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Once a month we'll shine our virtual spotlight on one of the CA DevTest community's members. It's just a fun, easy way for us to get to know one another a little bit beyond our work-related interactions here on the site. This month, we're featuring Kevin Bowman, Senior Principal Software Engineer, CA Technologies.



Location:  Austin, TX

Current Gig:  Developer and Knower of Things about asynchronous messaging.

One word that describes how you work:  Autonomously.


How do you use CA Communities and any suggestions for others?

I watch several forums for topics I can help out with.  I consider it zeroth-level support.  If someone wants to post about an issue on the forums then my suggestion is to treat it like official support and give as much detail as they can, within reason (don't expose confidential information).  It also never hurts to say the same thing in a couple of different ways to make sure you're understood right from the start.

Mac or PC? Mac for work. PC for play.

Mobile Device? Android.


Apps/software/tools you can’t live without? bash and UNIX tools, IntelliJ Idea

Besides your phone and computer, what's your favorite gadget? My blender.

What’s your daily work space like? Most of the time I'm in a room set aside for work, with a small table and a second monitor. It's nice and quiet, except when I hook the iPod up to speakers.  Other times I'm working from wherever I am in the house: living room, kitchen, patio, etc.


How do you balance life/work?  Other than taking time out every day to ride a bicycle and make a home cooked meal, I basically don't.

Best advice you can give and you have received? Know what's in your toolbox. That goes for both developers (language features, libraries, debugging tools) and support (troubleshooting tools, command line tools, and if all else fails, Google).

Best advice I've received:  Don't Panic.

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else? Cardio.


Big.  Incredible. Amazaing.  These are just a few words I overheard last week at CA World when customers heard about all our development and test solutions, as well as the new features and benefits in our DevTest 9.0 release. (Note: DevTest = Service Virtualization, Continuous Application Insight, and Application Test … along with Test Data Manager and Test Case Optimizer from Grid-tools) all designed to help our customers IGNITE CONTINUOUS DELIVERY.


There are many point continuous delivery options and products on the marketplace.  But no one has the breadth and depth of continuous delivery solutions that help you accelerate application development and eliminate development and testing barriers.


There are 3 focus areas that we’ve been creating the DevTest production solutions around:

  1. Developer Speed: Development teams are under constant pressure to build and release applications quickly and with fewer errors.
  2. Agile Testing Trifecta: QA/Test teams struggle to improve their test processes. Right now the test process is very ad hoc, with test cases and test data being manually created. It’s a very tedious process and can introduce errors and confusion into the test process. CA addresses the testing challenge with our testing trifecta of tools to improve: 1) test automation, 2) test data creation and 3) test constraint removal.
  3. Igniting DevOps: If you see the value in Service Virtualization or our other automated testing and test data solutions, we now are focused on helping you share what you’ve discovered with others in your organization.  Upcoming roadshows and a new Hero Kit will help you expand adoption. 


In this blog post, I want to focus on the first of the three focus areas listed above:  Developer Speed. 


Developer S.P.E.E.D

There is tremendous pressure in today’s market place to deliver apps faster to both meet insatiable consumer demand and to stay ahead of the competition. Microservices are becoming more commonplace in order to quickly get apps to market.  Microservices are the shiny new developer tool to help deliver software faster. The growth and interest in microservices is real. Microservices can be thought of as single-purpose applications that collaborate using APIs to deliver services. These small services can then collaborate with other microservices on the same server. Even internal development teams can interact with microservices through APIs. When changes need to happen, you don’t need to rewrite the entire application. Instead, you can add new features/code pushed as microservices, and plug them into the existing application. 


But in our haste to meet speed, we absolutely cannot let quality slip.  Too often, testing is squeezed out of the delivery equation because of the need to get an update out the door.  No wonder then that a recent Gatepoint research showed that 87% of respondents rate “loss of customer satisfaction” as potentially the most critical issue stemming from flubbed application delivery.


And that can’t happen on your watch.  Dimensional research showed that 86% of consumers buying decisions were influenced by negative online reviews.   Any focus on speed, without quality, will result is what I call Continuous Delivery suicide. 


The main theme for CA Service Virtualization 9.0 is enable both Speed and Quality of application delivery across the enterprise, with a push to make adoption of SV easier.   Our whole focus with 9.0 has been S.P.E.E.D. … SV Promise of Exceptional Expedited Development.


Let’s talk about how we are delivering this. 


Service Virtualization on Demand

Perhaps the news with the most excitement around it is Service Virtualization on Demand.  Besides all the great ways the product management and engineering teams have implemented simplicity and ease of use around using CA Service Virtualization (stay tuned, I’m taking about those later), is the simplicity now of actually trying it, tasting it for the first time. Announced this week is our partnership with Microsoft to offer a full-fledged Service Virtualization solution on the Azure Marketplace. 


Folks, this is cool. And it’s available today!


