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Noteworthy Content

Changes Coming to the DevTest Community

Ask a Question, Get an Answer (May 5 - May 16)

Masking: it’s technically legal, but is it really ever that safe or simple in practice?

App Economy and Digital Transformation
Welcome to the Innovation Exchange


New Tech Tips/KB Articles

Unofficial Prototype of Jenkins Plugin for CA Application Test Integration

TDOD How to create your first web requestor


New Ideas

CVS Monitor Need option to delete the entry after successful completion

Substring Functionality in Teradata

FDM - Enable set of NULL for FIXED function

FDM - Support MySQL BIT datatype

Packaging DevTest 9.1 errors out due to directories over 256 characters

Read Request/Response pairs from a Spreadsheet

Processing "AS" keyword in SQL queries

CA DevTest Portal Test Suite Enhancement

improve about the reporting page of DevTest Console


Recently Answered Questions

Library issue # Confilicting with jars available in Lisa lib

message queues vs stability

unable to find old topic, help

Devtest9.0 is taking lot of time to merge the VSIs. Anyway to reduce it.

Can i connect 32 bit Windows OS WorkStation to 64 bit Windows OS Registry?

How to expose WSDL in LISA virtualization?

custom java test step, when did the test run end? solved host closed connection during Handshake while calling LISA REST APIs using LISA9.1

Service Virtualization On Demand - Azure Marketplace Free Trial License Already Expired?

DevTest Rest API DeployMar Issue - Postman Rest Client

remove magic strings 


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The DevTest Community is a very active community with many questions, discussions and more coming in every day! This blog post will highlight the helpful users who have answered questions in the past 2 weeks and provide a list of targeted questions for the upcoming 2 weeks. Will your name appear next week?


Shout-out to the following members who helped out by responding to an answered question in the community and/or last time's Ask a Question, Get an Answer. You are awesome!



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What You May Have Missed is a blog series aimed at helping you catch up on all the content that comes into the DevTest Community. I know you're busy, and you can't catch everything that comes into the community, so this blog will help you catch up on anything you may have missed in the past 2 weeks!


Upcoming Events

Discover Excuse Free Testing - May 10th at 2pm ET

Office Hours for DevTest: A Live Online Chat [May 2016] - May 24th at 9am ET


Webcast Recaps

Q&A from Recent Webcast on Performance Testing with CA Service Virtualization


Product Announcements

Teaser: Server Console is Retiring

Tech Tips: DevTest 9.1.0 Silent Install not working for install that is connecting to an existing 9.1.0 DevTest Enterprise Dashboard


Noteworthy Content

Ask a Question, Get an Answer (April 20 - May 5)


New Tech Tips/KB Articles

How To - Upgrade DevTest 7.5.x To DevTest 9.1

Tips #49: DevTest 9.1 - DevTest Portal Login Screen - Database Message


New Ideas

Customization of access in Portal

Search option in VSI

Authentication / ACL for Enterprise Dashboard

Real time dashboard view for virtual services

Support for MTOM Enabled Virtual Service

Script Library

Allow Properties to be used in Tag Count field in 'Parse Text from XML' filter 


Recently Answered Questions

DevTest (CAI) 9.1 works on WAS 8.5 and Liberty Core?

How to implement Data-Driven Mgmt approach???

Starting stand-alone Registry without ED connection

Enterprise Dashboard won't start

Can anybody let me know what is VRScenarios and VSSuites in LISA?

Simulate Perpetual Network Connection

DevTestALMPlugin-x64 - Run-time error: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime

Deploying mar files into VSE giving error


Was this helpful? Is there content you were looking for that's NOT in here? Leave your feedback in the comments section!

DevTest Community is a very active community with many questions, discussions and more coming in every day! As your new community manager, part of my job is to help to make content easier to find (check out my What You May Have Missed in the DevTest Community (April 11 - April 25) post for more on that). Another aspect of my job is to make sure our users get the most out of the community, which includes getting their questions answered! This blog series is my attempt to help get those questions answered, and to start highlighting those helpful community members that answer incoming questions!


To help further responses to all questions I am starting the following campaign:


  • Every 2 weeks I will post a blog entitled "Ask a Question, Get an Answer (date range)"
  • In the blog will be links to questions in the community that have had no response.
  • Members review the subjects and if they have a response they can quickly click on the link and provide a potential solution.
  • In the weekly blog post I will be thanking all the "helpinghands" who responded to unanswered questions in the previous week's blog.


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Think you have a potential answer, Jump In! Here's the list of unanswered questions for the past 2 weeks. Grab one! 

how to clean up UI for a service in the Service Console

Illegal State Exception

Does LISA support AS2 protocol?

managing VSI

soatest import

devtest installation recipe

[DevTest 8.2]Test Suite works in Workstation but does not work in CVS - Tunneling/URL problem?

TCP Playback issue

Trying to compare two strings and the value is "S[B@878998".

Help on Java agent based virtualization steps

Edit and save a file using Devtest