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This CA/Broadcom "Unified NetOps Explainer" video details our journey to unify the CA network monitoring products into a single NetOps tool and across multiple roles. CA is proud to be improving our customer’s network awareness while reducing the amount of point tools they need to do their job and excited to be delivering “operational simplicity”… (Show more)
It is not unusual for metric IDs for probe profiles to change on a robot.  This causes numerous issues for correlation within USM due to a mismatched ci_metric_id between S_QOS_DATA and CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_METRIC.    This typically results in a support call, where the standard procedure is to run a SQL UPDATE query to set the ci_metric_id to…
Click to view contentIssue: When exporting a .CSV file in CA Network Flow Analysis 9.1+ you may run into this issue if the amount of data you are trying to export goes over a certain limit.   The error will read: 500 – Internal server error - Maximum request length exceeded If you do not see this error in the browser you may also get a “page not found” or just a…
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Hello all, I put together a list of Tech Docs that are either required or optional for successfully using NFA 9.5.0. More to come.    Handy Guide: NFA 9.5.0 REQUIRED PATCHES:   Whether you upgraded to NFA 9.5.0 or installed it clean, You should always apply Cumulative Patch 1 immediately as it is a base to all other patches:…
La probe de discovery_server me esta arrojando el siguiente error:   19 Mar 2019 09:25:01,030 [attach_clientsession] ERROR com.nimsoft.nimbus.NimServerSession - Exception in Closing session. 19 Mar 2019 09:25:01,031 [attach_clientsession] ERROR com.nimsoft.nimbus.NimServerSession - (2) communication error, I/O error… (Show more)
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Following an external IT health check, a number of MySQL accounts on our NFA harvester and console servers were identified as having extremely weak passwords (passwords matching usernames, blank root passwords...)   After a few support cases via our support partner and some initial, encouraging feedback and assistance from CA, it was then made…
Hi Team,   Our client is planning to run a critical application on Windows 2008R2 OS post 2020. Microsoft is providing extended support for this particular OS version for 3 years post 2020.   We would like to know if CA UIM supports the monitoring of Windows 2008R2 OS based servers post 2020 as well even after Microsoft End of support for the… (Show more)
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For the Event ID 1135, We want to use auto ticketing with Supp_key with message key as it contains CI host name and auto ticketing would be done on basis of CI hostname irrespective of the Virtual machine name from which the alerts are getting generated and all the other alerts having same CI host name in message would be appended in the same… (Show more)
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As a CA UIM user I would like to get a probe from CA that would connect periodically to a POP3/IMAP mailbox, download emails, write them to a file, delete them and then parse this file to create an alarm.   Several devices/services offer only email as alarming method. So far, CA UIM does not offer anything to get these alarms.   Thanks -Patrick
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