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Catch up on all the great content from CA World ’16 – from our launch of two new DevOps for Mainframe solutions to the latest and greatest from our Mainframe Application Development, Quality and Testing Tools portfolio.


Key Highlights

Mainframe Keynote by CA Technologies Mainframe GM Ashok Reddy

Analyst Keynote by Forrester Research Principal Analyst Rob Stroud

DevOps for Mainframe Roadmap Presentation by CA Technologies SVP Aline Gerew

DevOps for Mainframe Customer & Analyst Panel (coming soon!)



Advanced Techniques for Initiating the DevOps Journey by HSBC Technical Specialist Steve Blackett

Enterprise Developers, Linux and z Systems by CA Technologies SVP Scott Fagen

Mainframe Application Modernization for Enterprise Developers by Facet Consulting Executive Director Ryan Johnson

Enable End-To-End Enterprise Development With CA Gen by Facet Consulting Executive Director Ryan Johnson


Pre-Conference Education

Interactive Session: Mainframe & DevOps in your Organization

High Performance Masking and Test Data Generation for IMS and DB2

Migrating to COBOL 5 and Beyond

Achieving Continuous Test & Delivery for Mainframe with CA Application Lifecycle Conductor

Webhooks & Continuous Feedback with CA Application Lifecycle Conductor

Learn, Engage and Grow with CA Endevor: What's New, What's Ahead

The Role of SCM in Agile Development Methodology: CA Endevor Administrator Perspective

CA Testing Tools Educational Session (Part 1 of 3): Learn, Engage and Grow your Mainframe Testing Toolset with CA File Master Plus

CA Testing Tools Educational Session (Part 2 of 3): Learn, Engage and Grow your Mainframe Testing Toolset with CA InterTest and CA SymDump

CA Testing Tools Educational Session (Part 3 of 3): CA Mainframe Application Tuner Demo and What's New


Dear CA Gen EDGE Community, 


The CA Gen Engineering team is pleased to announce support for IBM WebSphere Application Server Release 9.0 for CA Gen Release 8.6.  Please take note we have uncovered an issue with IBM WAS 9.0.  We have reported it to IBM and expect IBM will fix this issue in the near future.  


In the meantime please be aware:


With IBM WebSphere Application Server 9.0 (Fixpack, CA Gen Custom Web service cannot be deployed in the application server, when an EJB Web Service and a Custom Web Service are packaged together; WebSphere 9.0 is not able to start the EJB Web Service. 

The following steps can  be used as a workaround for WebSphere 9.0:

  1. Remove the Custom Web Service dependency from the EJB Web Service JAR file using the following steps:
    1. The assembled EAR contains a JAR file named using the server load module. For example, WEBAPSVR.jar.
    2. Open this JAR file and edit META-INF/MANIFEST.MF. Remove <Custom_Web_Service>.war entry from "Class-Path”.
    3. Deploy the application in WebSphere 9.0
  2. After deploying the EAR file, the WAR file loading option has to be set to “Application” from the WebSphere console application.


The CA Gen Release 8.6 documentation has been updated on the DocOpts website at: Third-Party Software Version - CA Gen - 8.6 - CA Technologies Documentation 



CA Gen Product Manager