What You May Have Missed in the DevTest Community (May 24 - June 10)

Blog Post created by Melanie_Giuliani Employee on Jun 10, 2016

Upcoming Events

Don’t Miss the Continuous Delivery Virtual Launch Event on June 15 - June 15 at 11am ET


Noteworthy Content

DevTest Ideas: Monthly Update - June 2016 

New Test Data Manager Videos!

Ask a Question, Get an Answer (May 16 - June 3)

Want to Build Better Apps Faster? Attend this Virtual Event

What Opening an Airplane Exit Door In-Flight Taught Me About Design


New Tech Tips

Error when Masking/Subsetting In Flight:  "Unable to open log file" while running the export script


New Ideas

Including SUBSTR function with XREF in FDM

Extend TDM Shredder to generate schema within XML

DevTest Workstation Scripting - DPH Creation

DevTest Workstation Scripting - First Class DPH

DevTest Workstation Scripting - Additional Scripting

DevTest Workstation Scripting - Colour Coding

DevTest Workstation Scripting - Code Completion

Need Native TCP/IP Step in DEVTEST

DevTest Test and Virtualization support for MQTT

FDM: Support for masking Oracle User Defined Types

DevTest full Test and Virtualization support for Oracle AQ

DevTest full Test and Virtualization support for TIBCO RV


Recently Answered Questions

New to Data Maker. Need to get a trial version and most eager to learn

Picking up values from Seedlist based on a given condition

How to concatenate masked xml tags in FastDataMasker during xml making?


Error connecting to the DevTest Registry (Windows Azure:CA Service Virtualization on Demand 9.0)

thinktimespec is not working

Error while connecting DB2 from FDM

Does CA TDM supports AS400 i series DB2 ?

Process/Approach for different VSM & VSI in MQ virtualization

How to resize browser window size when using Selenium test step prior to version 8.3


Runtime Licenses Vs Performance VSE licenses


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