Tips #48: DevTest 9.1 - Connecting Pre-9.1 Registries

Blog Post created by Koustubh.Warty Employee on Mar 10, 2016

Starting with DevTest 9.1, the Enterprise Dashboard was enhanced to support REST calls from the Registry.


Pre-9.1 - communication uses ActiveMQ


9.1 Onwards - REST for 9.1+ communication and component called CIC supports legacy registries (prior to 9.1)

dradis.properties file contains

- one for the host of the Dashboard

- port of the dashboard

  - SSL config (optional)

  - database connection information

No dashboard information is read from the local/site/lisa properties file as was the case prior to 9.1.


To enable Dashboard to receive communication from pre-9.1 registries only (in addition to starting the Dashboard service)

    - <installedlocation>\bin\EnterpriseDashboardCIC.exe

    - run this from the command line

    - This enables the CIC to receive communication from the registries.


To connect legacy registries to 9.1 you need to add the following (as applicable) -


Lisa 7.5.x

  •   site.properties - add/update the following
    • lisa.enterprisedashboard.url=tcp://hostname:2003/EnterpriseDashboard


DevTest 8.x and 9.0

  • local.properties - add/update the following
    • lisa.enterprisedashboard.service.url=tcp://hostname:2003/EnterpriseDashboard


Of course you need to restart the Registry. Here is a snapshot of what i see in my 9.1 Dashboard that has 7.5.2 and 8.x registries connected.