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We are pleased to announce that Windows Server 2016 has been certified with Gen release 8.5.


Certification with this same OS is pending for Gen r8.6 and will be announced shortly.




Rob Thompson

Product Owner, CA Gen 


IBM IMS 14 Certified

Posted by SteveSolomon Employee Apr 28, 2017

Dear CA Gen EDGE Community, 


Following our Agile Development process when work is complete we will announce it and update our documentation on and in  I am pleased to announce today that the Certification work on IBM IMS 14 has been completed and it is now a fully supported platform. 


Support Site Link:


I started my Software Engineering career working as an IMS/COBOL Application Developer so it gives me great pleasure to see the advances in IMS over the years.  50 Billion Transactions a day - Wow! 

IMS processes the world's transactions 50,000,000,000

"IMS is used by many of the top Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. Collectively these companies process more than 50 billion transactions per day in IMS – securely."

Source: IBM - IBM Information Management System (IMS) 


IBM IMS 14 Information Link:  IBM- IMS 14 software details 





Dear CA Gen Community,


The CA Gen team is pleased to announce that IBM DB2 12 has been fully tested and certified for both CA Gen 8.5 and CA Gen 8.6.


The CA Gen Documentation is live in our Dynamic and Robust "DocOps" website and has been updated for this certification.  


The list of certified products for z/OS can be found at: 


I started my IT career many years ago with DB2 1.0 and attended some of the first DB2 User Groups.  It is wonderful to see how powerful and functional DB2 has become and how great a partner it has been for CA Gen over these many years. 


Steve Solomon & VijayKumar V K

CA Gen Product Manager and Product Owner


CA Gen 8.6 IR1 is GA

Posted by SteveSolomon Employee Feb 8, 2017

Dear CA Gen Community,


The CA Gen team is pleased to announce that CA Gen 8.6 IR1 is GA and is available on the CA Gen Support site for Download. 


For an overview of the release and the latest updates on the release please see the Community Webcast at: [WEBCAST REPLAY] CA Gen Release 8.6 IR1 What’s New 


The CA Gen team would like to thank the customers that participated in the development and review of this release, we appreciate your support.   The IR2 release is underway and if you would like to be part of the review meetings please sign up in the CA Gen area on





CA Gen Product Manager

Catch up on all the great content from CA World ’16 – from our launch of two new DevOps for Mainframe solutions to the latest and greatest from our Mainframe Application Development, Quality and Testing Tools portfolio.


Key Highlights

Mainframe Keynote by CA Technologies Mainframe GM Ashok Reddy

Analyst Keynote by Forrester Research Principal Analyst Rob Stroud

DevOps for Mainframe Roadmap Presentation by CA Technologies SVP Aline Gerew

DevOps for Mainframe Customer & Analyst Panel (coming soon!)



Advanced Techniques for Initiating the DevOps Journey by HSBC Technical Specialist Steve Blackett

Enterprise Developers, Linux and z Systems by CA Technologies SVP Scott Fagen

Mainframe Application Modernization for Enterprise Developers by Facet Consulting Executive Director Ryan Johnson

Enable End-To-End Enterprise Development With CA Gen by Facet Consulting Executive Director Ryan Johnson


Pre-Conference Education

Interactive Session: Mainframe & DevOps in your Organization

High Performance Masking and Test Data Generation for IMS and DB2

Migrating to COBOL 5 and Beyond

Achieving Continuous Test & Delivery for Mainframe with CA Application Lifecycle Conductor

Webhooks & Continuous Feedback with CA Application Lifecycle Conductor

Learn, Engage and Grow with CA Endevor: What's New, What's Ahead

The Role of SCM in Agile Development Methodology: CA Endevor Administrator Perspective

CA Testing Tools Educational Session (Part 1 of 3): Learn, Engage and Grow your Mainframe Testing Toolset with CA File Master Plus

CA Testing Tools Educational Session (Part 2 of 3): Learn, Engage and Grow your Mainframe Testing Toolset with CA InterTest and CA SymDump

CA Testing Tools Educational Session (Part 3 of 3): CA Mainframe Application Tuner Demo and What's New


Dear CA Gen EDGE Community, 


The CA Gen Engineering team is pleased to announce support for IBM WebSphere Application Server Release 9.0 for CA Gen Release 8.6.  Please take note we have uncovered an issue with IBM WAS 9.0.  We have reported it to IBM and expect IBM will fix this issue in the near future.  


