• Hi All, Can someone please share with me the Custom jar for TCP/IP socket to use in DevTest 10.0.0 at leena.sharma@kroger.com ? Thanks, Leena

    Hi All, Can someone please share with me the Custom jar for TCP/IP socket to use in DevTest 10.0.0 at leena.sharma@kroger.com ? Thanks, Leena
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    Greetings. I would like to do ARCHITECT ROLE CERTIFICATION. I have successfully completed the  CA Proven Implementation Professional exam in Jan,2018. I came to know that to get certified I have to complete 2 cus...
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  • Shared Model Map

    Hi,   I referred the documentation provided at this thread https://communities.ca.com/thread/119299345 @ Joel Nesmith, Srikanth Gajawada please help me here.   DevTest Version - 10.1 is being used I...
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  • Passing value from one vsi to other vsi from match script

    I am using match script to set date in the response testExec.setStateValue("set_fixdate","{{=doDateDeltaFromCurrent("yyyy-MM-dd","3D");/*2018-05-25*/}}"); with {{set_fixdate}} I a...
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  • Error in uploading csv file from desktop.

    Hi, I am Keerthy. When i try to upload a csv file in Lisa UI automation using xpath, I am unable to choose the file from the desktop. Below i am attaching the screenshots. Can anyone help me out please. Thanks.
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  • DB2 sql exception 

    Hi , I have added JDBC step in the VSM and deployed the service on the server . while testing the connection in the jdbc step we are getting connection successful but while hitting the service url we are getting ...
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  • Recording Process for TCP

    Hi ,   We are trying to record a TCP service but getting timed out error while virtualising it . I would like to know whether I am following the correct procedure for recording the TCP . Can anyone guide m...
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  • java.lang.NullPointerException

    Good Afternoon CA community,   I have an issue while i try to run a test case, using a special data handler for ISO8583 protocol, the version is   Edit: I am running it from the workstation, th...
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  • Based on argument value select response from different-different transactions having same operation

    Hi All,   I am working on requirement where the three stateless transactions having same operation name and based on one arguments key (like ID ) value match in every request response should be selected from VSI...
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  • DevTest: must support Swagger with $ref references (internals or externals) for VS image creation

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    On DevTest 10.3 Swagger files with internal or externals references "$ref" seems not supported as the document ID KB000046716. The trend is to use the references as a necessary practice.
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  • Live system execution responds interleaved 1 ok and one "target server failed to respond"

    Hi everyone, When use the live system execution mode, the live system responds interleaved. 1 response is ok but the next one shows an error "target server failed to respond".
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  • Excel file on LISA Console

    Hi  I have created one virtual service and I have imported one excel file in ESR codding step, it is working fine on local. Path I have given is "C:/Softwares/LISA/New_Project_00/Data/DataSet1.xlsx". But after...
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  • Data Driven virtual service using Lisa Workstation?

    I want to create data driven service using Lisa workstation, my requirement is to that I send value in input field and get the output of the various fields from the excel corresponding to the input. Say for example if...
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  • CodeSV - Error running samples with Maven

    Trying to run this GetAndPostExample.java (Github samples) with Maven, and encounter this error.    Caused by: javassist.NotFoundException: com.ca.codesv.agent.Agent at javassist.ClassPool.get(Cl...
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  • How take variable value in to a property (Execute step JSR-223)

    I have written the code in Execute Step JSR-223 and I have set one value into a variable.   exchangeRate1=cells.next().getStringCellValue()   Lets suppose i has some value "12.33",    How I can ...
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  • Getting Started in the DevTest Community

    Are you new to the DevTest Community? If so, welcome -- I'm glad you found us!   My name is Melanie_Giuliani and I am your CA Community Manager for the DevTest Community. Please feel free to reach out to me via e...
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  • What You May Have Missed in the DevTest Community (July 2018)

    Upcoming Community Events [ROADMAP] CA Service Virtualization - August 28, 2018 @ 11 a.m. ET     Noteworthy Content Hey CA!!  Are you Listening?  Tell Us What You Think About CA's Product Feed...
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  • How to create JDBC mySQL connection in Script

    Hello, I am trying to set the connection for MySQL in the script: So far it is throwing me an error Below is the code. Can you please help me where I am doing mistake. For url and Pwd, I am giving credentials, but...
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  • Sending multiple responses to single request

    Hi All,   I have a requirement where i wanted to send multiple responses to a single request. For example I have request holdings_request1 and responses holdings_response1, transactions_response1. When i send h...
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  • Request data arguments not populated in CA SV Live recording

    Hi Team, Im trying to record a live service in workstation  Protocol used is HTTP and the transcation is  stateless after recording im trying to open VSI file in that file request data arguments  n...
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