Recorded WebCast - Automated Regression Testing Using CAI and Chrome Plug-In

Blog Post created by peyhe01 Employee on Mar 23, 2016

Recording available at -


For those of you who have been trying to wrap your head around how Continuous Application Insight (CAI) could benefit your organization, this is worth a look. Nathan Devoll was the presenter and does a great job reviewing some of the most common challenges associated with keeping up with regression testing and how Service Virtualization (SV) and CAI can be used to automate. It’s also one of the simplest to follow demos of CAI I’ve seen since joining CA. 


Topics covered included –

  • Changes to web sites - static to dynamic
  • Why create tests that follow the user journey
  • Understanding the generated data and how it is handled
  • Generating dynamic tests that follow the user journey
  • Demo document transactions and functional test


More events on CAI and SV to come. Keep checking the CA Communities site.