In the meantime please be aware:


With IBM WebSphere Application Server 9.0 (Fixpack, CA Gen Custom Web service cannot be deployed in the application server, when an EJB Web Service and a Custom Web Service are packaged together; WebSphere 9.0 is not able to start the EJB Web Service. 

The following steps can  be used as a workaround for WebSphere 9.0:

  1. Remove the Custom Web Service dependency from the EJB Web Service JAR file using the following steps:
    1. The assembled EAR contains a JAR file named using the server load module. For example, WEBAPSVR.jar.
    2. Open this JAR file and edit META-INF/MANIFEST.MF. Remove <Custom_Web_Service>.war entry from "Class-Path”.
    3. Deploy the application in WebSphere 9.0
  2. After deploying the EAR file, the WAR file loading option has to be set to “Application” from the WebSphere console application.


The CA Gen Release 8.6 documentation has been updated on the DocOpts website at: Third-Party Software Version - CA Gen - 8.6 - CA Technologies Documentation 



CA Gen Product Manager


We Appreciate Your Ideas!

Posted by SteveSolomon Employee Nov 10, 2016

Dear CA Gen EDGE Community Members,


We thank you for your participation and engagement in this community. We know that you find it valuable – and we do too. We appreciate the feedback you offer us, within discussions and questions, but also as formal ideas that you submit via the site.


To improve our ideation process and set your expectations for how we’ll review those ideas, I wanted to define what ideation stage means and then outline how the CA Gen Technical Leadership team will work with you and your ideas going forward.


Ideation Stage definitions were communicated in The Water Cooler back in August 2014. Here’s a link to the original post:


This table outlines what each stage means and what’s possible within each:






New idea created by community



Idea already exists in the community

Vote on Original Idea

Under Review

Currently under review by Product Management and product team.



Under consideration, but lacks votes or otherwise not high enough priority to be planned for a release


Currently Planned

Included in the agile backlog and potentially listed on the roadmap for future release.



Delivered in a GA release.

Not needed

Not Planned

Idea has been reviewed and will not be included in the product



It is CA Gen Technical Leadership team’s goal to review ideas monthly and have each idea move through the voting and comment cycle within 3 to 6 months. Some spaces have more active community members than others – so it is important to us that we strike a balance between the review cycle and our community members having a chance to review and vote. 


In addition to activity here on the site, we review ideas with customers during sprint reviews, host conference calls with customers who submitted popular ideas to confirm and clarify what is needed, review top-ranked ideas with customers during in-person user group meetings and regularly seek further clarity during face to face customer briefings. 


Some helpful tips to make your ideas likely to stand out. Sharing a description of the enterprise challenge you are seeking to solve or pain point that you would like to eliminate will make it easier for other community members to relate and vote. Also, being open to what the end solution looks like is key.  Our R&D team members may have a different take on how to meet your business need. Hence, ideas which explicitly state how the resolution is to be implemented may not make it as far through the review as desired.


The number and type of comments also plays a role in the review of Ideas. Ideas that have not been discussed as to why it should be implemented or how the implementation might look may remain in their current state regardless of other criteria. 


It is assumed that anyone voting for an Idea will be willing to participate in the development and validation process.  You will be invited to participate in the CA Gen Development process via the CA Gen Customer Validation Community ( The customer meetings only lasts about an hour but it is an opportunity for you to have a say in the direction and the type of the implementation that is taken for your (and others) Ideas.  You will also have the opportunity to download the current build of the product in order to have hands-on experience and to allow for a greater feel as to the way that the Ideas are being implemented.


We will also always explain – with transparency – why we place an idea in “Not Planned” or “Wish Listed” status.


Hopefully this makes it clear how important your input it and how we plan to review and consider it going forward.


If you have questions or care to share your experience in one of our activities where we review ideas, please leave us a comment. We are proud of the legendary service that CA Gen has provided to our customers and we are committed to delivering high quality enterprise solutions. 