Now, you can experience all the benefits of Service Virtualization on your terms.   SV on Azure gives you:

  • A fully installed & licensed CA Service Virtualization running on-demand
  • The ability to experience SV charged on hourly basis for use of the virtual machine + CA SV.  We’re talkin’ like $6.85/hr!!  Easy!
  • Support for hosting by Azure and product issues directed to CA Support (Communities, Documentation & Support Online)


In addition, SV via Azure gives you a 30-day free trial. Check it out first without paying anything, then go from there.  With all the amazing customers leveraging CA Service Virtualization to accelerate application development and instill high-quality, and now with they easy way to try it out, there is no excuse to see how it can best work for you.


SV Meets Microservices Speed

Microservices are all the rage around speeding new releases to market.  But, they’ve just increased complexity 10 fold. All these microservices are dependent on each other. How do you test to make sure the full service, which could depend on dozens of microservices, delivers the experience your customers expect? These complexities and dependencies are the antithesis to speed. Developers don’t have time to wait in a DevOps shop that must continuously be delivering software and doing so with paramount quality.


Many organizations are using Service Virtualization to virtualize these microservices to test transactions end to end.  Now, CA Service Virtualization 9.0 supports Microservices driven standards like SWAGGER 2.0 and RabbitMQ.  


Additionally, SV/AppTest/CAI 9.0 can be deployed on a Docker container. This means your can easily transfer the goodness of SV across multiple deployments/microservices.  Now, licensing of SV shouldn’t be a constraint to working with Microservices.  With Docker Containers packaging up the OS and application in a single bundle, you can easily run dev-test solutions from CA Technologies on any infrastructure or any cloud that Docker supports.


More 9.0 Goodness for Speed & Quality

  • Data Driven Virtual Services (DDVS) lowers the technical bar so that anyone can create a virtual service.  DDVS lets users work in excel and enter business data to create virtual services that do not exist in the real world.
  • Virtual Service Monitor provides a single pane of glass view for administrators and users to manage, take action, monitor and troubleshoot.
  • Advanced Access Controls eases enterprise adoption by mapping access control to customers existing LDAP hierarchy.
  • Advanced Virtual Service Editing gives users the power to mock out positive and negative test scenarios providing predictive testing of systems before getting to production.


How to TurboCharge Service Virtualization with CAI

Don't forget, Continuous Application Insight 9.0 was part of this launch as well.  Think of this as regression and API testing reinvented.  Architectural complexity, lack of transaction details, inadequate documentation causes inefficient development and testing.  CA Continuous Application Insight (CAI) provides end-to-end deep transaction discovery that gives visibility into components and their dependencies.  CAI then automatically creates accurate test beds and production-like virtual services.  New in CAI 9.0 is a feature called "Deep Validation" to invoke and verify (patent applied) to automatically generate API tests in seconds to invoke business logic and verify a system of record is updated.


A large insurance company was part of the beta test program for this feature.  They were able to automatically generate 300-600 test cases a day, and get up to 90% test coverage ... up from 25% test coverage!  That is huge!


Coming soon...

On the next blog, I’ll talk about how all this focus on shorten time to market means new, more agile testing tools are needed to help ensure superior quality. 


Also, don’t forget to attend the DevTest community call tomorrow, Nov 24th.  With so many good things happening in the new release, you can’t afford to miss it -

1) Customer Success Story: AutoTrader Avoids $300,00 in Testing Cost with CA Service Virtualization


Business: AutoTrader sells advertising that allows private and trade buyers and sellers to exchange vehicles. More than 18 million people use each month.

Challenge: To meet customer demand and provide a seamless service across different devices, AutoTrader must be able to release software updates on a weekly basis. Testing, however, had become complex, costly and time-consuming.

Solution: CA Service Virtualization enables AutoTrader to virtualize and test new services and apps on a multitude of devices. AutoTrader can simulate both apps working normally and performance issues.

Benefit: AutoTrader can deliver new features in a shorter timeframe and for a lower cost, which helps improve the customer experience and competitive advantage. It has reduced software defects by 25 percent and cut testing times by 99 percent.

View the entire story


2) Customer Success Story: Qualica Supports Rapid and High Quality Parallel Development with CA Service Virtualization


Business: Qualica Inc. was founded in 1982 to handle information systems for Komatsu. As part of the IT Holdings Group, it provides business systems, individually developed software packages and cloud services, primarily for the manufacturing, logistics and service industries.

Challenge:In order to respond to customers’ needs, which increasingly require development of systems that can be operational within a year. Qualica needed to create a new development infrastructure that guarantees quality and speed.

Solution: Qualica designed an environment in which the behavior of systems developed by vendors and partners is simulated using CA Service Virtualization. Using the solution, testing can be implemented at any time as a service.

Benefit: Based on defect occurrences, Qualica has confirmed that the quality of development has development has improved since using CA Service Virtualization. The company is now rolling out the solution to the entire business.

