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So what's your Gen story?

Posted by darce Mar 27, 2018

It was shortly before Easter in 1998 that my wife and I packed up all our stuff, put it in her Mothers garage to be picked up by the movers.  We had been married for 4 years, three of which I spent in school... and now we were off for a grand adventure.


   We loaded up our 1988 VW Fox (which had no air conditioning in it at the time) and headed down to Austin TX.  I was going to work on a project using "Cool:Gen" and a "Tandem", which were two terms I had never heard before.  It seemed exciting, new country (I am Canadian), new climate, new opportunities.  We had never been before and we really didn't know anyone down there.  


That one choice, to work on a project with tools and technology that I had never heard of, has led to a career which has taken me across the US and back to Canada and who knows where I will visit in the future!  I have worked in various industries, on various bits of technology and have been granted the privilege of working with very some very wonderful people.  Smart people whom I have been able to learn much from.


The Gen community truly is a small world.  Some days I see notes in code made by people I worked with 15 years ago.  I work with people I have never met in person, and when I do finally meet them (at an Edge event or otherwise) it's not like when you first meet a stranger....rather it is like running into an old friend.  People I have worked with, keep in touch with me on Facebook, Linked in and by email.  We meet up sometimes and talk about old times, current problems they or I are having with our current engagement.


That's my Gen story....


So what's your Gen story? I invite you to share it here in the comments.


I also invite you to add a new chapter to your Gen story, which you can do by attending the upcoming Edge technical exchange.  It's an opportunity to enhance your skillset as well as meet your peers, listening to and sharing our own Gen Stories


I look forward to hearing your Gen story, hopefully in person at the Edge event!



Darcy Elliott

You may or may not be aware, recently CA has released a Free version of the CA Gen toolset (8.6)

Over time we will be encouraging users to create and submit  video tutorials, white papers, proof of concept and even code snippets/models to be shared. In essence we are looking for anything constructive that can be helpful to those who might be new to Gen, as well as to those who may be looking to enhance their Gen skill set.


So what does that have to do with winning free admission to CA World 16?

It’s simple.  The Edge board is looking for ideas on how to best demonstrate the capabilities and strength of CA Gen.

From now Thru Sept 30th   October 15th,  we are requesting that community members submit ideas for an app or series of apps that can be constructed and used to demonstrate the power of CA Gen using the free version of the toolset.


We are not looking for the app itself, rather the idea for an app…..

On October 16th we will select the submission we feel has the most merit.


Here is an example:  I am a model railroader and I have a lot of trains. If I was eligible I might submit the idea of building some form of application (app) using Gen to keep track of my trains (locomotives, rolling stock) that I own.  I would like to have my "List"  accessible from my Android or IOS device.  I could use app when I attend a train show, I can check to see if I already own something I am looking at buying. 


So here is the fine print


1.    All community members can submit ideas for an app. However, Employees of CA or CA Technology/Services Partners (and family members) are not eligible to win.

2.    We are giving away 1 free admission/entry to CA World 2016  (A value of up to $1995 USD) in Las Vegas (Nov 14th – Nov 18th).   The winner will be responsible to cover their own  travel expenses, hotel accommodations, transportation and any other additional expenses incurred by the winner in attending CA World 2016

3.  You must be a registered member of the EDGE community to submit your app idea.

4.  Any idea submitted to EDGE  may be used to construct content for the EDGE community or used in EDGE events at a later date.  Some examples of usage (but not limited to) are tutorials, white papers, downloadable code snippets, examples etc…

5. The winning entry will be selected by the EDGE board.  In the event of the same idea being submitted twice, time of submission will take precedence.

6. Our winner will be notified on October 1st  October 16th and an announcement will be made in the EDGE community.  

7. This contest is sponsored by the Edge board and not CA/CA Technologies.  The Edge board is a completely separate entity.


How do you submit your idea? 

All Ideas should be submitted to myself via message via the communities site. In order to be able to send me a message, you need to be following me. 


Looking forward to seeing all of your ideas.  If you have any questions, please message me.


Darcy Elliott

President - Edge


A message from the chair.....

Posted by darce Jun 16, 2015

Dear EDGE Community member,


I wanted to share this exciting news from CA technologies on the future of CA Gen!    Please note that this letter to our
community comes from Mike Madden,
General Manager of the Mainframe Business and has executive oversight for CA Gen.  Mike clearly invites us, as a community to get involved in driving
the future of CA Gen.  Let’s take him up on his offer.


What can you do as a community member to help drive the future of CA Gen?

  • Make sure you are reviewing and commenting on the current list of Innovation topics

          Under content – review the titles with the “Light Bulbs” and make comments

  • Become a part of a CA Gen Sprint team and help with testing of new features

          Contact John Carter to sign up

  • Make sure your leadership reviews the letter from Mike. I’m confident Mike would welcome inquiries as necessary!


This is great stuff!  Thanks in advance for your support!

Larry Schmidt (Posted by Darcy Elliott)


An Open Letter from Mike Madden...


The world is changing dramatically and CA has been changing with it.
Enterprises today are facing huge volumes of distributed applications, digital
processes and a proliferation of devices. A new era of social and mobile
technologies, powered by cloud, is forcing companies to change how they do


Today, CA is delivering new capability to help businesses lead in this
new world.  From efficient and fast app development to bridging legacy
digital silos to identity solutions and analytics, CA has been busy building
its leadership position in the new “application economy”.


Many CA customers have created significant IP and played a strong role
in supporting foundational applications like CA Gen.  Those customers have
priority access to our development teams through communities and agile sprint
reviews which has provided invaluable input to our product roadmaps and use
cases.  And, as we move forward, we see significant opportunity to work
with our customers and partners to utilize Gen as part of our cutting-edge DevOps


CA is leading as enterprises increasingly turn to DevOps to meet
aggressive application delivery timelines.  A few critical areas where we
are driving innovation include:



  -       Agile Parallel Development focuses on rapidly creating high-quality software.

Market leading service virtualization, API management and test automation married with our existing
application development solutions (including CA Gen) combine to enable the creation and reuse of higher

quality, more resilient code, and the ability to find defects earlier in the cycle when they are simpler and

more cost effective to fix. 



-       Continuous Delivery ensures fast, stable and secure application releases.

Enterprise-class release orchestration and automation enables users to build a continuous

delivery tool chain. Re-use release automation processes across other applications, teams and environments

  to speed deployment, reduce manual errors and lower costs.



-       Agile Operations matches the velocity of Agile Development.

Gain visibility across applications and infrastructure performance, both inside and outside the

data center to accelerate discovery, diagnosis and resolution of issues; enable fast feedback of

data to improve applications across the lifecycle for optimal customer experience.


To be clear, we remain committed to the CA Gen product line as we see it
as a cornerstone product to our DevOps strategy as a strategic element that
will increase the velocity of application development.  We continue to
invest in CA Gen and we desire to collaborate  with the EDGE User Group
community to identify and build out additional features and functions that
provide value to all of our clients.  We have hundreds of top customers who
continue to see the value that CA Gen offers in the portfolio management
process. In fact, when coupled with our innovative DevOps tools such as
Application Lifecycle Management offerings, CA provides a unique value
proposition to the market that many of our peers and competitors would have
trouble matching.  A full-featured offering would provide short- and
long-term results to our customers that no labor arbitrage player or managed
services provider could even imagine delivering.


Michael Madden
General Manager