Steve Solomon, CA Gen Product Manager


Lenn Thompson, Community Manager

Dear Community,


I have spent a lot of time the last three months in discussion with customers on upgrading to the current CA Gen Releases (8.5 and 8.6).  I have also been meeting with the CA Gen Engineering Leadership team on ideas to make upgrades easier for our customers.   During these discussions we seem to have focused on the major issue is “how much re-testing of your applications is required” to ensure the upgrade is successful and that the upgrade does not adversely impact your current applications.


If you have ideas and suggestions on how to improve the upgrade process or maybe reduce the risk and cost of application verification, then I would like to invite you to meet with the CA Gen Leadership team and other customers interested in this topic.  Hopefully as a group of experts we can recommend actionable items to improve your next upgrade.


If you are interested in participating in this meeting, please send me an email with your office location.  As we have a global customer base I will attempt to schedule a meeting that best matches the locations of the attendees. 




CA Gen Product Manager

Dear CA Gen EDGE Community,


As some of you have been aware I have been out of the office for several weeks.  Which means that I am behind on reviewing your post in the Community and working on the wonderful Ideas that have been submitted. The very good news is that the CA Gen Engineering team has been very busy and has great news to report.


IBM COBOL 6.1 has been certified for CA Gen Release 8.5 and 8.6.  Please see Teresa's posting on IBM COBOL 6.1 at COBOL 6.1 Certification 


Solaris 10 certification for CA Gen Releases 8.5 and 8.6 is complete.  There had to be changes in both releases to support Solaris 10.  A new version of both releases has been posted on CA Support.  If you are planning to use Solaris 10 please be sure to download the new release from CA Support. 


Windows 10 certification for CA Gen 8.5 is almost complete.  We found some issues when testing Windows 10 with CA Gen Release 8.6 and we found the same issues with Release 8.5.  We are in the process of preparing and testing a PTF that you will need to download and apply to Release 8.5.  Hopefully we will not find any other issues and the PTF will soon be on Support. 


It is important to note that the Microsoft Edge Browser is not included in the Windows 10 certification.   Our analysis of the Edge Browser is that certification will require changes and be a fairly extensive project.  If Edge support is critical to your organization please let me know and I will add you to the Beta tester list. 


I hope everyone had a great Summer.  Fall has arrived in Arizona and it is a great time of year.  Which also means that CA Technologies is working hard to put on a great CA World in November.  If you will be attending CA World please drop me an email and let me know.  Several members of the CA Gen EDGE community will be there and we would like to be sure everyone gets invited to our meetups. 





Steve Solomon

CA Gen Product Manager

You may or may not be aware, recently CA has released a Free version of the CA Gen toolset (8.6)

Over time we will be encouraging users to create and submit  video tutorials, white papers, proof of concept and even code snippets/models to be shared. In essence we are looking for anything constructive that can be helpful to those who might be new to Gen, as well as to those who may be looking to enhance their Gen skill set.


So what does that have to do with winning free admission to CA World 16?

It’s simple.  The Edge board is looking for ideas on how to best demonstrate the capabilities and strength of CA Gen.

From now Thru Sept 30th   October 15th,  we are requesting that community members submit ideas for an app or series of apps that can be constructed and used to demonstrate the power of CA Gen using the free version of the toolset.


We are not looking for the app itself, rather the idea for an app…..

On October 16th we will select the submission we feel has the most merit.


Here is an example:  I am a model railroader and I have a lot of trains. If I was eligible I might submit the idea of building some form of application (app) using Gen to keep track of my trains (locomotives, rolling stock) that I own.  I would like to have my "List"  accessible from my Android or IOS device.  I could use app when I attend a train show, I can check to see if I already own something I am looking at buying. 


So here is the fine print


1.    All community members can submit ideas for an app. However, Employees of CA or CA Technology/Services Partners (and family members) are not eligible to win.

2.    We are giving away 1 free admission/entry to CA World 2016  (A value of up to $1995 USD) in Las Vegas (Nov 14th – Nov 18th).   The winner will be responsible to cover their own  travel expenses, hotel accommodations, transportation and any other additional expenses incurred by the winner in attending CA World 2016

3.  You must be a registered member of the EDGE community to submit your app idea.

4.  Any idea submitted to EDGE  may be used to construct content for the EDGE community or used in EDGE events at a later date.  Some examples of usage (but not limited to) are tutorials, white papers, downloadable code snippets, examples etc…

5. The winning entry will be selected by the EDGE board.  In the event of the same idea being submitted twice, time of submission will take precedence.

