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Stanford Hackathon Notes

Posted by kelia01 Employee Feb 25, 2015

Over the weekend CA sponsored and attended the Stanford Inaugural Hackathon known as Treehacks (See  You can find out more about what part Service/API Virtualization and specifically how was leveraged here.



Here are the winning submissions - Submission Gallery | TreeHacks Winter 2015 | ChallengePost


Here are some of the projects where CA Engineers directly mentored Treehacks participants (A few were Winners!):

Couch | ChallengePost

Lumber | ChallengePost

Pendant | ChallengePost

HeartFlash  | ChallengePost

Populum | ChallengePost

Helping Hand | ChallengePost

Sway - Rainmaker Drone | ChallengePost



Plano Product Showcase

Posted by Koustubh.Warty Employee Feb 25, 2015

Last week we had the Plano Product Showcase here in the Plano office. The purpose of this event was to showcase (as the name suggests!) all the CA Products that are written/created/supported/sold in our office. We had a total of 8 stations ranging from Storage, Workload Automation, CA GEN, Datacom, InformationServices, Mainframe Solution Center and of course our hottest topic DevOps which I represented! See the attached pic.

It lasted for about 3.5 hours with lots of folks showing up, and had very good traffic at my station. Here are the things that I covered (spoke and showed) as a part of this event -

  • DevOps (what/why/how)

  • Continuous Delivery
    • Release Automation
    • Service Virtualization
      • many a times had to talk about how it is different from VMware's virtualization!!!
      • Shift left
      • Agile methodology
      • Since the new name is DevTest, people understood more on DevTest as well as Lisa
    • Application Test
  • Of course my business cards

Lunch (pizza and water) was also included which as you'd expect brought more folks in . At the end of the event, we had a raffle draw and about 10 winner that received Best Buy gift cards.

This was indeed a great experience and I felt I was able to evangelize our strategic focus on DevOps and how Service Virtualization plays a major role in it!

Until next time.....Namaste!

A question came up sometime last week about the VSEasy feature in DevTest 8.0.1. So thought about blogging some important details about this feature.

Introduction (from Lisa 7.5.x)


We've had VSEasy feature since the Lisa 7.5.x days. The reason why it was created was mainly for ease of use and simplicity to enable the users to simply provide either request/response pairs or a VRS file and create a Virtual Service within seconds. This feature supports the following -

- creation of stateless virtual services with HTTP with JSON, XML, SOAP and HTML payloads

- to configure non-HTTP virtual services using VRS ( recording session files)

The location of VSEasy for Lisa 7.5.x is within the Lisa Console as shown below in the VSEasy-old.png attachments.

VSEasy for DevTest 8.0.1


- This feature no longer exists in the DevTest Console (formerly known as Lisa Console)

- It's new location is within the beautiful DevTest Console that can be accessed at - http://YourDevTestServer:1507/devtest

- The menu link is called Virtualize using RR pairs as shown in the VSEasy-new.png attachment.

- You simply need to provide either Request/Response pairs or an existing VRS file

- A port is chosen dynamically during VS creation and the VS is deployed on that port

- A new Virtual Service is created, deployed and up and running

Important points to remember


- If a Service Group tag is not provided, then the default Service Group tag of vseasy is automatically used

- On the Virtualize using RR pairs page, a bunch of sample request/response files are provided that you can get started with

- If you would like to update an existing VS, then simply provide the same Service Name and the existing VS will be overwritten

- The older link of VSEasy in the DevTest Console no longer exists


P.S. Tip #44 and so on to follow soon. Planning to provide some information on setting up Enterprise Dashboard with a remote database, setting up DevTest with LDAP, configuring SSL, and so on.

CA World 2014 is now a distant memory, although one keynote really stuck with me. Chris Satchell is the Consumer Technology Officer at Nike. Chris made the statement that “everyone is an athlete”. Anecdotally this statement did not ring true to my ears. My fitness goals mainly revolve around early heart attach prevention – less so around what is generally considered athleticism. So I mentally geared up to dismiss Chris’ comment under the general label of marketing mumbo-jumbo.

