What You May Have Missed in the DevTest Community (April 25 - May 9)

Blog Post created by Melanie_Giuliani Employee on May 9, 2016

What You May Have Missed is a blog series aimed at helping you catch up on all the content that comes into the DevTest Community. I know you're busy, and you can't catch everything that comes into the community, so this blog will help you catch up on anything you may have missed in the past 2 weeks!


Upcoming Events

Discover Excuse Free Testing - May 10th at 2pm ET

Office Hours for DevTest: A Live Online Chat [May 2016] - May 24th at 9am ET


Webcast Recaps

Q&A from Recent Webcast on Performance Testing with CA Service Virtualization


Product Announcements

Teaser: Server Console is Retiring

Tech Tips: DevTest 9.1.0 Silent Install not working for install that is connecting to an existing 9.1.0 DevTest Enterprise Dashboard


Noteworthy Content

Ask a Question, Get an Answer (April 20 - May 5)


New Tech Tips/KB Articles

How To - Upgrade DevTest 7.5.x To DevTest 9.1

Tips #49: DevTest 9.1 - DevTest Portal Login Screen - Database Message


New Ideas

Customization of access in Portal

Search option in VSI

Authentication / ACL for Enterprise Dashboard

Real time dashboard view for virtual services

Support for MTOM Enabled Virtual Service

Script Library

Allow Properties to be used in Tag Count field in 'Parse Text from XML' filter 


Recently Answered Questions

DevTest (CAI) 9.1 works on WAS 8.5 and Liberty Core?

How to implement Data-Driven Mgmt approach???

Starting stand-alone Registry without ED connection

Enterprise Dashboard won't start

Can anybody let me know what is VRScenarios and VSSuites in LISA?

Simulate Perpetual Network Connection

DevTestALMPlugin-x64 - Run-time error: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime

Deploying mar files into VSE giving error


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