View the entire story



3) Customer Success Story: Nordstrom Reduces Performance Test Cycle from Three Months to Four Days with Ca Service Virtualization


Business: Nordstrom is a fashion specialty retailer that operates 304 stores in North America and serves customers online in 96 countries worldwide. It achieved record sales in 2014.

Challenge: To support business growth and deliver a compelling customer experience across multiple channels, Nordstrom needs to bring new applications and services to market quickly without sacrificing quality or performance.

Solution: With CA Service Virtualization, Nordstrom development teams can have stable virtual environments for development testing, ensuring quality code from the start. This simulation enables agile parallel development.

Benefit: Nordstrom can bring innovative applications to market more quickly and for less cost. This not only provides customers with a seamless, engaging shopping experience but also helps drive growth and maintain competitive advantage.


View the entire story

CA Service Virtualization /CA Application Test/ CA Application Insight r9.0


We are pleased to announce that DevTest 9.0 including CA Service Virtualization, CA Application Test and CA Continuous Application Insight 9.0 is generally available (GA) as of November 16, 2015.  This release includes significant enhancement to our products based on customer feedback focused around increased ease-of-use, team collaboration tools and automation to enable your teams to deliver higher quality applications, faster.


One of the more notable items in this release is the introduction of new delivery and consumption models for CA Service Virtualization that will be announced on Wednesday, November 18th. From Open Source tools to SaaS offerings, to 30-day Trials to our fully enterprise licensed software, developers can start anywhere in this journey depending on their experience and testing needs. We are excited to share more details with you on Wednesday, so look out for the press release and blog!


Here is a summary of the key functionality introduced in DevTest 9.0:

CA Service Virtualization 9.0

Enables cross-team collaboration within a single web user interface

  • Data Driven Virtual Services lower the technical bar so that anyone can create a virtual service and Automated Test Case Generation removes the manual work required to build automated tests.
  • Virtual Service Monitor provides a single pane of glass view for administrators and users to manage, take action, monitor and troubleshoot.
  • Advanced Access Controls eases enterprise adoption by mapping access control to customers existing LDAP hierarchy.

Simplifies virtual service creation for the business analyst and QA teams

  • Data Driven Virtual Services allow users to work in excel and enter business data to create virtual services that do not exist in the real world. They can use this data to automatically test their service in minutes instead of days/weeks.
  • Advanced Virtual Service Editing gives users the power to mock out positive and negative test scenarios providing predictive testing of systems before getting to production.

Supports both new and traditional protocols

  • Added support for Microservices driven standards like SWAGGER 2.0 and RabbitMQ.
  • Expanded support for legacy technologies like IBM MQ Series and Copybooks.


CA Application Test 9.0 provides deeper insight into test results with reports and more consistent test frameworks for mobile and UI testing.

  • New Reports on test results and metrics are available in the DevTest Portal. Users can also set runtime properties or tags when running a test so that they can query the tags later – for example you can tag a build number for system under test and then run a report focused on that single system and build.
  • A Common Test Framework for browser and mobile testing makes it easier to record and edit automated test cases without needing to understand different workflows.


CA Continuous Application Insight 9.0

Reduces Hours of Manual Work with the ability to Automatically Generate Tests

  • Deep ValidationInvoke and Verify generates API tests in seconds to invoke business logic and verify a system of record is updated.
  • Functional test generation from user Journey enables users to evolve past UI tests that cause false failures, and onto API validation that tests end-to-end business logic.

Reduces Regression Test Cycle Time to Increase Speed to Production 

  • Observing live systems and mapping producer-consumer relationships document Common API’s. Automatic test cases and virtual services are generated to increase regression coverage and reduce production defects.


We’ve also added some significant common functionality across the DevTest 9.0 product-line including:

  • New Docker Images delivered in the DevTest Linux installer to simplify the deployment of virtual service and test environments.
  • Improved ACL implementation with role inheritance form existing LDAP groups to simplify administration of the DevTest tools.


As you can see, our DevTest team is serious about your ability to adopt, use and find value from our products. We appreciate your partnership and continued feedback along the way to make these products work best for your business needs.



The full release notes are available here: DevTest Solutions - Home - DevTest Solutions - 9.0 - CA Technologies Documentation



The release is posted and available for download on our support site. Instructions to download are here: Download DevTest Solutions Installers - DevTest Solutions - 9.0 - CA Technologies Documentation


Our next scheduled community call is Tuesday, November 24th at 11am ET - please join us!  DevTest CA World Recap! 9.0 GA + New Solutions Webcast

I'm typing up this final "Meet the Staff" blog while on my way to Las Vegas for CA World '15! (Thank goodness for free JetBlue Wifi). If you're on your way, or getting in on Monday or Tuesday, don't forget you can attend the awesome Pre-Conference Education Sessions hosted by our Product Management team. I've posted a list of all the sessions here for your reference - CA World 2015 - DevOps Sessions and Content


Also, be sure to get on the CA World Mobile App early and connect to the CA folks you want to meet up with. We'll be posting our status (i.e. location) and sharing the latest news via that app and Twitter (follow @CAWorld and #CAWorld).


