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I work in MainFrame environment and I wonder how can I use the product "CA Gen Workstation cross Generation to OS/390"    thanks
in CA Gen EDGE
Studio Developer is a new development environment for CA Gen that has been under development at IET over the past four years.   Following an extensive two year beta test phase with selected customers, Studio Developer is now ready for general availability on 31st October 2018.   Studio Developer is based on Eclipse, one of the best known… (Show more)
in CA Gen EDGE
In our product, we use CA Gen to create the .NET proxy file that is then consumed with a hand coded .NET UI. Prior to support for 4.0, we found that the proxy was really isolated from the framework level. We were able to use the 3.5 proxy in the 4.0 framework code without any issues. Our UI team would now like to go to the .NET core framework. Do… (Show more)
in CA Gen EDGE
Gintaras Svalbonas
Hello, I am trying to Generate/Build application and use "SQL Server Native Client". In generation properties I select "MS/SQL" but code generated uses ODBC. I need to use SQL Server Native Client coz ODBC has some performance issues (cursors).   In Toolset there is an option MS/SQL, also in Build Tool the is an option in Build Profile… (Show more)
in CA Gen EDGE
I just started getting false positive detection testing Gen 8.5 GUI clients. It does not impact Web clients. I am on Windows 10 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 with Update 4. I started getting problem testing early last week. I am getting this error when I try to test: and the exe file will be permanently deleted.  Gen 7.6 generated client… (Show more)
in CA Gen EDGE
XL C/C++ 13.1.x for AIX is now officially supported and has been added to the CA Gen Technical Requirements.     Best Regards,   Rob Thompson Product Owner, CA Gen
in CA Gen EDGE
Hi,   Our firm is considering migrating our database to some free dbms (probably PostgreSQL)   Technically, PostgreSQL is not a supported database. However, you can configure the in order to make it work.   I'm wondering if somebody has already go into that direction and has migrated to some other DB which is not one of the… (Show more)
in CA Gen EDGE
Lenn Thompson
CA World 2018 has been canceled due to CA’s pending transaction with Broadcom, which is scheduled to close in the fourth quarter of 2018. We made the decision to cancel the conference, rather than gather so many of our customers, partners and other stakeholders before we can provide a complete update on our integration plans going forward with… (Show more)
Hi All; What’s is the Cons & Pros to use option “Web view” in the TP monitor client generation instead of use option “INTERNET” ??
in CA Gen EDGE
See the Discussion from Roger Hed - Unisys titled 'Webview and Toolset'...Right now the only way to deploy to Webview is using Gen Studio.  This is very awkward because to test you need to make the change in the Toolset, close the Toolset, and  then open the Gen Studio to generate.  Recommend that the Webview targeted generation be 'fully' move…
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