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Requesting Full support of Viptela devices in NFA for multiple customers.   Viptela devices send Netflow data differently then most other Cisco devices which causes NFA to mishandle the data out of the box.  Patch NFA_9.3.8_PTF_012 was issue to correct an issue where too much data was seen in NFA on Viptela devices.   However, there are still…
We have faced with an impediment to monitoring TELDAT devices that we have discovered, now with version 10.1.1 of Spectrum we can see some things from these devices however, we need to monitor the tunnels and vpn we have built through internet or third party MPLS, adding the less possible performance's load to the core devices to avoid stress…
Currently the NFA console for version 9.2.1 does not support SNMPv3 for the watchdog process.  This does not comply with internal corporate security standards and we have been asked to get this issue addressed with the vendor (CA).
In today's world where cloning VMs is becoming common practice, the robot should generate a new robot device ID upon startup.   This will prevent discovery_server from ignoring a cloned robot which thereby prevents it being displayed in USM.   As it stands right now, if a customer is not aware of this conflict, robots won't show up in USM.  Once…
I would like to know how to stop a device to alert if it is not down more than 15 minutes. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Buenas   Se sugiere que para una próxima versión de la probe sap_basis puedan tomar en cuenta el total de dumps generados por día.   Mayor referencia en el caso: 00924164 - SAP Short Dumps Errors does not report the correct value   Saludos cordiales
Buenas   Se sugiere poder tomar en cuenta la personalización de las metricas de los logs en la probe sap_basis, para que éstas puedan ser personalizadas de acuerdo a CA UIM sin que sean determinadas por la SM21 de SAP, esto para personalizar el monitoreo y la integración con SDM.   Mayor información: 00934931 - R3Syslog alarms not always…
Has anyone managed to *successfully* script something that will import application definitions into NFA at all?   Scenario: MS have a REST page that that gives us all the end point IPs, ports etc. for Office 365/Azure etc. on  What I'd like to do, is read this in, and convert it to something… (Show more)
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By jason_normandin AmitMohanty1 norja10 Nagesh_Jaiswal   It's that time of year again. The time we all put together a list that betters ourselves. Whether it’s exercise, quitting a bad habit or just being a little more positive in our daily lives; we all strive to improve many aspects of ourselves. It’s also never a bad idea to continually look to… (Show more)
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