Last, but not least, I want you to meet the rest of the CA Team that will be at CA World this year:




Mark Braemer - I'm a Senior Principal Consultant in our Pre-Sales organization out of Ohio. Since this is my first time at CAW I really don’t know what to expect. But I am exciting to have the chance to talk to many or our customers face-to-face. I will spend most of my time in the CA Test Data Management (TDM) Demo area in Theater 4 talking about our integrations with CA DevTest and Rally. Come check it out.

My Session Recommendation: My favorite session is “Case Study: Nordstrom Takes Retail Relief for Test Data Management” - search for it in the CA World mobile app.



Ulrich Vogt - I'm a Senior Principal Engineering Services Architect, also known as SWAT team member working on best practices and helping with customer implementations. This is my 6th CA World attendance (approximately ) and I think the best thing at CA World is to listen what customers and partners are saying about their ideas, plans and requests for help for their business needs. If you're looking for me, I'll be demonstrating CA Continuous Application Insight (CAI) at a DevTest demo booth in Theater 4 on Wednesday and Thursday.

My Session Recommendation: I’d recommend to attend Pre-Con Education: It's the 2010's. Why are you Still Manually Writing Tests? To learn what CAI can do for accelerating your test automation. If you are interested to see what customer can accomplish using DevTest you may want to join Case Study: Nordstrom Succeeds in E-Comm. w/ Innovative Perf. Test to Reduce Time and Improve Quality

Other Tips: Watch out for the latest additions to our DevOps product portfolio, CA Test Data Manager and CA Test Case Optimizer. This is what I shall do on Tuesday.


Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.07.16 PM.png


Rick Bansal - I'm a Senior Principal Consultant in Pre-sales out of Texas. I'm really looking forward to meeting with our customers and listening to all of the great ways they are getting value from our products. I'll be spending most of my time in the Application Test Demo booth in DevOps Theater 4 showing the latest Mobile, UI and API testing features in CA Application Test 9.0.

My Session Recommendation: DO3X110S Case Study: American Airlines Takes Flight with Service Virtualization

Other Notes: This is my 4th CA World and each one has been better than the previous one so I’m really excited to be at CA World 15 to see all of the great things CA has to offer to our customers!!





Martin Salgado - I'm an Advisor in Pre-sales out of Texas. At CA World this year, I will be spending most of my time at the Smart Bar DevOps Theater 3... covering Service Virtualization and related questions.

My Session Recommendation: I’m looking forward to the Analyst View:  Leading your DevOps Enterprise Journey with Gene Kim session.

Other Notes: See you at CA World!






jamesc.jpegJames Chan - I'm a Senior Principal Consultant in Pre-sales out of California specializing in Test Data Management and Test Case Optimization. This year at CA World I'm looking forward to co-mingle and network with some of the best and brightest minds in the IT industry. I have couple pre-con and tech talks that will be centered around how the most mature organizations are approaching test coverage and test data today.

My Session Recommendation: DO4T26T: Tech Talk: Fines in the Millions Levied Every Year Coming Soon—The Business Case for Synthetic Data Generation - This session is in Theater 4 on Wednesday, November 18th at 2pm.

Other Tips: I challenge everyone to think about how you are currently getting the data you need to test today and whether or not you’re in compliance (or will be in compliance) with upcoming laws and regulations. If you’re not there yet, it’s okay. We’re here to help!




Arif Muhammad - I'm the Product Manager for CA Test Data Manager and CA Test Case Optimizer based out of NY. CAW is always an exciting place to be as a Product Manager. I look forward to meeting our customers to listen to innovative way they solve their business problems using our solution set. I'll be spending most of my time in DevOps Theater 4 near the Test Data Manager and Test Case Optimizer booths.

My Session Recommendation: DO4TO5S Vision & Roadmap: The CA Roadmap for Test Data Management in Theater 4 on Wednesday at 1pm.





In case you missed the other blogs in this series, here they are:

Countdown to CA World 2015 - Meet the Staff! (DevOps Theater 3)

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See you at CA World!

Here are the presentations, blogs and follow up material from the CA Technologies DevTest Sessions at CA World 2015.

Please note that this list does not include customer presented presentations.


