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Hi Listeners,   I came across a situation where we need to record the transaction traffic which is going from the application to the MQ server to create the virtual services. The application is installed on a WAS server and is on the same server where the queue manager is running. The application is using binding mode to connect to the queue… (Show more)
When I try to post a FreeText using IBMMQ Native Send/Receive test step, am getting the below error in the workstation.log. Though the functionality is working I could see the below error message in the logs. May I know what property I need to set in the test step to resolve this error.   2018-05-14 06:27:12,433Z (16:27)… (Show more)
Hi,    Im able to create tst and drop xml to request queue and see response from teh reply queue. I tried creating VSI\VSM with RR pair with teh same request and response queues but seeing below error message @ listen step both in VSM(ITR) and if I deploy to VSE(going to offline with below error)   Getting error Error opening queue ###### with… (Show more)
Hi, For MQ Virtualization do we need to depend on the developer\Q manager to create the proxy queues or is there any option to create by our own in workstation or recording wizard. Also what is the purpose of "IBM Native Temporary Queue" when I choose add asset option in recording wizard.. Please advice.    Version 10.1
Hi, I am getting message when executing request MQ -   Verifying Asset No input/output options specified, opening REQ.V1 for output. Success: class   And when i am trying to execute test script using stub then response is showing NO DATA. I am not sure whether NO DATA is due to above problem or there is any other issue. When i… (Show more)
I have built stub one service and ran the queue manage and MQ and getting success message but when i am deploying stub then getting error :   Error opening queue *********************** with options 8194, Completion Code 2 (MQCC_FAILED), Reason Code 2082 (MQRC_UNKNOWN_ALIAS_BASE_Q)… (Show more)