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Sabir Sayyad
Hi,   I am trying to publish my message into IBM mq through CA LISA component and found below exception: java.lang.reflect.invocationtargetexception   I configured all required jars , but unable to found the cause   Could any one help me in resolving it and help me in publishing my messages into queues
Hi, We are using IBM Queue Managers in our project. DevTest 8.4 is consuming the messages from the queues instead of reading the messages from the queue. Could someone help us on this as the messages are getting deleted from the queue. IBM Queue Managers: WMB7, IIB9, IIB10. DevTest Step: IBM MQ Native Send Receive ----> IBM MQ GET
Hi,   I am using DevTest 9.1 and I have following patches installed: patch_DE136917_9.1.0_GA patch_DE155570_9.1.0_GA patch_DE186559_9.1.0_GA.   I have two services as follows which we use for load testing.   One service using "IBM MQ Native Transport protocol" and "Copybook Data Protocol".   Second service again with "IBM MQ Native… (Show more)