Pre-Conference EducationPresenter(s)Date/Time and Links to Content
DO4X84E: Pre-Con Education: DevOps Simulation Experience

Thomas Stolt

Stuart Laing

November 16 at 1pm (Lagoon K)


DO4X82E: Pre-Con Education: Test Data Management 101—Featuring a Tour of CA Test Data Manager (Formerly Grid-Tools’ Data Maker)James Chan

November 16 at 4pm (Lagoon L)


DO4X83E: Pre-Con Education: Test Automation 101—Featuring a Tour of CA Test Case Optimizer (Formerly Grid-Tools’ Agile Designer)James Chan

November 16 at 5pm (Lagoon L)


DO4X87E: Pre-Con Education: DevOps Simulation Experience

Thomas Stolt

Stuart Laing

November 17 at 9am (Lagoon K)


DO4X85E: Pre-Con Education: Exhaustively Test Any Basic UI or Application Performance Interface (API) in 30 Minutes—The Ideal for Any Organization Serious About Continuous DeliveryBen Johnson-Ward

November 17 at 9am (Lagoon L)


DO4X86E: Pre-Con Education: Achieving Level Five Test Data Management Maturity—Why and How to Get ThereBen Riley

November 17 at 10am (Lagoon L)


DO3X87E: Pre-Con Education: Build Your Own Virtual APIIan Kelly

November 17 at 11am (Lagoon L)

Project Content


DO3X86E: Pre-Con Education: DevOps Simulation Experience (Pre-Registration Required)Thomas Stolt, Stuart Laing

November 17 at 1pm (Lagoon K)


DO3X85E: Pre-Con Education: Introduction to CA Service VirtualizationStefana Muller

November 17 at 1pm (Lagoon L)


DO3X88E: Pre-Con Education: CA Service Virtualization 9.0—What's the Latest and GreatestStefana Muller

November 17 at 2pm (Lagoon L)


DO4X80E: Pre-Con Education: How to Test the New Fashioned WayChris Kraus

November 17 at 3pm (Lagoon L)



DO4X81E: Pre-Con Education: It's the 2010's. Why are you Still Manually Writing Tests?Chris Kraus

November 17 at 4pm (Lagoon L)




Theater 3 SessionsPresenter(s)Date/Time and Links to Content
DO3T35T: Tech Talk: Service Virtualization “Dockerized”—Virtual Services in Virtual ContainersStefana Muller

November 18 at 11:30 am


DO3T36T: Tech Talk: Using Artificial Intelligence to Power Service VirtualizationAnand Kameswaran

November 18 at 1:00 pm


DO3T06S: Vision and Roadmap: The CA Roadmap for Service Virtualization and the Dev and Test PortfolioChris Kraus

November 18 at 2:00 pm


DO3T38T: Tech Talk: Extreme Automation—Creating Headless Tests “Automagically”Chris Kraus

November 18 at 3:00 pm


DO3T39T: TechTalk: Application Testing Best Practices for Mobile DevicesArif Muhammad

November 19 at 12:15pm


DO3T37T: Tech Talk: Ready, Set, Shop—Three Ways to Performance Test Your Applications Before Your Next Big Shopping WaveJeff Hughes

November 19 at 2:00 pm


DO3T24S: Business Transformation: Accelerate DevTest with Microsoft® Azure™ and Service Virtualization on DemandGiovanni Marchetti, Stefana Muller

November 19 at 3:00 pm





Theater 4 SessionsPresenter(s)Date/Time and Links to Content
DO4T28T: Tech Talk: “Garbage In, Garbage Out”—It’s Not Continuous Delivery if You’re Accelerating DefectsBen Johnson-Ward

November 18 at 12:15pm


DO4T05S: Vision & Roadmap: The CA Roadmap for Test Data ManagementHuw Price

November 18 at 1pm


DO4T26T: Tech Talk: Fines in the Millions Levied Every Year Coming Soon—The Business Case for Synthetic Data GenerationJames Chan

November 18 at 2:00pm


DO4T25T: Tech Talk: Service Virtualization on Demand—Have Everything, Whenever and Wherever NeededStefana Muller

November 18 at 4:30pm


DO4T27T: Tech Talk: Building Regression Tests to Increase Velocity and Prevent Things from “Going Boom” in the NightChris Kraus

November 19 at 11:30am





Off - Floor SessionsPresenter(s)Date/Time and Links to Content
DO4X141S: Technology Primer: Using Docker and Containers to create Bespoke Systems Under TestIan Kelly

November 18 at 2:00pm (Lagoon J)


DO4X127S: Technology Primer: Raising the Speed Limit on Mobile App DevelopmentJeff Hughes

November 18 at 2:00pm (Lagoon K)


DO4X128S: Technology Primer: How Active Automation can Deliver in the Application EconomyHuw Price

November 18 at 3:45pm (Lagoon L)


DO4X129S: Technology Primer: Fueling DevOps with a Testing Trifecta—How the New World of Testing is Driving Agile DevScott Edwards

November 18 at 4:30pm (Lagoon K)


DO4X126S: Technology Primer: Blazing Fast Testing for Blazing Fast AppsChris Kraus

November 18 at 4:30pm (Lagoon L)


DO4X125S: Technology Primer: Building Applications the New Fashioned WayChris Kraus

