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Stanford Hackathon Notes

Posted by kelia01 Employee Feb 25, 2015

Over the weekend CA sponsored and attended the Stanford Inaugural Hackathon known as Treehacks (See  You can find out more about what part Service/API Virtualization and specifically how was leveraged here.



Here are the winning submissions - Submission Gallery | TreeHacks Winter 2015 | ChallengePost


Here are some of the projects where CA Engineers directly mentored Treehacks participants (A few were Winners!):

Couch | ChallengePost

Lumber | ChallengePost

Pendant | ChallengePost

HeartFlash  | ChallengePost

Populum | ChallengePost

Helping Hand | ChallengePost

Sway - Rainmaker Drone | ChallengePost


This weekend is the Stanford University inaugural Hackathon - called TreeHacks (Stanford has a large Pine Tree on their Logo)   you can find out about it here AND we are very excited to be a part of it as a top tier sponsor.  The 500 participants will be leveraging CA Technologies Cloud Delivered API Virtualization technology known as Virtual API Cloud (VAPI)  - We hope to have lots of stories shared here during and after the event to help you understand how you might embrace API Virtualization and "Service Virtualization" for your company/hackathon/project.Screenshot 2015-02-19 14.52.17.png


A Valentine for "DevTest"?

Posted by kelia01 Employee Feb 13, 2015

A Valentine for LISA sounds much better, but we have moved on.  So this year here is my Valentine to DevTest.  (Ya I know...But just have fun with it!)

Click links to see the purpose of each line.



Dearest DevTest,

Another year has come and we have both changed,

with Spring we see love is in the air and many things are new,

Your face is fresh and new and shines for all to see,

You see into my deepest thoughts and make sense of them,

Your once limited capacity for sharing is now boundless,

You can help me as I journey and assist me at my work,

You get smarter with every attachment you make,

You improve my attempts at perfection and you help show me how to improve,

Your list of admirers has grown beyond what I could have imagined,

Any your bounds seem ever increasing,

DevTest you make me a better person.


Stefana_Muller Chris_Kraus (with virtual flowers Ever wonder what a virtual flower looks like for Valentines?)ArpiJakab Bharath_Vantari Arif_Muhammad

Did you miss the big announcement?


Everyone understands that the holidays are a busy time; and maybe you missed the HUGE announcement of DevTest 8.0.



You missed:

CA World Presentations + More Presentations + Previews = Awesome

What's New in CA Service Virtualization 8.0 - CA World Pre-Conference…

The 12 Days of DevTest Blog Series

Intro of DevTest Portal

Communities Engagement

Dec 2014CA DevTest Community Webcast Replay - CA SV 8.0 Demo Part 1

CA DevTest Community Webcast Replay - CA SV 8.0 Demo Part 2

Pre-Launch Goodness

Igniting Innovation in the Application Economy

...and More


Well if you noticed everything is linked above and you can catch up on everything that you missed - all in one place.


Now you feel the joy! and you're ready for the New Year and the New DevTest 8.0 Release; find out how to download it here.


Happy New Year!


The 12 days of 8.0 - Day 12

Posted by kelia01 Employee Dec 12, 2014

"On the 12th day of DevTest the CA team brought to me 12 Mobile Tests Generated

ELEVEN Selenium UI Test Scripts

TEN JSON Assertions and Filters,

NINE API tests running

EIGHT transactions documented

SEVEN well calibrated agents,

SIX agents, protocols, categories intercepted,

FIVE generated assets,

FOUR opaque data types processes,

THREE new execution modes,

TWO RR pairs added,

and a Server-Side Recorder in a DevTest tree!"


On the 12th day we received twelve gifts; 12 tests automatically generated from your Mobile Application - almost too many for Santa to hold in his sack.


Way back before CA World '18 we discussed Voyager Mobile Testing Monday #5 and we showed a Demonstration of Voyager at CA World too.

Watch Voyager Construct Tests and Run them:


We also have a  wonderful Dev Test Christmas Story told through your favorite Christmas Movies (Voyager is in there somewhere too!)


So now for your Christmas Story...

