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As most of you know, ideas and requests for features are typically directed to the "Ideas" section of this community. There they can be voted on by community members, discussed and either taken up or rejected by the development team. While it seems that many have languished, we have been working toward getting these ideas addressed - especially those that have been marked "Under Review" for longer than they should have.


A bit of explanation regarding the categories to which these are assigned is in order:


1) Uncategorized or "New"

These have not been processed by the development team. Once they reach 10 or more up votes, or some other factor compels, they are discussed by the CA Gen leadership team in a regularly scheduled meeting - and are either rejected, wish-listed, deferred for more voting, or moved to the "Under Review" category. This discussion is based of feasibility, perceived value to effort, and scheduling concerns. It is a high level filter to simply determine if we wish to go forward with the particular idea.


2) Wish-listed

Ideas end up being wish-listed under a couple of different circumstances. In many cases, it is due to a lack of up-votes within a reasonable time-frame. Otherwise, these are typically ideas that represent a significant amount of work, but were deemed "possible" in the future depending on demand. You may still comment and vote on wish-listed ideas.


3) Not Planned

These ideas have been reviewed, either through preliminary or detailed analysis, and determined to be outside of the development direction of CA Gen. This may be due to technical feasibility, potential impact to existing users, perceived value or simply the unlikelihood of ever being actually worked. These ideas are unlikely to be revived.


4) Duplicate

Sometime two or more ideas are so similar in either request or potential implementation that we combine them. Ideas marked duplicate should indicate the active idea they represent. We keep track of the total vote count for all related issues.


5) Delivered

The development team considers this functionality to have been delivered, in a release, IR, or continuous delivery PTF. 


6) Under Review

These ideas have been discussed by the leadership team, and have been assigned to the development backlog as research items. The "Fnnnnnn" number posted to the idea's title represents that work request. The idea will be reviewed by a developer and an implementation potentially will be proposed. The findings will again be reviewed by the CA Gen leadership team.  At this point, we may decide to drop the request ("Not Planned"), wish-list, or move to "Currently Planned".


7) Currently Planned

By the time the the idea has achieved this status, it has been reviewed, preliminarily planned, and has moved to the active development queue. The "Fnnnnnn" number now represents that features work. Ideas marked "currently planned" still may not come to fruition due to development difficulties or priority issues, but it is on the development schedule. These items may or may not be reflected in the CA Gen Road-map.


Several of the items marked "Currently Planned" are in active development, and more are planned at a later date. We have begun to work down the queue of ideas marked "Under Review, and it is our goal to address them all and provide some form of outcome (whether accepted or denied) as we have resources available to do so. This will take a while to accomplish, but we will make progress as we can.


When bringing in an idea, or voting for an existing one, keep in mind that all ideas basically compete against each other for time and resources. Vote for your priorities, not necessarily "nice to have" ideas.


In future monthly blog posts, I will keep you apprised of the status of community ideas as they work through our system.


Thank you all for your continued participation in this community. 


Rob Thompson

Product Owner, CA Gen

We're pleased to announce the certification of CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG) 9.1 with CA Gen 8.5. The online Technical Requirements documentation will be updated to reflect this certification shortly.


CTG 9.1 is the default version for Gen 8.6.


Best Regards,


Rob Thompson

Product Owner, CA Gen

Hello, and welcome to what will become a regular update on CA Gen's development, certification, and general release plans. Here I will discuss what's happening in engineering as well as short term plans for Gen's enhancement and technical currency.


My brief introduction

            For those I haven't met before, my name is Robert (Rob) Thompson, and I'm the product owner for CA Gen. I have held a variety of technical and management roles in my career. For the past 17 years, I've been with Gen as a developer and architect (other than 2.5 years as an architect with an internal start-up product around the Gen 8.0 timeframe). Earlier this year, I took over the product owner's role for Gen.

            I have experience as both a customer and developer of Gen and other products, so I have an understanding of the challenges facing our customers and hope I can bring that perspective to our development efforts.

Blog coverage

            Initially, there will be several posts covering a number of outstanding topics. Development reports will be posted monthly, with additional, topic-specific posts as needed. The intent here is to provide an ongoing source of insight into the work being undertaken in Gen development. Topics will include:

            Current and potential engineering work


General IR and Release information

Edge community ideas

Customer input needed requests

Informational topics provided by the team

Announcements of continuous delivery item completion and availability


        While I will discuss development in progress as well as planned features, none of the information supplied should be construed as a guarantee of inclusion in any current or future release of Gen. Development plans change due to the discovery process as well as potentially changing business priorities, resource availability, and factors beyond our control. Any plans are therefore subject to change without notice.

            Specific dates and timelines will not be provided for any update or enhancement. General targets may be provided but are not guaranteed for the same reasons listed above.

If you need a Roadmap session for planning technology changes or upgrades then we will be happy to meet with your CA Gen leadership team and go over Official Roadmap under your Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with CA Technologies.

Best Regards,

Rob Thompson – Product Owner, CA Gen

We are pleased to announce that Windows Server 2016 has been certified with Gen release 8.5.


Certification with this same OS is pending for Gen r8.6 and will be announced shortly.




Rob Thompson

Product Owner, CA Gen