As Chris kept sharing his Nike philosophy and the technology they were creating; I was suddenly struck by the idea that Chris and other Nike employees really believe that I, the buyer of their shoe, will indeed “do it”. My inner athlete will emerge through Nike's partnership we me


Nike created a NIKE+ Running app to track distance, pace, time and calories. They have also created a NIKE+ Coach app to help customers “set and achieve your training and race day goals through customized programs designed for all experience levels”. My perception of Nike changed from a company that sells shoes to a company that is in the business of coaching athletes – that also happens to sell athletic apparel.

DevOps shoes1.png

Like Nike, CA technologies is also not in the business of selling products. CA’s customers want and need a true partnership with CA to achieve their DevOps goals. This partnership starts with meeting each individual customer at their unique stage of DevOps adoption.

The best athletes have the best coaches. At CA we are DevOps experts we coach each customer individually to set realistic DevOps goals and guide them in their product selections when executing their DevOps strategy.


In the application economy, every company is running a race against the competition. The companies with the fastest release cycles will come out ahead. Buying CA products will not instantly make you a top-performing DevOps athlete – just as buying a Nike shoe doesn't instantly make you lose 10 pounds or turn you into an NBA point-guard.

The successful DevOps athletes get off the couch of annual or semi-annual releases, set some achievable goals, deploy the right products and services, grunt through the initial pains of DevOps adoption, measure every aspect of their release cycle.

CA is the expert partner who coaches DevOps athletes to reach their potential.

This weekend is the Stanford University inaugural Hackathon - called TreeHacks (Stanford has a large Pine Tree on their Logo)   you can find out about it here AND we are very excited to be a part of it as a top tier sponsor.  The 500 participants will be leveraging CA Technologies Cloud Delivered API Virtualization technology known as Virtual API Cloud (VAPI)  - We hope to have lots of stories shared here during and after the event to help you understand how you might embrace API Virtualization and "Service Virtualization" for your company/hackathon/project.Screenshot 2015-02-19 14.52.17.png

Our DevTest Customer Validation Team comprises of 40 companies and over 70 individuals that provide us with continuous feedback on the DevTest products (service virtualization, application test, & continuous application insight) prior to them being released in the wild.  It's a hybrid beta program where customers, partners and our internal CA users and developers collaborate every sprint to review the latest features, consider new designs, provide constructive feedback and help us develop and deliver the best technology to address your application delivery needs.


The last major release - 8.0 - went through almost 10 formal sprint reviews, 4 surveys, and many conversations and polls to make sure we were headed in the right direction.  I'd like to thank all of our participants in this program so far for their continued insight and assistance.  Those that had a chance to install and sign off on the 8.0 release will soon receive a cool gift in the mail to thank them for their time.


My 7 year-old daughter, Olivia was in the office today helping me write out the thank you notes and ship out the first few gifts - they're an 8GB Race Car USB Flash Drive - a fun desk ornament with a purpose.



If you are a recipient of one of these race cars, please join in on the social media fun!


Prizes will be awarded to those who have the most interesting, innovative and viral post or photo with their new Race Car flash drive.  Use the hashtag #SVRaceCar or #ServiceVirtualization on Twitter to share your picture or message.  You can also post it here as a response to this blog.


Now, for those of you who didn't get to participate in the fun from last release, we have even more fun prepared for the next phase of the DevTest Customer Validation program.  Join up today!


Follow these THREE steps to get signed up:

  1. FIRST, sign our online agreement
  2. SECOND, Request access to the private community here - DevTest Customer Validation Group (Private)
  3. THIRD but not least, you can get a #SVRaceCar too by requesting one on Twitter using both the #SVRaceCar AND #ServiceVirtualization hashtags in your tweet.  Supplies are limited and only those who follow these 3 steps in full will be eligible.  First come first serve! Note that due to trade regulations, I may not be able to ship to your country. etc. so all the typical laws and stuff apply.  CA Employees are NOT eligible... though you may join the program of course.


Additional details on the DevTest Customer Validation Program are here - Customer Validation Program for DevTest Solutions


I look forward to seeing your pictures and requests!  Follow me @StefanaMuller to see what others have posted.

