  Jump in with both feet - it’s time!

Have you ever muttered I wish it was easier to get to the results for my CA Application Tests?  Well of course you have and we heard you! 

Starting in DevTest 8.5 you can start to see our new "Reporting Framework" with your data vs. ours and give us feedback via Aerilon Community.  When you turn on the reports in the Sandbox there are two new menu items for CA Application Test and CA Continuous Application Insight reports.  The new Test reporting framework is based on views to the CA Application Test reporting database and we are documenting them so that if you want to build your reports you can.


Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 1.44.25 PM.png

The Reports for CA Application Test are the most popular reports:




Performance Reports


  • Average Transaction Response
  • Cycle Performance Summary
  • Http Summary
  • Performance Summary
  • Requests per Second


Execution Reports

  • Test Execution History
  • Test Execution Run Comparison
  • Test Execution Summary







Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 1.44.03 PM.png


"Top 10's or Top N reports" - customers always wonder what did we test?  What did we test the most?  What is misbehaving from a performance perspective when we are developing and testing before non-functional testing?

The Reports for CA Continuous Application Insight are:

  • Top N Response Calls
  • Top N most invoked method functions
  • Top N slowest calls by category
  • Top N slowest calls by standard deviation


Inventory reports - I know we got some of those log messages in that 800MB file and that other 1.3 TB file!!@#!!.  But what are they and are any more popular than others?

Inventory reports for:

  • Exception count by type
  • Exception History
  • Log count by severity
  • Log message history
  • Ticker History

We are pleased to announce that the DevTest 8.5 is generally available (GA) as of October 8, 2015.  This release includes both fixes to reported issues as well as enhancements to our 3 core products based on customer feedback and ideas.

The DevTest suite includes v8.5 of products:

  • CA Service Virtualization
  • CA Application Test
  • CA Continuous Application Insight (CAI)



CA Service Virtualization

  • New TCP/IP recorder in the DevTest Portal. This is our first of many new recorders in the portal!  Specifically you can record TCP/IP traffic and create virtual service from the DevTest Portal.
  • HATEOAS support for creating HTTP REST virtual services. Parse URI parameters according to RFC 3986 --  extract metadata from URI parameters instead of truncating the URI.
  • Monitor virtual services and recordings from the DevTest Portal.  Amazing new UI to view your Virtual Services, with ability to multi select and act (change state, think time, etc) with NEW sorting and filters to find your services quickly.
  • Find and Replace functionality in the DevTest Portal. Added the ability to find data in a service image and replace that data within a few clicks.


CA Continuous Application Insight

  • New application services insights. Let CA Continuous Application Insight find your common API's consumed by multiple applications and build valuable regression tests and virtual services.  The identifying of common API's means that we are finding the expected behavior of multiple  consumers at once.
  • Enhancements to PDF reports.
    • Show merged paths information.
    • Show agent boundaries for transaction graphs.
  • Deploy Java Agent from DevTest Portal. This solves the pain of copying the Java Agent file between machines during agent install.

CA Application Test for Mobile

  • New support for testing mobile browsers.  Many applications on mobile devices are purpose formatted web sites, you can now test these web sites running in Safari or Chrome on your mobile device.
  • Graphical simple creation of XPath expressions.  When editing a mobile test you can now view the page source with easy graphical view and we create your XPATH expressions via point and click.  This will make creating assertions and filters dramatically easier and faster.
  • Easier configuration device and lab setup.  In 8.5 you can point your test case to different devices and labs for execution via new dialog vs. correlating to asset.  The pointer to device and lab is now saved in your default or alternate configuration so changing were you want to run your tests is as easy as selecting a alternate config just like you do for all of your CA Application Tests  


Documentation: The full release notes are available here Release Information - DevTest Solutions - 8.5 - CA Technologies Documentation