Everyone is making their way to Mobile for Christmas...

giphy (2).gif

They knew they could not make it in time unless they let their delivery really fly by leveraging Service Virtualization, just like Rudolph...

giphy (3).gif

Like Cousin Eddie Says: You want your Mobile App to be "Something Really Nice", so they knew they needed to test the app at every build...

giphy (4).gif

But the code changes every time its released and this breaks your tests... And that can really rob some of your Christmas Spirit...

giphy (5).gif

Add in fast delivery cycles from Development and the chore of updating and modifying your tests starts to feel like something that only Buddy could find fun in...

giphy (6).gif

Some may wonder if there is simply nothing that can be done to deal with faster delivery, and some run away in fear...

giphy (13).gif

Well the Grinch might find it satisfying, to see so many fear...

giphy (7).gif

But we have an answer in Voyager you'll see, the Dev Test team is like George Bailey - "Offering you the Moon"...

giphy (8).gif

Well almost,  we won't get you the moon... but Voyager can help you create tests for your Mobile App; and those may be created every time there is an application change, it can rebuild your testing catalog all by exploring your application - Its smarter than Buddy but just as excited to help...

giphy (11).gif

So this Holiday Don't Feel like your "Home Alone" when it comes to building Mobile tests, Voyager will help show you the way!

giphy (12).gif

Like a comet across the sky!

giphy (15).gif

Merry Christmas to all and may your Mobile app dreams come true!

giphy (14).gif

The End.



Wishing you and yours the Happiest Time of the year, a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!



TThe 12 Days of DevTest Blog SeriesT

TWELVE Mobile Tests Generated

ELEVEN Selenium UI Test Scripts

TEN JSON assertions and filters

NINE API tests running

EIGHT Transactions Documented

SEVEN well calibrated agents

SIX Agents, protocols, categories intercepted

FIVE Generated assets

FOUR Opaque data types processed

THREE new execution modes

TWO RR pairs added

and A Server-Side Recorder in a DevTest tree!"




Mobile Testing Monday #9

Posted by kelia01 Employee Nov 3, 2014

Well we made it - CA World '18 is NEXT WEEK.  We will have Mobile Demos, Presentations, and also opportunities for you to get your hands on our Mobile advancements in 8.0 and other products. 


A few highlights to put on your schedule for next week in Las Vegas:



3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Pre-Con Education: How Do I Test These New Mobile Applications and How Does CA Application Test For Mobile Save Me!


Ian Kelly (Sr Director, Product Management, CA Technologies)

Content Center:ca Devcenter

Session ID:DCX17E

Location:Lagoon I


Got tired thumbs and can't swipe anymore? Learn about challenges in testing mobile applications and how combining automated testing of devices, simulators, and your API's will save your hand strength and dexterity for more important things like late night gaming.


2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Vision & Roadmap: The Evolution of Mobile DevOps Solutions from CA


Sesh Venkataraman (Director of Product Mangement, CA Technologies)

Content Center:DevOps

Session ID:MBX02S

Location:Breakers L


Mobile apps now account for over 80% of all new software development. The growth of enterprise mobility and mobile consumers is driving the Mobile Devops revolution for enterprise IT. Close collaboration, data-driven decisions and quick rollouts remain the keys to a successful mobile app strategy. To win in the market, developers, QA, production operations and support teams need to be agile, and in constant collaboration with each other and with customers. Mobile DevOps is helping our customers achieve this.
This session will outline CA’s Mobile DevOps vision. Learn how this new solution provides deep app and infrastructure visibility, fosters collaboration, equips you with powerful analytics to make data driven decisions powered by customer usage and feedback. See how CA’s comprehensive and disruptive Mobile DevOps solution can help you achieve continuous delivery and provide winning experiences to your customers!

Deliver Winning Mobile Apps - A Practical Guide


Jonathan Lindo (VP, Enterprise Mobility, CA Technologies)
Thomas Wilson (Director/VP-Technical, Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.)
Dan Newburg (Technical Staff, Frost Bank)

Content Center:Management Cloud

Session ID:MBT04S

Location:Management Cloud Theater -Exhibit Floor


1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

New "State of the Art" for Mobile


Ian Kelly (Sr Director, Product Management, CA Technologies)
Jeffrey Daudel (Staff Software Engineer, CA Technologies)

Content Center:ca Devcenter

Session ID:DCX03S

Location:Lagoon I


2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

DevOps for Mobile: Delivering a “5-Star” App Experience To Your Mobile Users


Jonathan Lindo (VP, Enterprise Mobility, CA Technologies)

Content Center:DevOps,DevOps

Session ID:MBT03S

Location:DevOps Theater - Exhibit Floor



9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

The Age of Mobile Adoption


Roi Carmel (Executive, Perfecto Mobile)

Content Center:ca Devcenter

Session ID:DCX27S

Location:Lagoon I


9:45 AM - 10:15 AM

Case Study: Deliver Winning Mobile Apps - A Practical Guide


Jonathan Lindo (VP, Enterprise Mobility, CA Technologies)
Dan Newburg (Technical Staff, Frost Bank)

Content Center:ca Opscenter

Session ID:OCT75S

Location:ca Opscenter Theater -Exhibit Floor


Also do not miss the Demos happening at many of the DevCenter and DevOps booths - Drop by and say Hi to the team!  Can't wait to see you all! (or being a recent Texan I should say Y'all!)


