Leverage Wind Tunnel for Persona Based Mobile Testing

Blog Post created by peyhe01 Employee on Mar 1, 2016

Recently we announced a new product integration between CA Application Test and Perfecto that enables CA Mobile Cloud users to directly run tests out of CA Application Test on real devices in the cloud. One of the coolest new features of the CA Mobile Cloud is the ability to leverage Perfecto’s  Wind Tunnelfor Persona Based Mobile Testing.  Adding Wind Tunnel to an existing test will effortlessly expand coverage to include real user experience.


Why is this important? The reality is we all have powerful computers in our pockets and we ask them to do many things for us in the foreground and background.  Let’s face it people like to multitask and they do it effortlessly on their mobile phones and tablets.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know not only how fast your application runs on a specific phone, but also know if it runs slower when the phone is busy multi tasking.  Running this type of test is more complex, but with Wind Tunnel you can easily accomplish this and test your application as if it were out in the wild.


Personas are not a new concept when identifying application users. The ability to easily test with them is new to mobile testing.  By applying different personas Wind Tunnel lets you define the following attributes:


  • Network conditions
  • Location
  • Background applications
  • Device selection
  • Device orientation


Using personas and Wind Tunnel you can take your mobile testing to the next level. By building a persona based on who you believe will be the top consumers of an application you can then create clear test and development requirements that will ensure your deliver a high performing quality application that users will love.


Wind Tunnel comes with five prebuilt personas pre-loaded as part of the solution:


The prebuilt persons are stored as JSON files and can be easily edited. Existing tests can be executed across the set of personas. The personas can also be parameterized and run utilizing common continuous integration servers, such as Jenkins or test execution managers such as TestNG.


After you’ve set-up your testing personas you can then add “Points of Interest”. These are basically the key issues you really want to focus testing on and report on. For example you could look at a logical failure such as incorrect data showing in the app. By being able to isolate the issues that will have the greatest impact on end user satisfaction you can then focus on getting them resolved before they make it into production.


For more information about Wind Tunnel contact your CA representative or send me a message.