What you may have missed (August 3 - August 9)

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New and Noteworthy:

Top 5 Reasons To Upgrade to CA Spectrum 10.0

Meet CA Support Engineer for CA Spectrum: Joerg Liesenfeld

CA Spectrum chat is now available!!!

CA Unified Infrastructure Management: July 2015 Monthly Product Release Update


Upcoming Event(s)

IM Community Webcast - Making Spectrum Easy to Use


New Tech Tips
Tech Tip: UIM integration with NFA Error: HTTP request to NFA status line: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

Tech Tip: NFA 9.3.2 Memory Requirements

Spec KB: When installing CA Spectrum, an Installer UI Mode Error shows: Installer User Interface Mode Not supported

Spec KB: Getting error as "Invalid Server Address" when uploading the firmware using firmware task

Tech Tip: NFA 9.3.2 New Flow Statistics displays flow rates of all of your Harvesters (replaces NAST/NFAParser)

Weather Map Style in UIM dashboard - How to do yours!
CA Visual Infrastructure - Log files

CA Visual Infrastructure - core processes and ports

cdm - Unable to get CPU data (error)

Tech Tip - Searching for polling errors


New Ideas


CA Spectrum

New methods for modelling the contexts of Cisco ASA devices in Spectrum

Spectrum Event Codes Tracking

Support for Frame Relay Multilink interfaces

Unicode in CsEvFormat files

Installer should handle non-default passwords


CA Network Flow Analysis

In NFA provide support for more than 1 custom report running



set multiple alarming thresholds in the ibm_svc probe

Logmon probe should be able to use regex in file path and should read all resulted output logfiles

UIM URL_Response Probe to Support Active Directory Federated Services

Discovery wizard live updates

Create a Migration tool that can update the configurations in a super packages.

UIM integration with Docker

Give the emailgtw probe the ability to log all emails being sent.

Allow us to modify default alarm for inactive & running robots

Certifcatioin for IE 11 for UIM's UMP

Please Sort the Hubs in the UMP's Account Admin User Hub list

New Designer: Missing many features from old Dashboard Designer


Content Leaderboard - most pageviews

TECH TIP: "Failed to validate certificate" error on launching Live Health with Java 1.7u40 and later

Top reasons you have thought about leaving CAPC (to go back to whatever you had)

**** Defect Announcements ****

How To Enable NetFlow

UIM 8.2 First Impressions.....

Probes released during past 7 days


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