What are you doing here?!?

Blog Post created by Stefana_Muller on Jun 14, 2016

The DevTest Community has grown to over 1200 followers over the past few years. Activity has increased tremendously over the past few months with lots of new users and content. It's great to have a thriving community to help support our customers and pass along best practices and ideas to make our products better.


But the question I have for you is... "What are you doing here?!?"...

Well, it's more like, "What would you like to get out of this community and what do you do with our product?" but that was way to long for a blog title.


So why not tell us a little bit about yourself and your expectations of this community so that we can tailor content to fit your needs.


You won't regret filling out this survey. We plan to share some demographic information about who is here and what they do with the DevTest products. Don't worry, we won't share your personal info, just planning to aggregate the info and share the stats with you so we can be less like Lisa Simpson....



and more like Jimmy Fallon...




Oh, did I mention that you should take this survey?