November 19 at 2:00pm (Lagoon K)


DO3X118S: Technology Primer: The Why, Where and How of Service Virtualization Adoption

Alan Baptista

Stefana Muller

November 19 at 2:00pm (Lagoon L)


DO3X114S: Technology Primer: Freeing the World from Slow: How Service Virtualization and the Concept of S.P.E.E.D. Will Steer You Away from Committing Continuous Delivery SuicideScott Edwards

November 19 at 3:45pm (Lagoon K)


DO4X140S: Technology Primer: How can Test Data Management overcome mainframe testing challenges?Tom Finch

November 19 at 3:45pm (Lagoon L)


DO4X142S: Technology Primer: Move as Fast as Your Users with Mobile Test AutomationArif Muhammad

November 19 at 4:30pm (Lagoon L)


Stand out with a layered test approach.

By Chris Kraus, Sr. Principal Product Manager


Remember back in the day when mainframe testing was simple. UI calculations and persistence were all in one layer; all errors reported back to the 3270 screen and trained employees were the users of applications. With the introduction of more powerful client workstations, things got a bit more complicated and we had to move from the CUI to the GUI. Most business logic was in the GUI, errors were still presented in the UI and users were trained on how to use the UI.

Oh… have times changed. Mobile applications and the consumer now rule and not only do we have so much more to test but less time to do it. In order to keep up, functional, regression and performance testing must start before development is done. Testing the new fashioned way means moving the test closer to the logic and focusing on the various application layers.


By moving the test closer to the code you can:

  • Distribute the tests across the architecture
  • Remove layers of complexity by testing as close to the logic as possible
  • Start functional testing before development is complete
  • Decompose big response times into little pieces


Key questions you should ask when looking at the layers include:

  • What business rules and validation are at the mobile layer?
  • Are the API/Service end-points changing data?
  • Is all of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) data on the wire?
  • Backend systems – what is old is new or is it new?


In addition to asking the above, there are additional considerations you’ll want to take into account when testing the various layers:

  • Mobile and HTML 5 layers – Validate the data on the screen for formatting, alignment, input validation and enabling functions. Evaluate how the code is performing on the device. Recognize that traditionally brittle small changes in UI’s will increase the time required to maintain tests.

  • API and Service Delivery layers – You’ll need to take a modern approach to testing the UI (SOAP XML, REST JSON, HTTP & Message Queue’s). Orchestrate multiple testing service calls to accomplish a requirement. Keep in mind API calls are less brittle than UI tests and should be used wherever possible. Run nonfunctional testing to understand composite response times.

  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – The ESB represents “all the wires in the house”. It’s usually the single central point of blame and the hardest system to test. You’ll need data on the wire to test, you may need to simulate the system to do this. In addition, you’ll need specific dependent data to test the transformations, and simulations then to match the required transformations. There maybe 1000s of combinations of data to test.

  • Systems of Record – What’s old is new and more new! Here we see business functionality turned into composite services or APIs, service decomposition becomes important. You’ll need to build out regresses for undocumented systems. Watch closely for failures, failures many times this low in the stack can be gobbled up by an asynchronous process. Legacy systems behind the ESB also have their own set of testing challenges:
    • Data on the wire is needed (and it probably won’t be pretty)
    • Custom layouts for Cobol copybooks, CSV, and EJBs
    • Non-human readable data (Hello… Java object or CORBA)
    • Business logic and persistence and combined functionality


Now that we know what we are testing, how do we do it faster? The answer is automation. The two biggest exceptions to test automation typically include: “look and feel” and graphical differences of images. Other than that, I recommend automating everything you can.

CA offers a comprehensive suite of test automation solutions. For the purpose of this discussion, I’d like to focus on how CA Application Test can help you update your test “style”.  Features that align to the considerations discussed in this article include:

  • Mobile – Using CA Application test you can validate the data on screen using the record and playback functionality specific to mobile devices like iOS and Android. Get away from brittle testing, write your test once and run anywhere (locally device, cloud attached device or a simulator). Execute tests to test code functionality performance.
  • Service Testing – Since service testing is all about testing the data on the wire, you need to use a tool like CA Application Test to put the data on the wire and get it off. With CA Application Test one test can be used for functional, regression and non-functional testing.
  • API Testing – CA Application Test includes a graphical visualizer for JSON  based payloads and path generation.


  • Enterprise Service Bus – CA Application Test supports industry standards and customer protocols for ESB. The secret sauce to CA testing’s approach for ESBs is CA Service Virtualization. Virtualized services can be used to stabilize the environment and prevent false failures from occurring. Regression can also be a huge problem for ESBs, CA Application Insight addresses this by creating the volumes of tests needed to achieve the necessary testing velocity.


For organizations that have been around for a while and can’t let go of that old college sweater. CA Application Test has the ability to test legacy back-end systems. It is one of the few solutions in the market that can invoke and verify at every layer and enable you to test the new fashioned way!

