Invitation to a discussion on ideas to improve the CA Gen Release Upgrade process.

Blog Post created by SteveSolomon Employee on Oct 12, 2016

Dear Community,


I have spent a lot of time the last three months in discussion with customers on upgrading to the current CA Gen Releases (8.5 and 8.6).  I have also been meeting with the CA Gen Engineering Leadership team on ideas to make upgrades easier for our customers.   During these discussions we seem to have focused on the major issue is “how much re-testing of your applications is required” to ensure the upgrade is successful and that the upgrade does not adversely impact your current applications.


If you have ideas and suggestions on how to improve the upgrade process or maybe reduce the risk and cost of application verification, then I would like to invite you to meet with the CA Gen Leadership team and other customers interested in this topic.  Hopefully as a group of experts we can recommend actionable items to improve your next upgrade.


If you are interested in participating in this meeting, please send me an email with your office location.  As we have a global customer base I will attempt to schedule a meeting that best matches the locations of the attendees. 




CA Gen Product Manager