What you may have missed (June 8 - June 14)

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Spectrum 10.0 is GA!!

CA20150604-01: Security Notice and SysEdge

ORACLE CPU - APRIL 2015 kits for eHealth posted


Please Action!

Survey: How do we enrich alarms?


Event Transcripts / Replays:

CA ADA Office Hours Transcript - June 2015

CA Performance Management Office Hours Transcript - June 2015


Upcoming Events / Please RSVP:

Office Hours for eHealth - June 2015

Office Hours for CA UIM - July 2015

CA Performance Management Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [July 2015]


New Blogs

What is a Product Manager, and Why Should the User Community Care?


New Tech Tips / KB's

IM Tech Tip Rollup        (May 2015)

TECH TIP: License Manager restart error (WIN)

TECH TIP: How to collect the support logs on CA Visual Infrastructure (CAVI)

Tech Tip: eHealth upgrade fails during oracle update with Error: The Oracle directory '/oracle/Oracle.11.2' does not exist.


New Videos

CA Spectrum r10.0: GIS View Feature


New Ideas -  Cast your vote up or down!

Increase autowatcher disk lookup limit from 100


CA Spectrum

Allow Successful Last Poll update of Pingable Devices

Add the option "Update the existing alarm or generate a new one if none exists." to the Spectrum event processing

Enhancement to alarm quick filters

Resource Monitors should be independent

Permissions for Spectrum Watches

Check existence of MIB object/OID

Spectrum (VHM) should support KVM

Spectrum integration with multiple Service Desk Servers

Nested global collections


CA Performance Center / CA Performance Management

Discover a device as a non-admin user in CAPC

Global Collections in Spectrum and groups in CAPC

Change SNMP Polling



SysEdge to support  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 aka SLES 12

SysEdge ntRegPerf monitor cannot read multi-instance processes



Windows 2003 EOL

WebSphere MQ for IBM i (iSeries / AS400)

Discovery Wizard

Manually clear alarm

LDAP Authentication with multiple domains

Nimsoft Agent Bind with Hostname Instead of IP


CA Virtual Assurance for Infrastructure Managers (VAIM)

Vcenter 6.0 support for VCAIM

AIM for KVM Hypervisor v3.5 urgently needed

AIM for Citrix XenServer 6.5 needed

Spectrum (VHM) should support KVM


CA eHealth

Ability to run Live Reporting reports on the Front End system


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  2. UIM 8.2 First Impressions.....
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