DevTest 9.0 is Generally Available (GA)

Blog Post created by Stefana_Muller on Nov 17, 2015

CA Service Virtualization /CA Application Test/ CA Application Insight r9.0


We are pleased to announce that DevTest 9.0 including CA Service Virtualization, CA Application Test and CA Continuous Application Insight 9.0 is generally available (GA) as of November 16, 2015.  This release includes significant enhancement to our products based on customer feedback focused around increased ease-of-use, team collaboration tools and automation to enable your teams to deliver higher quality applications, faster.


One of the more notable items in this release is the introduction of new delivery and consumption models for CA Service Virtualization that will be announced on Wednesday, November 18th. From Open Source tools to SaaS offerings, to 30-day Trials to our fully enterprise licensed software, developers can start anywhere in this journey depending on their experience and testing needs. We are excited to share more details with you on Wednesday, so look out for the press release and blog!


Here is a summary of the key functionality introduced in DevTest 9.0:

CA Service Virtualization 9.0

Enables cross-team collaboration within a single web user interface

  • Data Driven Virtual Services lower the technical bar so that anyone can create a virtual service and Automated Test Case Generation removes the manual work required to build automated tests.
  • Virtual Service Monitor provides a single pane of glass view for administrators and users to manage, take action, monitor and troubleshoot.
  • Advanced Access Controls eases enterprise adoption by mapping access control to customers existing LDAP hierarchy.

Simplifies virtual service creation for the business analyst and QA teams

  • Data Driven Virtual Services allow users to work in excel and enter business data to create virtual services that do not exist in the real world. They can use this data to automatically test their service in minutes instead of days/weeks.
  • Advanced Virtual Service Editing gives users the power to mock out positive and negative test scenarios providing predictive testing of systems before getting to production.

Supports both new and traditional protocols

  • Added support for Microservices driven standards like SWAGGER 2.0 and RabbitMQ.
  • Expanded support for legacy technologies like IBM MQ Series and Copybooks.


CA Application Test 9.0 provides deeper insight into test results with reports and more consistent test frameworks for mobile and UI testing.

  • New Reports on test results and metrics are available in the DevTest Portal. Users can also set runtime properties or tags when running a test so that they can query the tags later – for example you can tag a build number for system under test and then run a report focused on that single system and build.
  • A Common Test Framework for browser and mobile testing makes it easier to record and edit automated test cases without needing to understand different workflows.


CA Continuous Application Insight 9.0

Reduces Hours of Manual Work with the ability to Automatically Generate Tests

  • Deep ValidationInvoke and Verify generates API tests in seconds to invoke business logic and verify a system of record is updated.
  • Functional test generation from user Journey enables users to evolve past UI tests that cause false failures, and onto API validation that tests end-to-end business logic.

Reduces Regression Test Cycle Time to Increase Speed to Production 

  • Observing live systems and mapping producer-consumer relationships document Common API’s. Automatic test cases and virtual services are generated to increase regression coverage and reduce production defects.


We’ve also added some significant common functionality across the DevTest 9.0 product-line including:

  • New Docker Images delivered in the DevTest Linux installer to simplify the deployment of virtual service and test environments.
  • Improved ACL implementation with role inheritance form existing LDAP groups to simplify administration of the DevTest tools.


As you can see, our DevTest team is serious about your ability to adopt, use and find value from our products. We appreciate your partnership and continued feedback along the way to make these products work best for your business needs.



The full release notes are available here: DevTest Solutions - Home - DevTest Solutions - 9.0 - CA Technologies Documentation



The release is posted and available for download on our support site. Instructions to download are here: Download DevTest Solutions Installers - DevTest Solutions - 9.0 - CA Technologies Documentation


Our next scheduled community call is Tuesday, November 24th at 11am ET - please join us!  DevTest CA World Recap! 9.0 GA + New Solutions Webcast