If you’re looking for more ways to update your DevTest style, try Service Virtualization. The best place to learn more about Service Virtualization is at


For Question answer session check out CAW2015 Session Catalog and search for DO4X80E

Tue November 17

03:00 PM -04:00 PM PST


Location: Lagoon L

Today we spent the day reviewing every single demo and all the content we're going to share in the over 50 DevOps sessions at CA World 2015. From what I can tell, it's going to be completely awesome! My favorite part of the conference is hearing your feedback on what we've built. With the launch of DevTest 9.0 and 12 of our customers on stage to talk about how our products are helping with their DevOps transformation, I couldn't be more pleased with what we're headed into next week.


If you haven't already checked it out, the CA World 15 mobile app is available to use now.  Make sure you connect with our team on the app!


Also, VOTE for the "Crowdsourced Session" that you'd want to see. Our presenters are already rallying for votes. Thomas_Stolt, walre04, Anand_AK_Kameswaran


Let me introduce you to a few more folks that will be at CA World this year...



Ian A. Kelly - I'm a Senior Director of Product Management and am looking forward to the full slate of sessions and the opportunity to talk 1:1 with customers at CA World 15. You can find me in the DevOps Theater 3 space and at the Service Virtualization for Developers Booth.

My Session Recommendation: Pre-CA World Training sessions are always great – gives the chance to look under the covers and discuss issues with your peers

Other Tips: Always love to meet with smart folks and share approaches to problems, CA World is a great forum for these type of discussions. Ask me about our latest Open Source Developer tool that will be released at CA World.








Heather Peyton - I'm the Principal Product Marketing Manager for CA Test Data Management and CA Test Case Optimizer. These are newly acquired products from GridTools. I'm very much looking forward to meeting peers, clients and partners and hearing feedback on the new solutions being released. I'll be at the Continuous Delivery - Theater 4 information booth in the DevOps area.

My Session Recommendation: DO3T06S - Vision and Roadmap: The CA Roadmap for Service Virtualization and the Dev and Test Portfolio with Chris_Kraus








Koustubh Warty - I'm a Principal Engineering Services Architect on the DevTest SWAT team. I'm looking forward to evangelizing our DevTest product as well as talking and listening to customer requirements. Also excited to talk to you about the new SV on Demand offering in addition to how DevTest supports Docker! I’ll be in the Theater 3 on the SV Use Cases booth. Please stop by and look at the common use cases that SV solves and get a head start on your service virtualization journey.

My Session Recommendation: Pre-Con Education: CA Service Virtualization 9.0—What's the Latest and Greatest with Stefana_Muller

Other Tips: I’ll be more than happy to assist you with your questions and am excited to meet with a lot of people in person that I have interacted with via emails and on the phone.





Chris Rowett - I am the Vice President of Technical Sales for Application Delivery and am based in the UK. I can't wait to hear our customers talk on the innovation they have driven and the related business impacts created using CA solutions.  I'll spend most of my time during the conference in the Executive Center but will stop by the booth often to check out the new DevTest 9.0 release.

My Session Recommendation: The customer presentations from ING, Euroclear, Akbank and others are the ones to watch.

Other Tips: Looking at the agenda there’s never been a stronger CA World, especially for anyone on a transformation journey to DevOps / Agile / Continuous Delivery. The amount of relevant Case Studies, Tech Talks, Hand-on Labs and Panels is outstanding. The biggest challenge is going to be choosing what to miss, rather than what to go to.








Rob Karlin - I’m a Senior Principal Consultant with our DevOps presales team in the Chicago area. CA World is where I can hear how our customers are innovating using our DevTest platform and sharing new product capabilities that ignite SDLC transformation, generate growth and manage development and testing cost. You can find me at the Smart Bar, where I will be available to discuss capabilities around CA Application Test and CA Service Virtualization.

My Session Recommendation: I have two - Pre-Con Education: How to Test the New Fashioned Way and Tech Talk: Ready, Set, Shop—Three Ways to Performance Test Your Applications Before Your Next Big Shopping Wave








With only a few days left to go, our next "Meet the Staff" post will be posted shortly. Keep an eye out!


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Countdown to CA World 2015 - Meet the Staff Part 3!

Shipping has begun... presentations prepared... last minute logistics being settled and we're all very excited to share with you our latest products at CA World 2015! Here is the next installment of our "Meet the Staff" series to give you a face to each name before you hit the trade show floor.


In case you missed the other blogs in this series, here they are:

Countdown to CA World 2015 - Meet the Staff! (DevOps Theater 3)

Countdown to CA World 2015 - Meet the Staff Part 2!


Let's start with one of my favorites...

