• Embed virtual services in code using SV as Code

    As more organizations and teams embrace Continuous Testing, Developers are expected to do reliable, repeatable testing of code along with development. This ensures that they identify issues early and fix them to avoid...
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  • TFS/VSTS/Azure DevOps Extension

    TFS/VSTS/Azure DevOps Extension for CA DevTest SV   If you use TFS for CICD and have SV to deploy, please try below plugin. https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=AbhinavKhanna.ca-devtest-build-and...
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  • Tuesday Tips: Enabling SSL for the DevTest Portal

    Set this properties in the local.properties file of the Workstation :   lisa.portal.url.prefix=https://   Restart Workstation to pick up property.   Uncomment these properties in the phoenix.proper...
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  • How to Improve Sharing SV Assets: Repository Integration Feedback

    Hi Everyone,   I am researching how we can improve sharing assets within CA Service Virtualization (DevTest) and would love your feedback so that we can understand your needs.   Please take this 10 mi...
    Beverly Mindle
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  • DevTest Workstation: Regex not working as comparison operator in Request Data

    So I needed this regex to filter any non-decimal entry in Query String parameter. I've created an expression like this: \D+|^$. Looks good in any online Regex tester and even via Javascript but I don't know why it do...
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  • I have written a java code in Execute script (JSR-223) step to create a xml.

    I have written a java code in Execute script (JSR-223) step to create a xml.   I have checked the code on IDE and tried printing it through he response through system.out.println(expectedResponse). It is printin...
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  • DevTest Solutions 10.x Proven Implementation Professional Exam

    Hello, i have completed DevTest Solutions 10.x Proven Implementation Professional Exam on 11/26 but have not received diploma details after five business days. sent couple of emails to certification@ca.com b...
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  • Introducing Your New DevTest Community Manager: Chris Hackett

    Hi DevTest Community!   I just wanted to take a second and let you know that I am leaving CA, and as a result I will be turning over my community management responsibilities to my colleague Chris_Hacket...
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  • Unable to deploy mar file in the DevTest 10.3 portal

    Hello Team ,   We are unable to deploy the mar file directly to the VSE from portal..   While trying to deploy we are getting the below error . Could you please advise as its impacting multiple projects . ...
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  • Can we able to record Adobe services using LIVE Invocation and virtualise it by DevTest 10.1

    We have an application called Adobe where merging of documents taken place. We are trying to virtualise it by DevTest 10.3. Can you please advise if that is possible.. 
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  • We want to hear from you

    Reviews from customers help other organizations make the right choices. Please take a moment to review our Continuous Testing products and receive a $25 Visa gift card for your time. The ...
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  • ERROR - Error capturing report data for Database: The database writer cannot keep up with the number of events being generated

    Getting the below error when I execute my test suite in my local and also in the remote non-PROD box the suites are getting executed within 10min. But when the same is executed from the PROD remote agent box(with fir...
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  • Devtest support of HL7 message testing

    I need to test sending and receiving responses to HL7 messages using Devtest.  I have seen some information which talks about using JMS to send and receiving messages.  Is there an easier way or dr...
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  • Micro Services

    Please share your view. Are there any case studies available on how CA LISA test is used to perform Contract testing - Micro Services?
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  • I just found a way to test and virtualise MQTT with DevTest

    No custom transport handler needed. No deep technical knowledge needed.   I explain it in this blog entry: Testing & Virtualizing MQTT with DevTest the Easy Way    Rick
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  • Jenkins - CA SV Plugin

    Based on the recent CA SV Plugin for Jenkins different functionalities can be achieved.    API test can be triggered by using the MAR file, but the CA Service Virtualization Report doesn't show the actual t...
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  • Tech Tips: Using SQL Server with Windows Authentication for DevTest Solutions

    For Windows Authentication, you need an additional file called sqljdbc_auth.dll in the java.library.path.  This comes with the JDBC SQL Server drivers download you get from Microsoft.  The dll you use depend...
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  • How to append IIH header to MQ payload?

    We are trying to update the IIH header to be able to send in a format acceptable for MQ queue but we keep getting the below error. Appreciate any help to resolve this.   com.ibm.mq.MQException: MQJE001: Completi...
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  • How should I get the response from virtual service if request changes?

    Hi, This issue i'm facing quite long. Implemented virtual service using below request. VSrequest: <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"> <soap:Body> <ns4:process...
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  • Unable to do SFTP from Dev Test

    With SFTP custom extension available in CA Dev Test 10.3 version , error is displayed we however are able to perform an SFTP via WinSCP but unable to do it through Dev Test Anyone who has faced the similar issue , k...
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