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CA Service Virtualization /CA Application Test

We are pleased to announce that DevTest 10.0 including CA Service Virtualization and CA Application Test is generally available (GA) as of December 21, 2016.  We have a lot of new and exciting features in 10.0.  Below are the highlights in our new release.  Keep an eye out for additional videos, how-to's and best practices as we head into the new year.


CA Service Virtualization 10.0 Highlights:

  • New workflows for creating tests
    • From an existing Virtual Service 
    • SWAGGER 2.0
    • WSDL 
    • RR Pairs
  • Updated support for Virtual Services created from SWAGGER 2.0
  • VS Config to change HTTP configuration of existing VS’s in the DevTest Portal
  • Integration API for automating VS creation in SWAGGER 2.0
  • New Integration with CA API Management- Capture the request and response data for APIs that are managed by CA API Gateway. Then create baselines and virtual services for the APIs. (CAI)
  • Mainframe Enhancements
    • Mainframe Transaction Virtualization with full agent configuration, transaction creation and virtual service creation right in the DevTest Portal. 
    • CICS Virtual Service Recording and Copybook Bundles in the DevTest Portal
    • Added support for CICS transactions that contain fragmented comm areas and CICS LINK Temporary Storage Queues (TSQ)
    • Support for CTG 9.2 and below
    • Mainframe Support for CICS in Portal from Capture
    • Added transaction lists to Copybook Mapping Tab

CA Application Test 10.0 Highlights:

  • Import and Create tests in Swagger 2.0
  • New Integration with Agile Central (Rally) automatically sync test run results from the DevTest Portal to the CA Agile Central tool.
  • New HP ALM Plugin for DevTest 64-Bit so that you can load and run a CA Application Test test case as a Quality Center test from the HP Quality Center suite.
  • New Coordinator and Simulator views in the DevTest Portal


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