What you may have missed (July 27 - August 2)

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Hello IM Community, The Support Teams have been busy authoring Tech Tips.  Check out all the new Tech Tips that are recently published below and let the support engineers know if you find them useful by adding a comment or "liking" them.   We have a great Spectrum event coming up the end of this month. Be sure to RSVP and let us know if you will attend.   The Spectrum events are always filled with great information thanks to kiran_diwakar and his dedication to our community.   Do you have an idea for a webcast?  Message me and let me know MelissaPotvin


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CA NFA 9_3_2 GA Announcement

CA ADA-MTP r10.3 GA Announcement



IM Community Webcast - Making Spectrum Easy to Use



Tech Tip - How to search for knowledge on

Tech Tip: Flow status in NFA 9.3.1/9.3.2

Tech Tip NV - Licensing

Tech Tip: How to determine what devices are supported by CA Spectrum?

Spec KB: Spectrum OneClick users are not populating in CABI

The specified item was not found.

Tech Tip - After install unable to view UCMonitor Website

Tech Tip NV - No MIB tables when creating new dataset and MIB Browser fails to load.

Tech Tip: SysEdge 5.7.1 on AIX CORE_DUMP Program diagsysedge

Tech Tip: How to uninstall a Linux NFA Harvester

Tech Tip : nhDiscoverPolicy -import command does not import policies exported by nhDiscoverPolicy -export

Tech Tip - Can I move any or all of the datafiles used by the eHealth DB to a drive with more space?

Tech Tip - What is actually in my datafiles?

Tech Tip - I need to delete a large number of retired elements from my eHealth database.

Tech Tip: UIM integration with NFA Error: HTTP request to NFA status line: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found




Better Alarm Sorting, more options.

cdm probe should have option to monitor file systems either from local zone of global zone in SOLARIS

VMware - environmental health temperature sensors (disk, motherboard, cpu, etc.)



Usability improvements of custom locator searches

CORBA API should be able to handle landscape handles above 0x80000000

Spectrum support for "VDOM" technology on Fortigate firewalls

New methods for modelling the contexts of Cisco ASA devices in Spectrum



Support Migration of CAMM Device Packs to separate DCs in CAPM



Report on Groups

UMP help button considerations for flexible enviornment

Microsoft GP(Great Plains) monitoring in CA UIM.

Microsoft CRM monitoring in CA UIM.

Make Dynamic Groups visible to all users/contacts

USM Historical Alarm Searching

Monitoring of Hitachi NAS (HNAS).

Probe -monitoring Antivirus signatures

UIM: report time range display

More description for variables

Play a sound in the UMP when a specific alarm comes in

set multiple alarming thresholds in the ibm_svc probe



eHealth LE browser live updates for new groups


Performance Center / Performance Management

Filter MFs in ODR for Groups which are not containing Devices

Allow users to add custom device pages

Chart per Metric with Components grouped by parent Item

Print all pages of Dynamic Views

A Dashboad View to Display Monitored Metrics for a device or device type

Add device location to views in CA PC



Support for ADA in Windows 2012 Server

Support for nCipher HSM with TIM on Multi-Port Monitor



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