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Lenn Thompson
Clayton Donley Head of Security and Integration, Broadcom Inc. & Greg Lotko, SVP and GM, Mainframe Division, Broadcom Inc. sits down with John Furrier & Stu Miniman at IBM Think 2019 in San Francisco, CA.
We would like to be able to see the current subscript for a RGV in the DTU. Currently you can only see LAST, not current.
Would like to see the Client Server Encyclopedia (CSE) offered on the Linux platforms.  Currently it is offered on Windows and Unix (HP and AIX) in Gen r8.5.   Note: Just within the month of October (2015), we had three different customers inquire about a Linux CSE for CA Gen
When coding a readeach, it would be nice to have the where clause allow the coder to select a local group view that may have been populated elsewhere in the program.  For example,   Readeach Customer where desired customer number in local_g customer_number.   Only details for those customers sitting in the local group customer view will be…
We would like Gen to support multiple monitor configurations. With more and more developers using laptops with external monitors as well this is becoming a common configuration and therefore support for this is a requirement going forward. We have experienced problems with multiple monitors when trying to use the PAD search facility so we would…
All relations in Gen fall into one of the following categories: Fully Mandatory, Fully Optional, Partially Mandatory, Denormalized (no direct relationship)   I believe that modelling these properties allows us to determine when we should like to have Left Joins, and Outer Joins, be available.   Fully Mandatory relations imply strictly Inner…
Although you can go to a given statement number in an action diagram, it would be helpful if statement numbers were displayed in the action diagram as well.   Note that this idea came from the members of the European user groups at the user group meetings held in March, 2014.
Hi All; CA Gen designed with encyclopedia in sequential devolvement without merge the code between the models only migration option that make a lot of delay to deliver in the production How i can implement Parallel Development in GEN in best practices by GuardIEn tool   Witting your Experiences and recommendation
in CA Gen EDGE
Ongoing I will be posting a regular list of New & Updated Knowledge Base Articles for the past month and here is the first one for January 2019 which includes up to today February 8. The full Knowledge Base Articles history can be found from the CA Gen Product Information page: CA Gen    KB000046709 | WHAT IS THE "CA GEN COMMUNICATION BASE…
in CA Gen EDGE
An idea raised by a couple of customers at the recent Edge conferences this week is to have a local PERFORM capability in an action block. The concept is that you can specify a named local block of code in the action diagram (much like an event handler in a p-step or a COBOL paragraph).   You then have a method for calling it, for example PERFORM…
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