A brand new Suite of products seems (and wants) to be my Valentine this year (actually just for today ). Without harping on how we all miss Lisa dearly, I thought of making a collage of the DevTest Suite in a Valentine way!



A Valentine for "DevTest"?

Posted by kelia01 Employee Feb 13, 2015

A Valentine for LISA sounds much better, but we have moved on.  So this year here is my Valentine to DevTest.  (Ya I know...But just have fun with it!)

Click links to see the purpose of each line.



Dearest DevTest,

Another year has come and we have both changed,

with Spring we see love is in the air and many things are new,

Your face is fresh and new and shines for all to see,

You see into my deepest thoughts and make sense of them,

Your once limited capacity for sharing is now boundless,

You can help me as I journey and assist me at my work,

You get smarter with every attachment you make,

You improve my attempts at perfection and you help show me how to improve,

Your list of admirers has grown beyond what I could have imagined,

Any your bounds seem ever increasing,

DevTest you make me a better person.


Stefana_Muller Chris_Kraus (with virtual flowers Ever wonder what a virtual flower looks like for Valentines?)ArpiJakab Bharath_Vantari Arif_Muhammad

Here's my conversation with 'someone' that shall remain anonymous

Anonymous: I am using DevTest 8.0.x on Windows platform. I remember being told that the DevTest logs are always in the <userhome> folder. Under C:\Users\<user> folder, I see a lisatmp_8.0.1 folder. Great...but I don't see any log files related to server components of DevTest like vse.log, registry.log and so on..... What I am missing?

Me: Are you running DevTest components as Windows services? If so, all the server logs are stored in the LISA_HOME\lisatmp_8.0.1 folder.

Anonymous: Got it. But...hmm....I see some files missing in that location?

Me: Correct. Some log files like Workstation.log file are stored in the C:\Users\<user>\lisatmp_8.0.1 folder. These files are essentially the non-server log files.

Anonymous: I seem to be getting then the obvious next question is - what if I decide to not use the Windows Services and instead start the server components from the command line...where do the logs go?

Me: Yeah....I saw that coming . Yes in this case, they would all go under C:\Users\<user>\lisatmp_8.0.1 folder.

Anonymous: Thanks for the info so far. Say I had DevTest installed on Linux, where would the logs be?

Me: If your DevTest installation is on a non-windows box, say Linux then all your server logs will be  in the <userhome> folder. So if you have installed DevTest as say a user called devtestuser, then the logs will be in <devtestuser>/lisatmp_8.0.1 folder.

Anonymous: I really appreciate you answering my questions. Can I come back to you for more questions in the future?

Me: Yes sure.....that's why we are here...feel free to ping me anytime!

P.S.: Bonus points for anyone who can guess why I started off with 42!

Good afternoon, DevTest Community members! You may have noticed some new faces here on the community site, so I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself as the new lead community manager here as well as my esteemed colleague C.J Schuman who will continue to support this community.


I've been with CA for almost 13 years, much of it spent in the digital marketing organization focused on content strategy and management. I joined the CA Communities team 18 months ago and have been managing the mainframe and data management communities. It's been an amazing experience moving from marketing -- where I spoke directly to customers maybe once a year (maybe) -- to a role where I have constant interactions with customers and helping them get the most out of their investments in CA products. When I'm not keeping tabs on my various communities, I spend a lot of time with my wife and kids (that's them at right) -- Jackson is 8 and Anna is 3. Weekends this time of year are filled with lacrosse practice, basketball practice and lots of cooking together. I'm also a bit of a wine geek and wine writer ( in my ever-dwindling free time.

IMG_4351.JPGCJ is another CA veteran. She's been here for 17 years, working mostly with the events team (you may have even seen her at CA World in the past). She's also has two great kids (that's here and her daughter Mackenzie on the left) and enjoys spending time with them and her husband when she's not busy working.


We look forward to working with you here in the community. If you have any questions or needs, just let us know!