Get a sneak peak into what's new in CA Application Test 8.0.

As you can see we have been rather busy adding some flagship features to 8.0.  We still have the same capabilities to test cross platform, local (Soon Local Lab too) or in the cloud, on Devices and Emulators/Simulators, all within your CA Application Test UI; which enables the validation of all the layers of your architecture - Mobile UI, Web UI, API, Web Services, Message Layer, and Datastores.

Screenshot 2014-10-20 11.31.29.pngWe often hear disclaimers in Ads.  The guarantees that seem so straight forward in the Ad seem to be limited. Ads are also accompanied by lots of legal fast talk at the end.  The desire to to be simple is clear but there is lots more to it than the tag line or slogan.  What these short Ads often miss even with the disclosure is the detail to help you see if the claims being made are really valid for you and your needs.  If I was guaranteed to save 15% I would be a fool not to call, but the disclaimer helps me understand that the offer is truly conditional.


I often encounter customers who are looking for something specific from our tools or our competitors - often we find that in the exact same problem may have two very different ways of accomplishing a similar task between tool sets.  The problem becomes one of aligning your needs as a customer with the product point of view, but often vendors provide only lists of features (This is due to the RFP response culture of function point scoring as much as anything but I believe its fundamentally misinformed).  I have never seen an RFP ask "What's your Product Point of View" but almost all ask for Roadmaps of features (A Lost opportunity to understand how the vendor addresses problems for sure!).   I do think that customers should understand the Product Point of View (PPOV) clearly.  The reason I say this is the PPOV will drive both how solutions are addressed and also how things might be solved in future versions. 


In mobile there are three main Product Point of Views I see in the market (Your analysis may find more or different groupings):


#1 - Mobile Only Platforms - These platforms put the Device and App at the center and construct their functions on top of the device.  Typical to products with this POV you will see  higher level mobile functions added that are not shared for instance within Web Testing, concepts like "Home", "Dial Number" which are composites of other commands and intended to make things easier for mobile testers.  What's missing here is the ability to have dependency or interplay between testing multiple layers of the application i.e. APIs or Back ends associated with the Mobile Application.  This Product Point of View is tightly placed on the Device experience.  Often you see a branching out to monitoring for vendors in this space.


#2 - Mobile as a Check Box - These platforms add Mobile as another target and offer the mainline set of features they offer in Web or API testing.  The adjustments to include mobile are minor and typically do not add higher level functions.  These Mobile add ons are typically quite recognizable as add ons, they will not incorporate Mobile needs fully as they still must optimize for the larger whole.  This Product Point of View IS driven by the RFP format sadly and you will find shortcuts in the delivery of features.  Often these will actually bring a burden to the Mobile Device where SDKs or Client apps are required for Testing.  This is seen most clearly in IBMs RTW product where the device requires an addition of a test client.  In my opinion adding apps to the System Under Test violates the premise that you are testing a real user experience.  These Mobile as Checkbox vendors typically seek to broaden the test targets but require you to build your tests internal to their system.


#3 - Mobile Composable Platform - This platform adds Mobile testing capability to an existing test platform to allow for extension of test capabilities as well as leveraging additional external functions in a composable fashion.  This Point of View seeks to bring together functions the customer has required such as Service Virtualization, API testing, and Mobile Device Testing all within an automation framework.  This is a hybrid view where Mobile specific features are added to the Testing Platform while embracing the evolution and speed of innovation seen in the Mobile Only Platforms.  Within the Mobile composable platform we see innovative features which align with the Product Point of View adding features for DevOps Automation, Test Generation, and Real User Defect Reporting.  The goal within this Mobile Composable Platform is to create a extensible solution, a solution that can be added to incrementally and which can be incorporated into your practices and procedures.  The flexibility afforded by this decision also requires an open approach to testing, since integration is paramount there is little in the way of proprietary formats or conventions here.


Wondering which Product Point of View CA Application Test for Mobile embraces?  Take the poll Which Product Point of View does CA Application Test for Mobile embrace?


You will experience this composability at CA World via our Demos and integrated cross product Demonstrations in DevOps  and DevCenter.




