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AusNet Services is Victoria’s largest energy business, delivering electricity and gas to homes and businesses across the state.



For energy companies such as AusNet Services, business outages are not an option. To keep its operations running, the company must ensure its complex IT systems are available 24x7.



AusNet Services uses CA Service Virtualization to virtualize its heavily integrated systems, enabling comprehensive testing before any upgrade goes live.



CA Service Virtualization has enabled AusNet Services to take a test-driven approach to development, with developers responsible for creating their own test cases. This means testing starts much earlier in the development cycle, reducing the volume and impact of defects.


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1) Customer Success Story: AutoTrader Avoids $300,00 in Testing Cost with CA Service Virtualization


Business: AutoTrader sells advertising that allows private and trade buyers and sellers to exchange vehicles. More than 18 million people use each month.

Challenge: To meet customer demand and provide a seamless service across different devices, AutoTrader must be able to release software updates on a weekly basis. Testing, however, had become complex, costly and time-consuming.

Solution: CA Service Virtualization enables AutoTrader to virtualize and test new services and apps on a multitude of devices. AutoTrader can simulate both apps working normally and performance issues.

Benefit: AutoTrader can deliver new features in a shorter timeframe and for a lower cost, which helps improve the customer experience and competitive advantage. It has reduced software defects by 25 percent and cut testing times by 99 percent.

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2) Customer Success Story: Qualica Supports Rapid and High Quality Parallel Development with CA Service Virtualization


Business: Qualica Inc. was founded in 1982 to handle information systems for Komatsu. As part of the IT Holdings Group, it provides business systems, individually developed software packages and cloud services, primarily for the manufacturing, logistics and service industries.

Challenge:In order to respond to customers’ needs, which increasingly require development of systems that can be operational within a year. Qualica needed to create a new development infrastructure that guarantees quality and speed.

Solution: Qualica designed an environment in which the behavior of systems developed by vendors and partners is simulated using CA Service Virtualization. Using the solution, testing can be implemented at any time as a service.

Benefit: Based on defect occurrences, Qualica has confirmed that the quality of development has development has improved since using CA Service Virtualization. The company is now rolling out the solution to the entire business.

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3) Customer Success Story: Nordstrom Reduces Performance Test Cycle from Three Months to Four Days with Ca Service Virtualization


Business: Nordstrom is a fashion specialty retailer that operates 304 stores in North America and serves customers online in 96 countries worldwide. It achieved record sales in 2014.

Challenge: To support business growth and deliver a compelling customer experience across multiple channels, Nordstrom needs to bring new applications and services to market quickly without sacrificing quality or performance.

Solution: With CA Service Virtualization, Nordstrom development teams can have stable virtual environments for development testing, ensuring quality code from the start. This simulation enables agile parallel development.

Benefit: Nordstrom can bring innovative applications to market more quickly and for less cost. This not only provides customers with a seamless, engaging shopping experience but also helps drive growth and maintain competitive advantage.


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