Ideas that are submitted to the DevTest community vary from product enhancements, to a need for best practices or just someone looking for help.  Some of the Ideas are quite specific and some are very broad and then there are those that are at a whole new level - like this one:

Extensive User guide for working with Java Scripting in LISA

Our product encompasses so many opportunities for extension that this request opened up a 'can of worms of' necessary product enhancements, best practices and a little bit of guidance to top it off.


The truth is, our application is very powerful, and therefore gives anyone the ability to make it work the way they need.  A lot of the information on customizing our solutions is somewhat "tribal knowledge" or "in the heads of the developers".  Basically, when we were asked to 'publish an extensive guide', we simply didn't know where to start!


First things first: we worked to gather some of that "Tribal Knowledge" and publish it for all to use AND contribute to.


Thanks to Ulrich_Vogt, with the help of Cam Bromley ( broca17) and Rick.Brown, our first release of the DevTest 8.0 Scripting Guide with sample code is now available.  I think the work that went into this document in its first pass encompassed something like 300 emails, 12 internal wiki pages, 37 revisions and lots of discussion (with room for product improvement).

These projects are always exciting because we not only get to empower our end users, but we get to discover use cases that are not yet known to us.  So, I encourage you to check out these 2 new resources Ulrich_Vogt published earlier today and to continue to comment on them to build them into what you need to be successful.


DevTest 8.0 - Scripting Guide - V1.0.pdf - A guide to building custom extensions for the DevTest solutions at CA Technologies

DevTest 8.0 - Scripting Guide - SampleCode - - Sample code to get you started

Though this content is provided under no warranty and it's currently meant for those with programming skills that already have knowledge of our product, our publishing this guide is a very clear step in the direction we want to take our product line - making it more easily extendable by all users to plug into their application development and delivery toolchain.


Let us know what you think - and where you think we need to focus further on this functionality.

Now that DevTest 8.0.1 is GA (see @Stefana's post from earlier today), how about upgrading to this latest version that includes fixes to reported defects as well as some product enhancements?


See here for a PDF that takes you through the changes in licensing, the importance of Enterprise Dashboard and then migration your existing version (Lisa 6 and above) to DevTest 8.0.1.

Some important topics covered in the doc -

  • Name change
  • Understand the key points prior to migration
  • Pre-Installation checklist (includes backing up your data)
  • Installation
  • Post-Installation Tasks
  • Remote components configuration
  • Verifying Installation


We are pleased to announce that the DevTest 8.0.1 including CA Service Virtualization, CA Application Test and CA Continuous Application Insight 8.0.1 is generally available (GA) as of February 4, 2015.  This release includes both fixes to reported issues as well as enhancements to our 3 core products with some significant updates to the CA Continuous Application Insight user interface based on customer feedback and ideas.



This service pack release contains fixes for various reported defects in addition to the following product enhancements:

  • CA Service Virtualization

    • Moved VSEasy to the DevTest portal as "Virtualize using RR pairs"
    • Added Tool Tips on the DevTest Portal (Create and Edit a Virtual Service)
    • Added the ability to delete a node in a conversational virtual service
  • CA Application Test

    • Support for HP ALM 12.0.1

    • Enhanced JSON assertions

    • Added Tool Tips on DevTest Portal

    • Support for Apple Safari browser in Selenium testing steps
  • CA Application Test for Mobile
    • Support for Appium scripting using the _webDriver variable
    • Voyager support to select an asset to target where to run tests
    • Voyager support for secure applications (prompt for credentials)
  • CA Continuous Application Insight (fmr CA Path Finder)
    • Over 10 usability enhancements including (but not limited to) an ability to select and tag Points of Interest, consolidation of the 'Find Defects and Analyze Transactions' screens and the ability to prefix the name of an artifact that is being created.
    • Support for SAP NetWeaver added back in
  • General Enhancements
    • DevTest Portal - Added capability to resize, move, add and remove specific areas of the dashboard
    • DevTest Portal - Added ability to store user preferences so that view is saved for future logins



The full release notes are available here:



The release is posted and available for download on our support site. Instructions to download are here - Download DevTest Solutions Installers - DevTest Solutions - 8.0.1 - CA Wiki


We will schedule a community call to go over these enhancements soon.