Mobile is driving customer engagement and also your company's top line growth.  In retail approx 50% of eCommerce is being conducted on Mobile and in developing countries mobile is even more important as there are many companies which have embraced not only mobile first but really "mobile only".
So its not a surprise that your company has a mobile initiative, and that after weeks of development involving mainly business teams and outside boutique development firm that testing may have been overlooked.


Do you have the tools, skills, and knowledge for this challenge?  Well here are some ways to get you started on the right foot.


Begin with the user and the experience in mind.  Is this a App Store app?  An internal Employee app or an App for partners/agents?


Look at the intended users and their personas, this may help you understand the usage pattern of the app i.e. Transient usage - such as looking up the weather; which is done a few times a day for less than a minute,or is this a Presence/Persistent application; where the user is expected to interact over longer periods of their day with other activities taking place during that usage - unplanned things like phone calls, texts, or meeting reminders. 

Finally does the application push notifications to users when running in the background or does the application leverage native device capabilities?


These explorations will help guide your strategies and approaches to testing the mobile application.  This will adjust the value of long running tests, as well as performance validations of API and Service tiers.  This will help refine the data sets created or leveraged by virtual services will need to be examined and ensured to meet each of the desired validation scenarios.  Additionally the environment your users will be engaging in should inform your testing strategy, this includes the network(s), other applications running on the device, as well as the constraints and capabilities of each by potential user device.  This may drive your validations to examine performance in a narrow or wide range of configurations including not only a handful of OS versions but also up to 100's of device configurations.


This as the breadth of validations required increases the following will be required:

  • You must have tests which are resilient to changes delivered by Development - Re writing tests due to change will force changes to slow and validation cycle times will increase and validation cycle counts will suffer.
  • You must be able to validate your application in functional depth as well as target device breadth matching your user populations expectations.14830089210_efe9bb9335_m.jpg
  • You must be able to automate these validations and run them on demand and within the desired scope of devices/networks/configurations.


Each of these requirements present challenges that we have overcome in CA Application Test - Mobile.

  • CA Application Test unifies testing assets and frameworks - Mobile, API, Web Service, and Database testing can be done from this single platform.
  • CA Application Test extends the ability to leverage service virtualization into the mobile space - This enables testing to isolate the Mobile application as well as test earlier in the software delivery lifecycle.
  • CA Application Test connects devices, emulators, simulators and 100’s of device combinations to ensure complete test coverage - providing the breadth of devices required to meet your users experiences.


We will be highlighting how we resolve these issues in our Pre-Conference Education Session on November 8th CA World '18  Session is titled: "How do I test these new mobile applications and how does CA Application Test for Mobile save me?"


Looking forward to digging in deeper at CA World '18!


Mobile Testing Monday #5

Posted by kelia01 Employee Oct 6, 2014

This week in Mobile Testing Monday we go from a local lab to the stars.


We first discuss Mobile Lab, the ability to have a group of devices and simulators/emulators in your local network all available for CA Application test to interact with.  These devices/simulators/emulators can be open to your entire team - providing on demand test recording and execution environments and requiring no "local" emulators/simulators/devices.


Then we go to the stars and talk about Voyager, our code name for our application explorer.  Voyager explores and exercises your mobile applications and automates the creation of tests.  Voyager lets you perform complete functional testing cycles - exploring your application and generating functional tests.  This powerful ability frees you up to focus on User Experience and improved performance of your Mobile Applications.


We were inspired by NASA Voyager in creating this functionality - Voyager - The Interstellar Mission  as you can see Voyager has enabled us to go see far beyond our solar system.  CA Application Test for Mobile with Voyager will help you explore your mobile apps faster and with more coverage.


Hope to see you all at CA World ‘14 - CA Technologies


Installation and Pre requisites was a popular topic in our poll, but we have not covered that content yet; so here in Week 4 we will jump into some of the documents and instructions to get you up and running as soon as possible.


Make sure that you are familiar with the following content prior to installation and understand the steps you will be taking.


For LISA Mobile Pre Requisites see attachment LISA+Mobile+Pre-Requisites document


You can also find detailed documentation on Mobile Testing capabilities within our support documentation located at 7.5.2 Release Support





Had a late start for Mobile Testing Monday this week so we have our first "Evening Edition" of Mobile Testing Monday - this is also the first Blog only installment as my voice is off just coming off a cold.


We will continue these weekly discussions on Mobile Testing powered by CA Application Test capabilities from now until CA World '14 - We may even leak some MORE of our 8.0 functionality as there are some super exciting things happening in Mobile and throughout the entire product family, and I am not so good at keeping it to myself. 


