DevTest 8.5 is generally available (GA)

Blog Post created by ArpiJakab Employee on Oct 8, 2015

We are pleased to announce that the DevTest 8.5 is generally available (GA) as of October 8, 2015.  This release includes both fixes to reported issues as well as enhancements to our 3 core products based on customer feedback and ideas.

The DevTest suite includes v8.5 of products:

  • CA Service Virtualization
  • CA Application Test
  • CA Continuous Application Insight (CAI)



CA Service Virtualization

  • New TCP/IP recorder in the DevTest Portal. This is our first of many new recorders in the portal!  Specifically you can record TCP/IP traffic and create virtual service from the DevTest Portal.
  • HATEOAS support for creating HTTP REST virtual services. Parse URI parameters according to RFC 3986 --  extract metadata from URI parameters instead of truncating the URI.
  • Monitor virtual services and recordings from the DevTest Portal.  Amazing new UI to view your Virtual Services, with ability to multi select and act (change state, think time, etc) with NEW sorting and filters to find your services quickly.
  • Find and Replace functionality in the DevTest Portal. Added the ability to find data in a service image and replace that data within a few clicks.


CA Continuous Application Insight

  • New application services insights. Let CA Continuous Application Insight find your common API's consumed by multiple applications and build valuable regression tests and virtual services.  The identifying of common API's means that we are finding the expected behavior of multiple  consumers at once.
  • Enhancements to PDF reports.
    • Show merged paths information.
    • Show agent boundaries for transaction graphs.
  • Deploy Java Agent from DevTest Portal. This solves the pain of copying the Java Agent file between machines during agent install.

CA Application Test for Mobile

  • New support for testing mobile browsers.  Many applications on mobile devices are purpose formatted web sites, you can now test these web sites running in Safari or Chrome on your mobile device.
  • Graphical simple creation of XPath expressions.  When editing a mobile test you can now view the page source with easy graphical view and we create your XPATH expressions via point and click.  This will make creating assertions and filters dramatically easier and faster.
  • Easier configuration device and lab setup.  In 8.5 you can point your test case to different devices and labs for execution via new dialog vs. correlating to asset.  The pointer to device and lab is now saved in your default or alternate configuration so changing were you want to run your tests is as easy as selecting a alternate config just like you do for all of your CA Application Tests  


Documentation: The full release notes are available here Release Information - DevTest Solutions - 8.5 - CA Technologies Documentation