• SharedModelMap.get is resulting in 'Property removed' event

    Hello Everyone, In one of the VSMs, I am setting a value in the shared model map as com.itko.lisa.vse.SharedModelMap.put(sKey, sCrdAccount_num); When I try to retrieve the value in another service as below: String s...
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  • How to fetch testSuiteId and testSuite Execution time in Workstation?

    1) Is there a way to get the testsuiteid in runtime when the testsuite is running in Workstation? 2) How to get the execution time of a test suite run if not from Portal?     MarcyNunns gad...
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  • when will 10.5 be GA?

    Need to know timeline of when Service Virtualization 10.5 will be GA
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  • is there any way in response-metadata to omit Content-Length header?

    please advise with solution
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  • How to automate Web application with DEVtest

    How to handle the below flow: > Hit IBM queue with XML request > Get response from the queue > Take an unique ID from the response > Login to Web application and do some actions with the unique ID capt...
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  • In CA DevTest 10.3 portal when trying to view request or response under Test Reporting getting blank screen

    In CA DevTest 10.3 portal -> Reporting -> Testing , I am reviving blank screen under Test reporting with no data when I am trying to view request or response that we log for test case executed .   Doe...
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  • data driven request using odd even request

    Hi,   My question is regarding data - driven virtual service.   I have a swagger file which i need to virtualize. I am running the swagger file in the browser : 'http://<server>:<port>/v2/pet/1...
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  • How to work with Conversational transactions in LISA service virtualization

    Hi ,   I would like to know how to work with Conversational transactions in LISA service virtualization.I will be in situation in my current project where i need  to work on Conversational transactions so p...
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  • Dev Test workstation as docker

    I was trying to explore the options to run my test cases in a docker container and couldn't get the details around this.   We have an enterprise dashboard and registry running externally. Currently I'm usin...
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  • How to inject a propertyValue from ListenerStep to ResponseSelection?

    How to inject a property value taken in a DataFilter_scriptableDataProtocol under VSListener, to be sent in the response message under ResponseSelection(VS Image). requestData is in ASCII.   able to capture the ...
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  • What is the max TPS will CICS virtual Service supports?

    Hi Team,   Currently i am working on creating Mainframe CICS virtual service to use in Performance testing. Our TPS requirement is 300.  Can you please let me know what is the max TPS will CICS virtua...
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  • Issues with TCP virtualization by recording

    I am facing issues while working on service virtualization over TCP as the transport protocol. Open Questions: What data protocol can be used for TCP Virtualization, when input is in HEX format? I am not able to se...
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  • Which Data Protocol need to be used for converting HEX in VSE request.

    I am trying to record a VSI using IBM MQ Native protocol with Proxy Queue on live invocation. As part of the request the first 4 characters are HEX and remaining 466 has application formatted message and the rest has ...
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  • Store the JDBC result set

    Hi All,   I want to store and use the entire JDBC result set. Please find the below requirement.   Based on the SQL query in JDBC step, it'll retrieve the 'n' number of rows. So I want to store the va...
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  • How to use selector query in JMS Send Receive step? - DevTest 9.5.1

    Hello,   I have a messaging flow containing multiple topics and queues (in different domains). I'm publishing a message on a queue, which in turn flows to a system that fetches data (according to the messag...
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  • JSON response depending on the no. or request argument size

    I need to virtualize an API, to return a “no tracking available” response as shown below. The number of “searchStrings” elements in the request body there are will determine the numb...
    created by anand.patel
  • Transaction processing speed is being gated due to licensing restrictions

    Hi Team,   We are seeing the below warning messages continuously in VSE logs. So please conform us, whether is this warning due to the VSE doesn't have the performance license ?   WARN com.itko.lisa.coordi...
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  • What are the pre-requisites to set up a Virtual service for volume test

    We have a Virtual service (MQ protocol) which is deployed to the LISA server. using DevTest 9.5 version.   The issue is: sometimes the Virtual service is processing the requests at expected rate for volume...
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  • Can we narrow the unrestricted interness access down, when using docker ?

    In the prereq. the following is stated   "In the preTo build our Docker containers with our gradlew script, your machine requires unrestricted internet access to download the current libraries to suppo...
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  • Kerberos authentication

    Has anyone successfully enabled Single Sign-on (SSO) using Kerberos authentication?  Our IT department is eliminating manual user logins.  This is being replaced with "Smart" badges utilizing a chip on ...
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