6. Our winner will be notified on October 1st  October 16th and an announcement will be made in the EDGE community.  

7. This contest is sponsored by the Edge board and not CA/CA Technologies.  The Edge board is a completely separate entity.


How do you submit your idea? 

All Ideas should be submitted to myself via message via the communities site. In order to be able to send me a message, you need to be following me. 


Looking forward to seeing all of your ideas.  If you have any questions, please message me.


Darcy Elliott

President - Edge


CA World 2016 Program Guide

Posted by maoma02 Employee Jul 25, 2016

I am happy to share that the CA World 2016 Mainframe & WLA program guide is now available on! We have planned over 90 pre-conference education sessions, including a hands-on lab to try the new free version of CA Gen.


Check out the Mainframe Application Development, Quality and Testing Tools Program here.

Dear CA Gen EDGE Community,


On behalf of the entire CA Product Management and Engineering teams we are pleased to announce that the free version of CA Gen Release 8.6 Windows products is now available for download from the EDGE community download site. In the left hand column of this site there are links to the two ZIP files that must be downloaded and un-zipped in order to run the Windows installation.  There are also links to a discussion on the free version of Gen and how it is supported (Support Information) as well as to the Gen 8.6 documentation.  Note that the technical requirements for the free version of Gen are the same as those for the GA version.


The free version of Gen is being published to allow new users to try out Gen w/o incurring any cost, for use in training, for proof-of-concept opportunities and for long time users who are using earlier releases of Gen to check out the latest and greatest version of the product.  The installation contains all of the Windows products available in the GA version except for a Client / Server encyclopedia. Users of the free version of Gen may create GUI, Windows client/server, Windows block-mode, .NET web client/server, and Java web client/EJB server models/applications.


Note that the free version may only be used to create new models and will not work with existing models.  Also note that the installation of the free version does not allow models to be exchanged with an encyclopedia.


We appreciate the Communities participation in submitting ideas, enhancements and being part of the testing and review process.  Your participation in this community is a critical part of the success of CA Gen.   Working together we will ensure that that CA Gen is providing real value to you our customers and that CA Gen will continue to be relevant in the ever changing application development market.  We look forward to your feedback on the free version of CA Gen.


Steve Solomon                               John Carter

CA Gen Product Manager            CA Gen Product Owner & Architect

Yesterday, SteveSolomon hosted a webcast to introduce himself to the members of the CA GEN EDGE community.


If you missed the session or just want to watch part or all of it again, you can view the replay here: Meet Steve Solomon, New CA GEN Product Manager


If YouTube videos are blocked by your company, you can also watch the replay directly on WebEx here: Recording Information




Share your experience. Be the teacher. Enhance your resume.


CA World is the best opportunity to learn more about CA software and partner solutions that fuel digital transformations. And we want you to be a part of it.


The Call for Speakers is now open, and we look forward to receiving your amazing session ideas specifically stories about transformative projects, compelling use cases, and best practices that aim to educate and empower our customers in succeeding in the application economy.


We're looking for ideas covering CA GEN among other solution areas -- learn more and submit your topic today.


Make sure that you hear about all of the latest CA World '16 news by following the CA World '17 Community

CA-Champions mark-icon.jpg

Please join me in congratulating Lynn Williams on being chosen for the 2016 CA Champions program. The CA Community Champions program brings collaboration between customers, partners, and CA employees to a new level. As a way to thank our most active and engaged Community members for their prior year of community contributions, the CA Champions program offers exclusive access to CA Technologies people as well as special privileges and opportunities. CA Champions are are recognized internally and externally as influencers in the communities. Our goal is to have CA Champions regarded as thought leaders


CA Champions should be regarded as thought leaders across the industry within their areas of expertise.




Lynn does an amazing job helping our CA GEN customers in the community. Thank you for all that you do and congratulations!


If you are interested in learning more about the program, I'd invite you to visit the CA Champions Community.