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CA World 2016 Program Guide

Posted by maoma02 Employee Jul 25, 2016

I am happy to share that the CA World 2016 Mainframe & WLA program guide is now available on! We have planned over 90 pre-conference education sessions, including a hands-on lab to try the new free version of CA Gen.


Check out the Mainframe Application Development, Quality and Testing Tools Program here.

Dear CA Gen EDGE Community,


On behalf of the entire CA Product Management and Engineering teams we are pleased to announce that the free version of CA Gen Release 8.6 Windows products is now available for download from the EDGE community download site. In the left hand column of this site there are links to the two ZIP files that must be downloaded and un-zipped in order to run the Windows installation.  There are also links to a discussion on the free version of Gen and how it is supported (Support Information) as well as to the Gen 8.6 documentation.  Note that the technical requirements for the free version of Gen are the same as those for the GA version.


The free version of Gen is being published to allow new users to try out Gen w/o incurring any cost, for use in training, for proof-of-concept opportunities and for long time users who are using earlier releases of Gen to check out the latest and greatest version of the product.  The installation contains all of the Windows products available in the GA version except for a Client / Server encyclopedia. Users of the free version of Gen may create GUI, Windows client/server, Windows block-mode, .NET web client/server, and Java web client/EJB server models/applications.


Note that the free version may only be used to create new models and will not work with existing models.  Also note that the installation of the free version does not allow models to be exchanged with an encyclopedia.


We appreciate the Communities participation in submitting ideas, enhancements and being part of the testing and review process.  Your participation in this community is a critical part of the success of CA Gen.   Working together we will ensure that that CA Gen is providing real value to you our customers and that CA Gen will continue to be relevant in the ever changing application development market.  We look forward to your feedback on the free version of CA Gen.


Steve Solomon                               John Carter

CA Gen Product Manager            CA Gen Product Owner & Architect