Simon photo.jpg.jpeg

Simon Cockayne - I am the Sr. Principal Product Manager for the innovative CA App Services Orchestrator (ASO) product and am all about Nurturing Happiness. I am excited to LISTEN to customers telling stories about the problems and pain they face, and figure out if and how me and my CA buddies can bring a little more happiness to their days. You can find me mostly in the DevOps area talking about the Vision and Roadmap for ASO…and demoing our developer-delighting API orchestration capabilities.

My Session Recommendation: I am looking forward to the “Women in Technology Breakfast”. I am the father of two children. A son, Gabriel, 8. A daughter, Abigail, 5. I hope they grow up in a future where they are not judged by their gender, but rather by their talents, experience and potential. I strongly applaud and try to support any effort, that moves society towards that vision.

Other Notes: I’ll be talking to anyone and everyone, not just about WHAT we are building here at CA, but HOW we are building stuff. I want to share stories of how our principles-driven approach is allowing us to move faster, to build stuff that really matters.

and my taco buddy when ever we visit Plano, TX...

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 1.26.02 PM.png

Alan Baptista - I’m responsible for CA Service Virtualization Product marketing. I am looking forward to hearing from so many SV customers at CA World 2015. We have never had SO MANY customers presenting on SV (12 sessions in all). I will be EVERYWHERE. I am responsible for our DevTest Solutions content, so if I’m not opening sessions or introducing speakers, I’ll be on the two expo floor demo areas dedicated to our solutions.

My Session Recommendation: My favorite session is  DO3X118S: Technology Primer: The Why, Where and How of Service Virtualization Adoption (well.. because I get the pleasure of presenting with Stefana Muller on how many of our customers have implemented their Service Virtualization solutions and how we at CA may help).

Other Tips: Wear comfortable shoes, visit the demos and make sure to stay tuned to GREAT Service Virtualization news @ CA World 2015.  Hope to see you there.

our Launch manager extraordinaire...

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 2.16.55 PM.png

Jeff Hughes - I'm the Product Marketing Manager for CA Application Test and am also running our Launch for the 9.0 release of DevTest. I'm looking forward to meeting customers and hearing about their challenges and discussing how we can help them! When not presenting, my time will be spent visiting with customers in Theaters 3 and 4.

My Session Recommendation: I am looking forward to hearing Nordstrom present their case study regarding how they are using CA’s DevTest solutions for E-Commerce (DO3T21S: Case Study: Nordstrom Succeeds in E-Commerce with Innovative Performance Testing to Reduce Cycle Times and Improve Quality)


Other Tips: CAWorld is going to be fantastic and to top it off we will all enjoy music from Fall Out Boy and Sheryl Crow!



and a few new team members who are excited about TCO and Test Data Management!


Ben Riley3.JPG.jpeg

Ben Riley - I am a Principal Consultant in our Pre-Sales team in the UK and am a newbie to CA Technologies from the recent acquisition of GridTools. I'm really looking forward to customer interaction and meeting some of the most innovative people around. I'll be speaking a few times (come see!) but mostly I'll be at the Test Case Optimization (TCO) demo booth, in Theater 4 - definitely worth checking out.

My Session Recommendation: Biased but definitely see this: DO3T21S: Case Study: Nordstrom Succeeds in E-Commerce with Innovative Performance Testing to Reduce Cycle Times and Improve Quality

Other Tips: TDM/TCO = The future. You heard it here first!!



Tom Finch - I'm a Senior Consultant in our UK based Pre-Sales team. I'm also from the recent acquisition of GridTools and am excited to be at CA. I am looking forward to hearing about our customers’ digital transformation journey and how we can help! You will find me hanging out at the Smart Bar in Theater 4 or at the TDM/TCO booths or speaking at a session.

My Session Recommendation: DO4T15S: Case Study: Nordstrom Takes Retail Relief for Test Data Management

Other Tips: Ask me about a product trial or proof of concept to see how TDM can deliver valuable test data for development, unit test, functional, load/stress and UAT.

We have more to come next week. Look for our next installment of "Meet the Staff" as we head into T-7 days!!

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 1.06.06 PM.png

Customers often ask “Where do we Start” when setting up and configuring their DevTest architecture. Of course, this really depends on how they plan to use DevTest - whether using Virtual Services or running tests or maybe a combination of both. So based on potential usage of DevTest, the DevOps SWAT team has started building a Best Practice Architecture Guide based on real world deployments.  As a part of this initiative, we will build out several architectures that are implemented by either customers or CA Services or are new/tested architectures that fit a specific need. 

Our intention is to provide options for customers, partners and CA Services on how to implement DevTest within their environment to meet the specific use cases.  This document will contain guidance on implementing DevTest on premise, in private or public clouds or hybrid environments.

This first edition walks through setting up DevTest 8.4 in a hybrid environment, meaning that some DevTest components are installed on premise (on physical systems or in private cloud) and others are installed in public cloud, namely in Microsoft(R) Windows Azure (Azure).

Feedback and comments always welcome!