I used the Poll Mobile Testing Monday again this week to source our topic for this week - Mobile DevOps. 


As some of you know we have been building out the Invoke API and we have had some great advances in our 7.5, 7.5.1, and 7.5.2 releases.  The scope of the 7.5X APIs was focused mainly on controls within the environment - starting and stopping virtual services, running test and test suites and the like.  Its with these APIs that we started the Mobile DevOps journey.


Invoke 7.5X

Screenshot 2014-09-22 16.43.11.png

Under the invoke 7.5X API sets you can leverage Continuous Integration (CI) processes and tools such as Jenkins, TravisCI, Bamboo, Team City, etc to not only build and deliver your Mobile App but you can add on Invoke calls to Create dependant Virtual Services, Run Tests, Test Suites - while ensuring the entire environment is returned to a known state ready for the next run of tests.  For a small catalog of Invoke examples see ianakelly/Invoke · GitHub This sample set creates a "LISA Bank Kiosk v6" Virtual Service and also is able to run a test suite.  We have used similar API calls to validate our internal applications and internal changes to our source code.  Currently within our development team we have 7 physical devices and many emulators/simulators where we validate the full application regression upon EVERY check in.


What you will see coming in 8.0 is a GREATLY expanded set of APIs which will enable not only controls but also details, data, and metrics related to the tests.  This will increase the ability to drive Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and make intelligent API derived decisions based upon the test results - for instance promoting a successful Emulator/Simulator test run to be run on physical devices locally and then promoting those successful tests to the cloud.  These validation cycles may continue to further ensure your test coverage on OS's/Devices/Networks/etc.  Using these APIs you may automate your validations to the point where human testing is the first manual operation not the last.


Sneak Peek 8.X Test APIs

Screenshot 2014-09-22 16.53.37.png

You have heard how excited I am about CA World - One big reason IS Mobile DevOps, we will be showcasing the ability to produce a test from production, right where your users are interacting with your application.  This showcase will provide an example of taking Production user experiences and bringing those to the support and development teams.  You will also gain additional insight as the issue is validated on multiple devices thus exploring the overall reproducibility and extent of the issue reported i.e. is it iOS only?  or Just experienced on a 3G network with a specific Android release and Device combination.  These powerful validations will help you build faster feedback to your users as well as quantify the extent of a specific application experience issue/crash/or failure.


As always I am keen to understand your specific desires and needs to support your Mobile DevOps needs, we think we have the right parts pulled together with our APIs but would love to hear about your challenges.


See you at CA World!


Mobile Testing Monday Week 2

Posted by kelia01 Employee Sep 15, 2014

This is the second week of Mobile Testing Monday and we jump in with both feet this week to examine how easy it is to build a Mobile Test within our Visual Recorder.

Finding the topic this week was a little tricky as we had a tie in our poll Mobile Testing Monday - Next week lets see if we can make a clear winner in the polling, so go over and vote (After you watch this weeks episode of course!).


Simple Test Creation -


As always we would love to hear from you!  What would you like to see in future episodes? - or - What Mobile Testing Challenges do you struggle with?

Of course we also like to hear how you are using the Mobile testing capabilities of CA Application Test to succeed everyday!

Mobile Testing Mondays is a short video segment that will run each Monday between now and CA World ‘14 - CA Technologies.

This is the first installment of the series.


I would love to have your feedback on the series as a whole as well as your desires for future episodes Mobile Testing Monday

In our last video, Data Driven Virtual Services and Tests using Excel., Prasad Kona (konpr06 ) and I explored using Microsoft Excel as a data source for both virtual services and tests In  this short video, we discuss using CA Data Finder to build synthetic data and assist Virtual Services to behave as production services AND comply with regulations, customer privacy, and brand promise by leveraging synthetic data.



CA Data Finder is the key to helping build this clean and valid data; it provides hundred's of data scenarios to help build desensitized data and can create large volumes of data for our tests and virtual services.  In this example we leveraged only a very small portion of Data Finder's capability to create a rich data set of production-like data.  We removed sensitive content from production data, anonymized customer names and their associated physical mailing addresses (while maintaining valid State/Zipcode/City relationships) as well as creating Bank Card numbers with brand distribution (Amex, Mastercard, and Visa cards in equal distribution).  We also added credit cards to customer accounts in a random pattern of between one and three cards per customer. These rich data features; when brought to virtual services, can help construct Sandbox environments or services to validate complex data specific scenarios.

Please feel free to comment and give feedback on how this feature might assist your efforts, as always we are interested in how to make CA Service Virtualization and CA Application Test as valuable as possible for your teams.