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Hello IM Community,    Two very important things I want to be sure you are aware about:


1. The Infrastructure Management Program Guide To CA World '15 is published
The biggest names in the industry are speaking at CA World '15 on their success with such products as Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM), CA Performance Management, CA Spectrum and well as the highly anticipated Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Assurance solution...CA Virtual Network Assurance.    Sessions are subject to change.  Please verify sessions before attending.   Also please make sure you are following the CA World '15 community!


2.  CA Communities is moving to the Cloud
You are invited to attend a demo on Wednesday, October 28 where you can learn about all the new features about to launch  --> CA Communities is Moving to the Cloud - Demo on October 28





Free script to run discovery in command line in CA Performance Center



Service Assured SDN/NFV - The Missing Piece Of The DevOps Puzzle



Spec KB: CA Spectrum Report Manager tomcat log file shows an error in regards to a Duplicate Column Name for AddArchivalEnabled

Spec KB: Models that support VSS and vPC are not showing properly in CA Spectrum 10.0

Spec KB: CA Spectrum modeling is unable to proceed due to modeling being locked by another process

IM Tech Tip Rollup (September 2015)



Entire Dashboard View


CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Geo View - Copy/re-use drill down view.

net_traffic probe to measure in KB and MB

nexec support for ipv6

Monitoring NFS Utilization through CDM Probe

Total-CPU Utilization through zones probe

NFS FileSystem Utilization

SLA Report - ACL for Depth (Full SLA / SLO Summary / SLA Summary)

Backup feature for configuration files while upgrading UIM

HTML5 Dashboards target based list

NetScaler Gateway support for ica_response Probe


CA Performance Management

Mail and Print function for single Dashboard Views

Email Schedules for ODR

Export ODR Templates via REST

Ability to view all ODR Templates for Admin User

CAPM: Create a new view to work as an alarm browser

Huawei NQA support


CA Mediation Manager

Include WEBCAMM-conf in MM Backup


CA Application Delivery Analysis

MTP, "Views" question for 7x24 hour NetOps Monitoring


CA Spectrum

Allow a single poll from Spectrum OneClick even if a device is in maintenance

Allow NCM actions even if a device is in maintenance


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Hello IM Community, are you going to CA World?   If yes, please make sure you are following the CA World '18 community!   Also, the CA World '15 Infrastructure Management Program Guide can be found here --> Going to CA World? Interested in IM? SDN? NFV? Perf Mgmt? 





FAQ for Customers migrating from to CA support systems

another great one by  BryanKMorrow  UIM Dashboard Example - Network Device Summary with Context Selector and Metric Conversion



Spec KB: Why are Juniper devices not automatically placed in the Juniper JUNOS NCM Device Family?

Tech Tip: After installing CA Spectrum an error shows noting "The program can't start because the libPort.dll is missing from your computer."

Tech Tip: Why are weekly full backups recommended for the Data Repository?

Tech Tip: OneClick Run for Multiple Alarms is not working in 10.0



CA Virtual Network Assurance: Closed Loop Control Enables Self-Healing SDN/NFV Networks



Add support for HP Service Manager 9.4 for hpsmgtw

Delayed connection to profiles for database probes


CA Spectrum

Better Handle EVPN Provider Clouds that Have No Connected Interfaces

Alarms from clustered disks in CDM probe not forwarding to Spectrum



Support Honeycomb for UIM Mobile

[UIM] Password policies for local users

XenDesktop - probe compatibility with Windows Server 2012 and support for 7.6

Automatic watchers for Windows services - regex

Logmon probe - Support for Unicode

[UIM] Monitoring probe - Document Improvement Request - How does the probe calculate metrics ?

[UIM] clariion/celerra - Need LUN CAPACITY: "Used (Consumed)" / "free" Capacity metrics for LUNs


CA Application Delivery Analysis

Encrypt inbound/outbound traffic to/from MTP


CA Performance Management

CARE integration into CAPC UI

CAPC - Add Interface Address as a Group Rules Condition

Would like to be able to change the IM title text in future release



This is a request to certify the ADES AIM for Microsoft Active Directory 2012 R2.


