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Thank you to everyone who joined this webcast on July 28, 2016 which featured a presentation on CA Service Virtualization, CA CAI and CA Application Test 9.5. A big thanks to Chris_Kraus and Anand_AK_Kameswaran for presenting this topic to the community!


Below are all the relevant webcast materials:

It's that time of year again: Registration for CA World '16 is now open!!


The CA World team has done an amazing job building upon the success of last year's event, and enhancing the programming in response to your feedback. CA World is your opportunity to gain valuable, actionable knowledge and insights to help your company get an advantage in the application economy. New this year, attendees will enjoy:


  • 100% More Pre-Conference Education
  • CA Agile Academy with related certifications
  • CA Agile Bootcamp
  • CA Product Certification
  • Design Zone
  • Innovation Exchange
  • Development Track

The session catalog will go live in August, but in the meantime, you can visit the CA World '16 website to explore the Pre-Conference Education, learn Why You Should Attend and to View the Agenda.


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Register by September 16 and get our Super Saver rate of $1,295. That's a $700 savings off our regular rate!


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And as always, stay tuned to the CA World '18 for the latest info on all things CA World!

Due to issues found after the release of 9.5, today we released build 9.5.1 to GA.


9.5.1 is being replicated now and will be posted to in the next few hours (you may see it now depending on your region). 9.5.1 will replace 9.5 and we will remove the 9.5 release from the support site tomorrow morning (after 9.5.1 replication is complete).


When we refer to 9.5 in future posts, we'll be referring to the 9.5.1 build so those who are using 9.5 today are encouraged to replace with 9.5.1 as soon as possible to alleviate any issues or confusion.


The changes/fixes in 9.5.1 are published here:


Also, ICYMI, Video Demos of the new features in 9.5 are now available on this YouTube Playlist

Upcoming Events

DevTest Community Webcast - What's New in Test Data Manager 3.6 - July 21 at 11am ET

WebCast - Intro to Performance Testing with Service Virtualization - July 26 at 2:30pm ET

DevTest Community Webcast - Overview of Service Virtualization 9.5 - July 28 at 11am ET


Product Announcements

DevTest 9.5 is Generally Available (GA)


Noteworthy Content

DevTest Ideas: Monthly Update - July 2016

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Manheim Accelerates Systems Testing & Business Transformation with CA Test Data Manager !

Putting the ‘T’ back into TDM


New Tech Tips

Tech Tips: Download DevTest Software

DevTest Architecture Best Practice - Use Case #3 

Tech Tips: DevTest Performance Tuning


New Ideas

Provide Better Error Message

Add notification functionality directly to VSE for Virtual Service going down

Assertions which set at the 'Execute Subprocess Step(s)'

Add a filtering function to the CVS Dashboard

META response for a Data Driven signature/transaction.  

FDM connectivity to SQL Server with Forced Encryption


In portal show the condition triggered within the audit document failing the testsuite

Test Step to interact with Apache kafka

CA DevTest Language Support


Recently Answered Questions

Help! With DevTest 9.1, getting java.lang.ClassCastException:

How to manage/document request and responses in the VSE-Image?

DevTest9.1 Concurrent capacity disabled

Installing DevTest9.1 LDAP,Registry

REST API using Swagger

Issue in using beanshell with QC / ALM Integration

What VS model style lends itself for load and performance testing? 2.Running a virtual service using a more efficient…

Is Virtual Service Causing Read Timed Out Exception

-- UPDATED -- Does recording process change Authorization Header?


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Customers often ask “Where do we Start” when setting up and configuring their DevTest architecture. Of course, this really depends on how they plan to use DevTest - whether using Virtual Services or running tests or maybe a combination of both. So based on potential usage of DevTest, we started building a Best Practice Architecture Guide based on real world deployments.  As a part of this initiative, we will build out several architectures that are implemented by either customers or CA Services or are new/tested architectures that fit a specific need.

Our intention is to provide options for customers, partners and CA Services on how to implement DevTest within their environment to meet the specific use cases.



This third use case walks through setting up DevTest 9.1 in Microsoft® Azure environment for multiple teams that do not work on a common project, but need segregated and separate resources to create, test and operate automated tests and virtual services.




Again and as always, comments and feedback are welcome (Koustubh.Warty, Ulrich_Vogt).



So far following detailed DevTest Architecture Best Practice Guides have been published:


Here's our second installment of the monthly DevTest Idea update. The goal of these monthly updates is to give you one place each month to see which ideas statuses have changed so that you can focus your attention to the updates that may be important to you and your team.


The list below is sorted by the status and then the category or product. For details on why the status was changed, just click on the link to the idea and check out our comments and notes.


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Under Review - We're researching, need more information from you or haven't yet dug deep into these ideas. Help us gain clarity by adding your comments and use cases.


Not Planned - We don't feel these ideas are aligned to our product strategy. They are not planned for now or future.