CA Network Flow Analysis

Add the following OIDs to SNMPD.CONF that ships with NFA



Better management of cabling

Read the last edition --> What you may have missed (October 5 - October 11)

UPCOMING EVENTS (let us know you will attend, please RSVP)



CA UIM Office Hours Transcript - October 2015



Spectrum Customers --> Call for Feedback --> Wireless Controllers and Access Point Deployment Scenarios?

How to use CHAT for CA Support --> How to Use Chat for CA Support

Interested in Software Defined Networking --> look here

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by BryanKMorrow -->  UIM Dashboard Example - Executive Level Scorecard with Drilldown Capabilities



Spec KB: CA Spectrum OneClick performance degraded due to configuration setting.

Spec KB: CA Spectrum Modeling Gateway import fails with OutOfMemory Error

Spec KB: Unable to add Spectrum Data source with SSL/HTTPS to NPC or CAPC

Spec KB: CA Spectrum SpectroSERVER crash when running an AutoDiscovery configuration

Tech Tip: How does the Data Repository rotate logs?

Tech Tip: eHealth will not start or continually crashes, what do I do?

Tech Tip: Network Flow Analyzer bit conversion

Tech Tip: Spectrum Device Communication Timeout Intelligence Concepts



CA UIM Dashboards: Create a Dashboard & Customize a Canvas

CA UIM Dashboards: Create Dashbaord Widgets



Nimldr option to not bind to an IP


CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)

Performance datasheet/ best practises guide for sqlserver probe

Account admin - sort ownership (origin) alphabetically

Hubs enhance robot list communication with other hub

AWS Template Editor enhancement

AWS Probe EC2 alarms against instance ID instead of Private IP

Make List Designer "group aware"


CA Performance Management

On Demand Report: Stacked Line Chart

make SSL capable


CA Spectrum

Global Collections Update Interval

silent install -> support for /etc/sudoers.d/

Simplify the certification process for products from large manufacturers

Create a new attribute for alarms containing source of events/traps (e.g. for integration)



Configure SystemEDGE to Ignore Specified Addresses or Address Range


Read the last edition --> What you may have missed (September 28 - October 4)

Hello IM Community,  Just wanted to remind everyone that we have Office Hours tomorrow for UIM which is always a very heavily attended event. We will have CA Support Engineers and Product Management on hand to answer as many questions in 'real-time' as possible. It's not too late to let us know if you can attend, here are the details --> CA UIM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [October 2015]


CONTEST ALERT --> Are you in it for a chance to win? Help us tag content for a chance to WIN!


UPCOMING EVENTS (let us know you will attend, please RSVP)



Introducing CA Performance Management 2.6 and what we learned during Early Access

CA Mediation Manager r2.6 is now GA !!!

CA eHealth® r6.3.2.10 is Generally Available

Spectrum - CABI Problems



Introduction - Vern Palango, Education Program Manager

Bookmark this --> UIM Monthly Product Release Updates (Rollup File)

How to use CHAT for CA Support --> How to Use Chat for CA Support

Interested in Software Defined Networking --> look here

CA Unified Infrastructure Management:  September 2015 Monthly Product Release Update



Spec KB: orb_args parameter value in SS/.vnmrc may be truncated after upgrading Spectrum to 9.4.2.x on Linux platform

Tech Tip: How do you change the duration of the events shown in OneClick?

Tech Tip: OneClick 10.0 No Administration Web Page

Tech Tip: Element name truncated

Tech Tip: How to backup a single mysql table and restore it on capc

Tech Tip: How to run mysql query from command line and write the output into a file?

TECH TIP: SNMPv3 no Response Error



CA - UMP - URL searched with http/https/websites


CA Performance Management

Would like to have the ability to "lock" the "System Health" tab in the Roter page to a specific vendor Group

User String in IM

IP Fragmentation


CA Spectrum

Robust User Audit Logging

Adding Existing Global Collections to New Landscapes


CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)

Alarm View doesn't display the NimID??

Cloud Service Management probe should relate impacted configuration item to ticket

Parameter in discovery_server for handling device names

Ignore "network" drives in CDM

Indexing for UIM Tables in Oracle


CA Gigastor

Increase the max number for packets per second


CA Network Flow Analysis

NFA Community string for watchdog process needs to be SNMPv3 to comply with corporate security standards

MYSQL Communications need to be encrypted to comply with security standards



Windows Event Log - Monitor Occurrences & Timeframe


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